Seafood Market At Aquaculture School

Acquaculture fish
Fresh fish and oysters.

The seafood market at the Bridgeport Aquaculture School has resumed its operation for the 2014-2015 academic year, open Wednesday and Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m. Check it out. Students raise their own tilapia. More on this from Aquaculture School.

The operation of the seafood market is in direct correlation to the student’s experience in our Seafood Science course and a culmination of a carefully planned scope and sequence of instruction over the four years of student participation. In that semester course, students are presented with a nationally standardized curriculum called “ServSafe” which teaches students the requirements/protocols for safely handling food. And after successfully meeting the requirements of the National Restaurant Association’s FDA approved assessment, a certificate is issued. This certificate is what is required to gain employment in the industry. Students also are trained in and implement Seafood HACCP. This unit of instruction is in partnership with the University of Connecticut Sea Grant program.

At the beginning of an Aqua Experience, students start with the science of finfish/shellfish/seaweed culture and instructionally proceed to the technology that supports the life cycle of the selected species to a point of harvest. Once harvested, the product is processed at the school according to all standards of the industry and then makes it to the showcases of Angie’s Seafood Market. There, students put to use their skills of business operations and working with you, the customer.

Currently growing under the supervision of students are Tilapia, Cobia and Barramundi. In cooperation with the State of Connecticut Bureau of Aquaculture, the school also farms both clams and oysters in Long Island sound and operates under the standard of the commercial fishing industry and the State of Connecticut. One of the objectives of this full-cycle learning experience is to feature locally grown products. The Tilapia and the Blue Point Oysters have made it to the market, with the Australian food fish Barramundi and University of Miami-bred Cobia, set to make it to the market by Christmas.

Last year was a great learning experience for both students and staff with a level of professional growth acknowledged by both groups. Throughout last year, our market was advertised weekly and, as a result, now has a widespread customer base. In place of the weekly notification, an e-mail list-serve has been established and will be our means of communicating our product specials to only those who choose to receive it. Should you desire to be on this list, please notify the office at (203) 275-2926 or email

Thank you for your past and continuing support of our student–operated seafood market.


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  1. Here are some of the great prices this week: Tilapia Fillet Product of Aqua $8.95/lb, Salmon Fillet (skin on) $6.49/lb, Wild Striped Bass Fillet $8.95/lb., Grouper Fillet $8.49/lb, Oysters $4.95/doz, Clams $6.95/doz. I believe they only raise their own tilapia and get the rest from the Fulton Fish Market in NYC.


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