Several Veteran Slates Win DTC Races, Some Challenge Slates Make Gains, Absentee Ballots Play Role, Pereira A Factor In Upper East Side

UPDATE, includes link to unofficial results here

: Veteran slates in Black Rock, North End, West Side and East Side were victorious on Tuesday while challenge slates in three other districts picked up a number of seats for election to the 90-member Democratic Town Committee. Seven of 10 districts had primaries. Absentee ballots made the difference in some districts.

On the Upper East Side, the challenge slate won six of nine seats in the 138th District, according to unofficial results. All nine candidates on the challenge slate won on the machines. Absentee ballots pulled in three from the establishment. A dynamic occurred in the final days of the race that also impacted results. Bridgeport Working Families Party Chair Maria Pereira, a registered Democrat, withdrew her support for some candidates because of comments posted on OIB about her by Andy Fardy whose wife Pat was part of the challenge slate of nine. Pereira spent all 14 hours on Tuesday campaigning in front of the Hooker School precinct pushing the challenge slate except for Fardy, Ann Barney and Noel Sepulveda who did not win on the machines at that precinct. Those three generally ran 30 votes behind the rest of the challenge slate at Hooker, enough to possibly cost them seats on the town committee. Overall, Fardy, Barney and Sepulveda won on the machines in the district as a result of JFK precinct votes.

The nine candidates on the challenge slate in 138th also ran strong at the JFK precinct. The slate included City Librarian Scott Hughes and James Morton, son of the late State Senator Margaret Morton. City Councilmen Mike Marella, Richard Paoletto and 138th District Leader Martha Santiago won the other three seats, according to unofficial returns, but a recount will take place that could nudge them out by other members of their slate.

In Black Rock, a veteran slate with a few newcomers won big on the machines. So did the slate in the 133rd District led by City Councilman Tom McCarthy.

On the West Side 132nd District, the veteran slate that includes former City Council President Lisa Parziale fended off a spirited challenge that included City Councilors Trish Swain and Bob Halstead and school board member Howard Gardner. The challenge slate won on the machines, but got smoked by absentee ballots.

On the East Side, a slate including District Leader Gil Hernandez and City Councilwoman Lydia Martinez defeated a slate of five led by former City Councilman Tito Ayala, father of State Rep. Christina Ayala. Coupled with the challenge slate win in the 136th District that includes the city’s anti-blight director Chris Rosario it would appear Christina Ayala will be hard-pressed to receive the endorsement for another two-year term. Rosario is weighing a challenge against her so a primary is likely.

In the 135th District, a challenge slate led by City Councilwoman Mary McBride Lee and State Rep. Charlie Stallworth, both city ministers, has won eight of nine positions, according to unofficial returns. Former City Councilman Warren Blunt is the lone member of his slate to win, but a recount will take place.

The 90-member town committee will next elect a town chair. It is expected that Chairman Mario Testa will receive another two-year term. Based on the results it would appear Mayor Bill Finch will have the 46 votes he’ll need for the endorsement in his reelection next year, but these results also show some political hot spots for him in some neighborhoods, and a lot can happen in a year.


130th District: Daniel Roach, JoAnn Manzo, Michael Meehan, Melissa Henton, Anne Larcheveque, Thomas Mulligan, Jr., Joy Cline, John McCarthy, Jr., Eric Amado, Jr.
Challenge slate: Hector Diaz, Edna Garcia, Lee Samowitz, Rob Sullivan, James Fox, Robert Foley, David King, Joel Gonzalez, Tyree Gousse.

132nd District: Michael Freddino, Mary Evette Brantley, Carol Cocco, Anthony Lancia, Sr., John Olson, Lisa Parziale, Elaine Pivirotto, Joan Thornton, Reginald Walker.
Challenge slate:: Robert Halstead, Michael Jacques, Howard Gardner, Patricia Swain, Arlene Walsh, Stephon Wynter, Jessica Materna, Pierre Page Jr, Angel Echevarria.

133rd District: Thomas McCarthy, Howard Austin, Sr., Joseph Hatrick, Sr., Joseph Moura, Peretz Robinson, Abel Chaparro, Jeanette Herron, Albertina Baptista, Vincent DiPalma.
Challenge slate: Jessica Allen, Josh Kristy, Louis Innacell, Gail Janensch, Mahlon Goma, Ann Martin, Earl King Jr., Eugene Gailliard.

135th District: Wilfred Murphy, Diane Richards, Warren Blunt, Audrey Barr, Richard Bonney, Steven Ferreira, Deborah DeIrish, Curtis Mae McNair, Richard Cruz.
Challenge slate: Stephen Nelson, Doris Roman Nelson, Waith Mitchell, Carmen Harron, Charlie Stallworth, Mary McBride Lee, Fred Gee Jr, Darrett Evans Moss, Craig Jones.

136th District: Carlos Silva, John Gomes, Adelaide Esteves, Gloria Carbone, Jose DePina, Derek Williams, Lawrence Moore Jr., Mark Bush, Angel DePara Jr.
Challenge slate: Christopher Rosario, Jose Casco, Fabio Mazo, Lawrence Osborne Jr., Wanda Geter Pataky, Cruz Cotto, Dennis Bradley, Richard DeJesus, Mark Trojanowski.

137th District: Gilberto Hernandez, Lydia Martinez, Banjed Labrador, Joe Rosario, Maria Rivera, Guillermo Marin, Aidee Nieves, Juan Hernandez, Maria Ines Valle.
Challenge slate: Clinton Iannotti, Anderson Ayala, Alberto (Tito) Ayala, Jacqueline Richardson, Rueben LeBron Jr.

138th District: Richard Paoletto Jr, Martha Santiago, Michael Marella Jr., Christopher Anastasi, Kevin Monks, Kelly Ann Perez, Madeline Lopez, Andrezej Narolewski, Barbara Powell.
Challenge slate: Scott Hughes, Ann Barney, Pat Fardy, Twana Johnson, Melanie Jackson, Pearlye Sams-Allen, James Morton III, Nadia Pearce, Noel Sepulveda.



  1. Congratulations to all the winners. I just got in to read the results on the blog. It took a landslide of City Employees with the help of people on the 136th and 131st district to take on the nine challengers on the 130th. It was nice to see them all sweat in extreme cold weather.

    1. Ask Bonnie Roach where I was when you see her. I’m still here and that’s what counts. You need to get out of the Black Rock section and take a look at the conditions Bridgeport people seems to like or better yet what the machine is producing and calling ‘great results’ to the liking of Bridgeport Scabs made up of Bridgeport City Employees; Operators of non-profits who fear funding cuts or promised future funding; the Mitchell Robles and Americo Santiago whores from the 131st and 136th districts; and all the others who accepted money and other promises to keep their hands off. The Machine at work!

      I started my morning in front of Aquaculture in 10-degree weather. I voted and when I came out, Edna Garcia was walking to the building from the parking lot and we hugged and I kissed her on the check. As I was getting in my van, I saw Danny Roach and I walked up to him and shook his hand. I was later greeted by a young man who turned out to be Eric Amado complaining about the cold. By 11 a.m. I was at 199 Yacht Street with three other volunteers to the mean (just a few of them) looks of Bonnie Roach’s crew. I heard one of them speak to a lady in a Grey Honda with New York plates and he called her “Bonnie.” I walked up to the window and asked, Bonnie Roach? She said, “yes” and I extended a hand shake and she just looked at me and didn’t bother to shake hands. She had no reason to worry, I shook Danny’s hand many times and he still has all his fingers. It must be have been Maria Pereira syndrome.

      By 7:40 p.m. I dropped off three voters and as we walked to the building, Eric Amado yelled across the parking lot, “don’t believe everything they’re telling you, vote line B.”
      When the three voters walked to the building, I walked over and asked Amado if it was eight o’clock yet. I guess having to campaign 16 hours for the first time in challenging weather got to the boy. He stated I better wish it’s not 8 o’clock to which I responded, “after 2 months of this I’ve had enough.” By this time I was close to him and the Grey Honda with New York plates and I complimented the great work by The Machine. Bonnie asked what is the machine. The boy then stated great work is done by leaders and not those who go on blogs. So much for a boy who is afraid of blogs. Having said this, I will entertain the great readers of this blog on who the real boy is and see if he finds the courage to stop leading and come on this blog and perhaps earn your manhood. Eric Amado, your snotty attitude has opened your own little can of worms. Congratulations on your victory and if your mommy never told you, sometimes when you win, you lose. You’ll all get a taste of it here on the blog. As for Black Rock, Eric Amado is in line to be your next Council boy.


    1. I’m not sure donj, I was up for 36 hours and got the most sleep today. It’s the soft sheet I’ll look into at the Ayala, Marrero, Colon, Amado address (742-744 Hancock Avenue) alone, there were at least nine registered voters. At PT Barnum, one Absentee Ballot was sent to a boarded-up apartment. One AB application I was to pick up was picked up by Samuel who also tried to get the two AB Ballots from the two seniors. Good thing they had mailed them already. This is “The Machine” Bonnie Roach knows nothing about.

  3. Nothing will change until a Independent can pull votes from all parties.
    Find a worthy “leader” and back that person now until Nov 2015, and make damn sure Maria Pereira isn’t involved.

  4. My condolences to those who ACTUALLY won this election by getting the vote out. I only hope the best of you are sitting DTC members this morning. My fear is the status quo will continue. It is not looking good.

  5. Congrats to Maria. The only thing she accomplished was keeping the 138th district powerless for another two years. With a split slate the 138th will not be a key player in anything that comes before the DTC. We will continue to be the forgotten district. We will continue to be the district that has no representation on boards or commissions. So well done, Maria. Your childish behavior you demonstrated when you were on the BOE continued. And again you put your ego ahead of the greater good for the 138th.
    You could not set your ego aside. You can’t stand being on the sidelines. When Andy Fardy said “screw you” on the blog, you panicked. You couldn’t face the fact Pat and I weren’t going to control people. You realized you couldn’t control us. That we weren’t going to be your puppets. So you started a slander campaign.
    What is the saying? If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. Maria, you are too much of a child to stay in the kitchen.
    I honestly hope one day you grow up. That one day you can see how you hurt the 138th, the very district you rent a house in. And maybe one day you will use your talents for something productive for the greater good and not be so self-serving.

    1. What does Lindsay Farrell, executive director of the Connecticut Working Families Party has to say about this, Lennie? Follow up Lennie, follow up.

  6. Thank you Ann, for putting these words in print as exactly the way things went at the polls and Maria’s disrespect for us at the polls. She is rude and vindictive. Not a threat to Maria, but her day will come.

  7. Pat,
    Elections come and go. Elections are won and lost. All part of democracy! What you and I have is a loss in the election column but a huge win for integrity, decency, morals and ethics. And for me personally, I will lose any election in favor of my integrity!

  8. Good for Black Rock. At least there, the slate that is enjoying victory won the way elections should be won. That election was not stolen by absentee ballots cast by people who have no idea what is going on in the city, nor do they really care. You should be proud of yourselves!

    1. Bond Girl, entertain us and explain “how elections should be won.” You most likely sat on your ass reading the blog and are clueless as to what took place in the 130th. Don’t tell me you are going on that planned bus trip to the casino with some of Bonnie’s supporters and paid for by others for Twin Tower residents. You know not what you’re saying. How about some Crazy Glue and “Bond” your lips and fingers together? 🙂

  9. Maria, for all your vindictive work the entire slate won on the machine count including Pat, Ann and Noel. They lost when the absentees were counted. Did you have a hand in their losing by your libelous campaigning? Thank you for calling the police on my youngest son because he challenged your libelous statements about his mother. The police officer had the right idea when he said she was a drama queen.
    Maria, stand by to hear from the secretary of the state’s office.
    I have two wishes, one is you move out of the district and Jim Fox moves back to Fairfield.

  10. Questions:
    1) OIB had election results last night. As of this morning, nothing yet on CT Post online.
    2) Will the CT Post put any focus on what took place in the 138th? I know the Post is a safe haven for the WFP, but to ignore it would be insane.
    3) To steal Mojo’s “ZOMBIE voter” line, we need more attention to change the ZOMBIE status quo. It appears MP has her own legion of Zombies now as well.
    I am not in the political scene in BPT, and I don’t know anyone on this blog, but I will commend Pat and Ann on the class they have shown. In defeat, they are showing they will not go in the gutter just to gain votes, even if the other side does. I applaud them for calling out bad electoral behavior–we need more of that from all sides. That’s one of the ways we change the game.

  11. Regarding the 138th, I am very pleased my friend Melanie Jackson has been added with some new fresh faces. I have known Melanie for many many years. She is a strong woman with integrity and very well educated. I am happy I encouraged her to run and succeed on the board of directors of Nob Hill condominiums. She is well-respected in her community and among a huge circle of friends of whom I know many. She represents the future of our city and I expect Richie Paoletto and Mike Marella to embrace and encourage her. She is only one of many young, intelligent, educated, eloquent and sophisticated members of the African American I will always stand behind. I am very proud of Melanie Jackson and hope the entire 138th slate works together as a team to improve all issues regarding the district. Although I vote in the 134th, I have had property in the 138th for over 30 years. I am in that neighborhood at least four times a week. I care deeply for the residents there and I am grateful Melanie Jackson will be added to the group of decision makers. Richie and Mike should feel very happy with the new blood. I am.

  12. It’s hard enough to win an election when the playing field is level, it’s almost impossible when the process sets you up for defeat. I personally think absentee ballots should be used on a limited basis. Making senior complexes absentee gold mines defeats the reason for absentee ballots. Drive by any complex and you will find the lots full of tenant cars, so much for lack of mobility. Military people and kids away at college should be the main recipients of absentee ballots.
    The FD and PD have these very large “Command Vehicles” that can be converted to portable voting places. Have them go to the senior complexes and let the seniors fill out their ballots there, once the voting is over lock the ballots up until election day.
    The reason I say all this is the challengers in the 138th were not allowed in Fireside or Curtis house to speak to seniors and I will bet my last dollar when the absentees are counted you will find there are probably one or two for the challenge slate and enough for the incumbents to win three seats because of these ballots.

          1. Thanks Len,
            Interesting how much the AB’s meant in my old district (132nd), meant little in 130th, 133th and 137th. It could have meant a change in the 136th, and kept it close in the 135th.

  13. I think it’s now clear, at least in Bridgeport, the “Working Families Party” is little more than a union-funded adjunct of the Democratic Party, whose leaders consistently put private power games ahead of public good.

  14. *** Is it wise to say A/B’s once again made all the difference in winning or losing for the candidates in another low-turnout Bpt election? *** WELCOME TO ZOMBIELAND! ***

  15. A complaint has been filed this day with Michael Brandi, Exec Dir State Elec Enf Comm, with copies to Denise Merrill Sec of State and George Jepsen Atty General.

  16. Thanks to Only in Bridgeport for their coverage of the DTC primary Tuesday and to Mr. Fardy for his letter to the editor faulting the CT Post for ignoring this new life in the Bridgeport political landscape. I was on the losing side in the 133rd, but am proud to have been part of a challenge slate. Jack Hennessy deserves a lot of credit for organizing the challenge in our district.


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