See Full Results: Ganim Runs Up Numbers Among All Voting Segments Including Republicans

Ganim received key endorsement from Governor Lamont.

Mayor Joe Ganim’s convincing win on Tuesday’s general election redo ran across all corridors of voting districts with the mayor likely fetching more Republican support than GOP candidate David Herz who tallied just 357 votes a historically low standard bearer number. Many Republicans voted their pocketbook.

Overall, the mayor won with about 60 percent of the vote, 6,366 to Gomes 4,131.

Ganim lost only Black Rock School but even there the mayor performed stronger than the past. The mayor had the backing of prominent Republican Rick Torres, owner of the popular Harborview Market.

Another tranche of Republican voters in the city is found in the North End 134th District led by Winthrop and Blackham. Ganim carried Winthrop 412 to Gomes 338 and Herz 49.

The numbers grow larger from there with Ganim running up large pluralities in the 135th Whiskey Hill area. Same for the 136th District covering the lower North End and Hollow.

The East Side where City Council President Aidee Nieves and her council partner Maria Valle hold forth in the predominate Hispanic 137th District sports a similar picture.

Ganim also blew out Gomes in the Upper East Side 138th District home to Ganim enemy City Council member Maria Pereira who backed Gomes. Pereira is often quick on the trigger to point out her district wins. Many district voters have soured on her antagonistic actions including when she recently called Police Chief Roderick Porter a “pig.”

The East End 139th District represented by City Council members Eneida Martinez and Ernie Newton capped another blow out area.

A pattern emerges when examining the four elections in five months: Ganim’s vote totals elevate when comparing two primaries and two general elections while Gomes numbers drop comparatively.

Full precinct results:






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