Seeking Reform, Protesters Continue Camp Outside Police Headquarters

Protesters camp in front of the Police Department Downtown. From Doing It Local.

From Tara O’Neill, CT Post:

Members of Justice for Jayson remain stationed outside the city’s police department Wednesday, reaching day five of the group’’s occupation of the area in the hopes of spurring police reform.

Justice for Jayson has also called on the City Council to reinvest money intended for the police force into community initiatives.

The group has been joined by other members of the community, and other activist organizations, over the last five days since the occupation outside the police station began.

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    1. Jo Salling, you talk about the extra $600 a month unemployment that will make them rich but where is your outrage about U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will keep the names secret of businesses that received more than $500 billion in COVID-19 bailout funds through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), claiming the information is “confidential,” Jo, where is your outrage about $500 billion including what the portion that President 45 and his family got. I wonder how many black businesses got something from that $500 billion?

  1. This is lame Lennie. You totally ignore the INaction of the City Council but post this like it’s to make up the difference.
    Where is the article about the Fake News?
    Still protecting Aidee Nieves, Marcus Brown, Joe Ganim, the Status Quo?

  2. In a he original story it said that Generation Now was hopeful that real change would be coming. It went on to say that they had filed an FOIA complaint and after a year without responding the city had posted some police procedures that they put up on line. Hello???
    It takes a year and the city does not even respond? And they are hopeful that progress is being made????

  3. Breaking news! This just in …..Big reforms are coming. Big reforms are coming. Word on the street is as follows :
    Chief AJ will be gone by the end of the month.
    I bet that he will return to run a new department that will be patrolling the streets of Bridgeport. Now he can collect his pension and start to work on another. He will be in charge of the mental health professionals and social workers that will replace the police officers after the department is defunded!!!! Just kidding on that one of course but not on his pending retirement.
    Cheers !!!!!

    1. Rich, one step forward and one step back, what training has A.J. had in order to perform those new duties to be in charge of the mental health professionals and social workers and that must be a new position so what will Civil Service do and who is eligible for the position?

        1. Rich, I know when you said, “Just kidding on that one of course.” I wanted to put what I said out there because the BPD needs so much training and reorganization and that will require outside help, moving the deputy chief over to be the Acting Chief will put a feather in his hat for reelection for appointing the first Hispanic female but that won’t change the culture and the training and reorganization.

  4. The protestors that I saw at the BPD protest on the DoingItLocal video-coverage of said BPDHQ protest/campout by said protestors — intimidating reporter Steve Krauchik in the course of performing his duties/exercising his First Amendment rights in the reporting/coverage of that protest — seemed to be almost exclusively out-of-towners that were camera-shy and afraid of being recorded on video…

    The hostility toward — indeed, fear of — the press by the out–of-protestors camping out at BPDHQ, was absolutely discrediting and indicative of cowardice and insincerity…

    It really seemed that the out-of–town, adolescent/young-adult (trust-fund-type) “protestors” were actually more interested in staging some sort of weird, purposeless, ineffectual, anonymous photo-op than actually accomplishing anything beyond a quasi-voyeuristic (albeit, anonymous), bizarre, 5th-dimesnional, youth summer-camp/protest-camp experience (in lieu of open campuses/summer-camps).

    They have accomplished nothing positive for Bridgeport or its people, and indeed, have probably distracted attention from the issue of the use of (lethal) force (by BPD) that needs to be the front-and-center issue/action resonating with the national protests from Bridgeport protests.

    These trust-fund-babies should go back to Westport and Greenwich, and leave the real protesting (in Bridgeport) to Bridgeporters, until they learn how to stage a real protest addressing important issues in real, effective ways… Anonymous protest is really worse than nothing, and is truly disgusting and insulting to those affected by the issues upon which such anonymous “protestors” are attempting to “joyride” for their own amusement and gratification…

    1. Jeff Kohut, C’MON MAN, get a set of b…, DoingItLocal Steve Krauchik was doing his job but they probably don’t know him or trust him and that’s nothing new. That happen last night live on CNN at the court house in Georgia after the DA announce the charges on the police officers and CNN had to cut away from their reporter. It’s great, These trust-fund-babies from Westport and Greenwich have a social conscience more than the elected City officials. Nothing is going to change in Bridgeport with comments from people like you Jeff having a holier-than thou attitude.

    2. On the evening you’re speaking about where doing it local “reporter” Steve Krauchick was so intimidated he posted a video where yes, the protesters were a little aggressive but that’s not the whole story. Watch the link below of another camera angle and decide decide for yourself.

      The “Reporter”, shortly after the video begins, stops short and thrusts his buttocks backward into the protesters. If you listen carefully you could hear him say “stop hitting me”. You could hear stop hitting me at the same moment in the original video that the “reporter” posted online.

      It appears to me, in my opinion ,that the “reporter” intended to strike the ladies with his buttocks and shouted , “stop hitting me” to try and attract the police attention to a false accusation he’s making. I state as such on his page the next day and I finally received an answer that they were not practicing social distancing and tripped him. This “trip” according to the “reporter” caused him to stop in place and his buttocks to thrust backward.

      I’d ask that everybody view the original video the “reporter” posted but it was removed from all platforms by the “reporter” and is no longer available. Hmmm. Anyway here’s the link to the only video that exists publicly on FB. You decide. OIB readers do you think this was an intentional set up in order to make a false accusation? Was he in fact tripped tripped? Was the reporter trying to become the news rather than simply report it? If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

    3. Update I went to provide you a link to doing it locals answer and it appears I have been blocked on Twitter. Hmm. A “reporter” blocked a citizen from public interaction! How so very ironic.

  5. Joseph Sokolovic, he did indeed back into them with his ass, but what I saw prior to that was intolerance and hate. Who are they to say they can’t be filmed when it’s allowable by the Federal and State Governments? Who are they to say what and who can’t be filmed? Those individuals are NO BETTER than the racists that they are demonstrating against and intolerance from both is what BLM is against in this America! BLM, do not let these white people steal your narrative because nothing will kill a movement faster than being as intolerant as the people you picket against.

  6. Ron: The point is that protestors dedicated to righting wrongs and developing and implementing solutions to problems, in the pursuit of justice, should not hide their identities. Terrorists/cowards hide their identities… Sincere, peaceful, dedicated protestors don’t hide their identities — questionable press-rep, or not… How can anonymous protestors be taken seriously? Are they afraid that their fellow trust-fund-babies and Mummie and Daddie won’t approve? Are they afraid that they’ll be excluded from that junior partnership with that elitist-racist law firm where Uncle Chad is a partner?…

    Don: You spoke eloquently to my point, and well beyond…


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