Setting A New Barr In Politics, Moore Teams With Activist Against Ganim

Talk about polar opposites in the quest for victory. The steady State Senator Marilyn Moore and the mercurial Democratic Town Committee member Tony Barr have joined forces against Mayor Joe Ganim’s reelection.

Tony Barr wants Moore for mayor.

Both, technically, are mayoral candidates, but Barr now supports Moore who admits when she first met him “I told him he scared me.”

CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart has more:

As state Sen. Marilyn Moore, D-Bridgeport, gathers signatures to try to force a party primary with Mayor Joe Ganim, she has become allied with activist and Democratic Town Committee member Tony Barr.

Other than being black community leaders who are opposed to Ganim’s re-election, the two, on the face of it, seem so different.

She is the polished, even-tempered 70-year-old who for several years has represented not only a portion of Bridgeport, but the Trumbull and Monroe suburbs, in the state legislature.

He is the 52-year-old former Notre Dame High School basketball star with a criminal record and a reputation for being hot-headed and confrontational. Barr three years ago was arrested for allegedly threatening to “blow the mayor’s head off.

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  1. It will be interesting to see if Tony Barr can deliver the second largest voting District to Marilyn Moore. I don’t know of anyone else working to elect Marilyn Moore in the 138th District. Our team has not asked one voter to vote for Marilyn Moore or her slate.

    1. Derek,
      I was with Tony Barr briefly last evening and saw no display of thuggish behavior. He is a person of color with an athletic build, and energetic personality and represents a “returning citizen” to our City several years ago. This year he reflected on his choices and determined that Moore for Mayor was the best course to direct his political activity at this time…..for the people of Bridgeport and for his own path in life.

      Bridgeport has a good number of “returning citizens” that is folks who broke the law, were found guilty and placed behind bars for a time to serve their sentence. When they return home and completed parole obligations most attempt to resume a credible “citizen” role with all the rights allowed in such situation, like freedom of speech, assembly, and pursuit of happiness. Did Ganim2, himself a “returning citizen” set a great example in this current administration for making Bridgeport a “demonstration City” for welcoming folks who have done their time and wish to re-start their lives?? I suggest that he has not done so. The folks he chose to lead his MIRA program have departed without announced accomplishments and the position is left empty. Yet folks who grew up in Bridgeport continue to be returned to transition programs, half-way houses and ultimately to their families. Did Ganim2 ever ask Ed Adams to provide immediate guidance or backup to this failed initiative with his legal and enforcement experience? Where is City Integrity and Accountability on this issue?
      Why is Joe Ganim so quiet on this issue in general? The wonderful “tulips that bloomed in the spring” got attention and time to bloom at City expense. They were a success. But what about helping the lives of “returning citizens” bloom in similar fashion, season after season in the City? Time will tell.

  2. Maria, the enemy of my enemy is my friend is an ancient proverb which suggests that two opposing parties can or should work together against a common enemy. Would Bridgeport be better served with Marilyn as the Mayor or would status quo be the best option? By any means necessary should be the call of the day.

  3. Maria, we address it to you as you are the one that said, “Our team has not asked one voter to vote for Marilyn Moore or her slate.”
    My question is the same, would Bridgeport be better served under the leadership of Marilyn Moore or the same tired SAME OLD, SAME OLD. You know the answer and if you have it on your power fo facilitate change, WHY WOULDN’T YOU?


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