School Leaders Want To End Relationship With Charter Group

Following a series of revelations, interim school chief Fran Rabinowitz says she intends to terminate the district’s partnership with a charter school group running Dunbar School. Her decision will be presented to the Board of Education on Thursday. More from CT Post here.

State Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor and Interim Superintendent Rabinowitz today released the following joint statement regarding the next steps:

“Recent revelations regarding FUSE have given rise to significant concerns regarding the organization’s ability to continue working with Dunbar.

“Teachers, students and parents have demonstrated commendable resolve to turn around Dunbar. They deserve a partner who will be able to provide the attention and support necessary for the work that lies ahead.

“Therefore, we will actively explore a partnership with Cooperative Educational Services (CES) to help support the school’s effort to implement its turnaround plan.”/blockquote>



  1. This is not the time to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
    This would be a good time to start a wraparound program with Dunbar School, like the Cleveland School Wrap Around Program and the United Way. Just saying.

  2. Hopefully all goes well at tomorrow night’s BBOE meetings. The latest CT Post story has a quote where Moales states this termination with FUSE is based on a “union agenda.” I guess it has absolutely nothing to do with a CEO who has forgery, tax evasion, embezzlement convictions and served 2-1/2 years in federal prison. I guess it is the union’s fault Mr. Sharpe falsified his credentials and claimed to have a doctorate in education for over ten years. And it must also be the union’s fault a convicted drug dealer and sex offender was hired by FUSE to work in Dunbar School with 300 elementary school children. Moales’ statement makes absolute sense.

  3. Andrea Comer, the Chief Development Officer for FUSE resigned from the organization about a week ago. She was also appointed by Malloy to serve on the state Board of Education, which created outrage amongst many educators, parents and public school advocates. This afternoon, she tendered her resignation from the SBOE.

    1. Maria Pereira // Jul 9, 2014 at 10:24 pm
      To your posting, Maria.

      Your points are well made.
      This is the standard operating procedure of Rev. Moales.
      What does he know about ethical behavior? Better yet, what does he care?
      No one is better protected than Rev. Moales. We all know that.

  4. While I understand the concerns and issues at hand here, sometimes it seems the problems are more glorified than the the solutions. I think there needs to be more focus on real solutions regarding the improved education of urban children and youth. I think Jim Fox’s point is interesting because it mentions wraparound services. We have very good thinkers on this blog, what other tangible things can be done to improve schools in addition to wraparound services?

    Also for the public’s sake, Jim can you tell us more about the wraparound services you refer to? What are wraparound services and how can these be helpful?

  5. Hi Andmar, I would like to see all our schools with a wraparound service like Cleveland Ohio started. I think this would be a great program for Bridgeport.

    CLEVELAND, Ohio–The Cleveland schools and United Way have started work on providing better services to kids at 17 schools, including the district’s 13 “Investment Schools,” but the plans at each building are far from taking shape.

    This week the district and United Way of Greater Cleveland had the last of 17 meetings to introduce the community to the agencies that will take the lead at each school. The series closed after meetings with College Now at John Adams High School, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland at Benesch elementary school and the Cleveland Play House at Jamison elementary.

    Meanwhile, the agencies for nine of the 17 schools have picked their site coordinator–the person who will work in each school full time to connect students and programs.

    The other coordinators should be hired by the first week of February, said Juliana Cole, education programs associate for the United Way, and Lisa Baskin, head of the social service “wraparound” strategy for the district.



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