Senator Gaston: Cops Must Explain Why You Were Pulled Over

Following the police beating death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, State Senator Herron Gaston, pastor of the Summerfield United Methodist Church, will submit legislation to the General Assembly requiring Connecticut police officers to explain to motorists why they’re being pulled over during a traffic stop to promote “positive interaction from the beginning.”

“I’ve been pulled over at least six or seven times right here as I’m pulling into the driveway of the church,” he said, adding police were “very rude” a couple of weeks ago until he told them who he was.

“But you shouldn’t have to tell the police who you are in order for them to treat you with dignity and respect.”

Gaston on Sunday shared his experiences to a gathering at his church to discuss Nichols’ death.

He added on Facebook:

It was incredibly gut-wrenching to watch the devastatingly horrific assault on Tyre Nichols at the hands of those entrusted to protect and serve our communities. My heart goes out to his beloved family, friends, and community who are reeling with a profound sense of sadness and grief. The conduct of these officers is unquestionably unfathomable, rendering itself to no logical justification. No human being should be slaughtered and cold bloodily murdered, especially at the hands of law enforcement who are called to represent professionalism in service. Society, especially minoritized communities, should not have to be re-traumatized by state sanctioned violence once again. This hurts. As a nation, as a people, we are better than that.



  1. While there is no excuse for rudeness, your statement “I’ve been pulled over 6 or 7 times…”
    begs the question why so many times? Also “until I told them who I was”? Does that mean you may possibly violate a motor vehicle law but not get pulled over for it because they “know” who you are? Just wondering……..

    1. Please, there’s some value in his statement. Cops can be a dicks, you know it. While there’s a stark difference between being just a “hairy butt crack” 🙂 and “incitement” (Lebron @emotion) to elicit a negative response.

      IDK, you would think a cop telling a person why they are being pulled over at the start of the encounter would not need legislation/law. 🙂

      As for the profiling, there’s truth to that too. I don’t think it’s exclusive, in that regard, though increasingly for some groups over others, depending.

      Personally, speaking of being white and in a majority “minority” neighborhood where drug dealing is associated? I had quite a few encounters with the police for various reasons.

      While I find this Legislation baffling, I can feel it. I have been pulled over a few times by sometimes rude “Hairy Butt Crack” cops. Though I think we need to define “rude”.

      Without getting into details, not only did the rude cops make me sit on the curb and take my sneakers off while they trayed my car. One made me take off my socks to show him my feet. 🤣

      Sure I couldn’t got emotion from the ‘rudeness” thought, I don’t know how helpful it would’ve been. Besides for all I know, he’s lonely with a feet fetish and wanted to take a mental picture of my feet to get his freak on late. 🤣

      On the bright side, thank God he didn’t want to see if I had a “Hairy Butt Crack” 🤪

      But legislation-wise, they give me a ticket for driving with an expired license, due to the fact my birthday recently passed a few days prior and I didn’t/forgot to get the “chance” to sit at DMV to renew it. However, we all didn’t learn that until after the cop let me put my socks back on, freak 😂

      I mean rude. It is the nature of the beast/job. I saw a painter without paint on them.

  2. John, with regard to lack of care, paid attention, or concern to the fair Housing Commission by G2. LOGICALLY, G2 will do what he feels he needs to do. Like many others in politics. That includes the City Council members. JS

    1. P.S. John, I posted it over here because I trying to give Lennie/OIB some comment counts since some many have fallen off. 🙂

      Common people, I will be nice,.:) besides a half, a loaf is better than no loaf, even if it is stale. When life gives you Limes go out and get a case of Coronas, Happy Cinco de Mayo

      Will use that stale bread for stuffing on Thanksgiving.

      BTW, to all none Native American Indians people who are not white living, using, or owning land in America. You may not have helped the white man steal it, but you are now an accessory to the fact and possession of the stolen property. 🙂

      Wait, the Brown, Latino/Spain you were pretty involved in the theft of the New World. In fact, the White man stole a lot for you.

      Let me rephrase this, to all none Native American Indian people who are not white living, using, or owning land in America PARTICULARLY Blacks you may not have helped the white man steal it, but you are now an accessory to the fact and possession of the stolen property for the native indigenous people. JS 😎

    2. Several mayors in a row have specifically “ignored to death”: Fair Rent and Fair Housing. What is the logic in that when we are the largest City in the State? Where there are more residences owned privately than in the next several cities by size? And where rental units funded by HUD directly through Park City Communities, Section 8 vouchers, or Section 8 funding provided to a building sees increase call for “rents at reasonable rates” with fair quality?
      What is the “rationale” for any mayor to ignore the Charter instructions, fail to appoint board members in a timely fashion, and leave it to the City Council to craft Ordinances to cover the issue?? Can you see a reason? Are you tired of “time will tell” pointing out this lapse in municipal response on OIB? Is it a form of law breaking on high? Is it failure to hold a series of political appointed City employees accountable for the task of getting all Boards and Commissions to full size with no one serving expired terms? Time will tell.

      1. Well, Logically speaking, perhaps it wouldn’t be ignored to death when it becomes a need for a logical choice. The rationale though is simple, the need for votes, without collateral damage.

        Am I tied? A more logical question is, are you tired? 🙂

        Unfortunately, you can find the good and bad in almost anything and everything. I have no understanding of how, who runs the Park City Communities, Section 8 vouchers, or Section 8 funding, or those it may help or hurt, with or without a Fair Rent and Fair Housing Commission.

        But it is safe to ask how much good will out of a Fair Rent and Fair Housing committee. Part of the affordable housing /rate will be set by the free market, the supply, and demand, along with the programs that contribute to it, particularly the Vouchers. I would think.

        The Port tore down many “affordable housing” (projects) that were designed to give lower-income families a leg up. They turned into hubs for the drug fuel industry. This created smaller property investors in three families’ home ownerships that were family-owned and live in one rental of their property and cared for it and the neighborhood.

        Logically speaking the police have a full and active commission, right? Yet questions are still to be asked.

        Mayors, and cities, can and do have a lot on their dietary plates. But rest assured any affordable housing outside the private market-rate developments goes beyond the city’s mayor’s just their tax abatement capacity, without a scene of devaluation.

        Until the Federal government steps up its game and those it employs to help in creating safe, (tech) affordable housing for lower-income families a capitalist imbalance will insure. well, capitalism will take from the wants of those most affected by the imbalance of their need. JS

        # artificial intelligence 🙂


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