Seaside Gateway Trail Connects With City And Olmsted

When P.T. Barnum and other residents donated the initial land to become Bridgeport’s waterfront jewel Seaside Park, landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, designer of Central Park, was hired to craft the surroundings.

Two hundred years after Olmstead’s birth the Seaside Gateway Trail is underway in keeping with the Olmsted spirit.

From Andy Tsubassa Field, CT Post: 

“It continues Frederick Law Olmsted’s landscape design philosophy that embraced the healing power of nature that is created by plants, shade, fresh air, and vista,” Beth Santa, the Seaside Gateway Trail project’s team leader, said in a statement. “In honor of the 200th anniversary of Olmsted’s birth, we and our contributors are thrilled to renew the original 1867 Olmsted plan’s intent of accessibility to beauty and the outdoors for all the people of Bridgeport, The Park City.”

The University of Bridgeport recently announced the next phase of the Seaside Gateway Trail that overall includes an accessible walking trail along the park, new native trees and a meadow, some of which is already completed. University officials plan for the park to host an outdoor gathering space.

The trail will connect the Perry Memorial Arch on Waldemere Avenue to entrances at Marina Park Circle and Howe Avenue. Bridgeport’s Parks Commission and engineering department approved construction designs in March.

In a statement, Melanie Strout, the university’s director of civic engagement, said the project has involved students, faculty and staff to help “improve the greater South End community.” Strout pointed to how the Accounting Society student group helped the project manage grant funds, which she said “enabled us to keep the project moving forward without delay.”

Along with connecting Seaside Park to Bridgeport, the project includes planting native trees and plants to protect the park against severe storms. An underground drip irrigation system with a solar-powered backflow prevention device will support the land during droughts.

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