School Board Votes On Bassick Plan

From Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post:

Count a majority of the city school board in. They want a brand new Bassick High School too.

After a rare Friday evening public hearing, the school board voted 7-2, to approve a lengthy resolution that essentially tells the city school construction committee and State’s Office of School Construction it prefers and endorses a new Bassick.

It also asks, if possible that the Beau Arts design elements from the original Bassick facade be incorporated into the new structure, as long as the classroom design, finishes, furniture, fixtures, equipment and technology are modern

Board Chairman John Weldon, along with member Hernan Illingworth, Jessica Martinez, Joe Sokolovic, Sybil Allen, Dennis Bradley and Chris Taylor voted in favor of the motion. Maria Pereira and Ben Walker voted no.

… Weldon said motion wasn’t “either or,” because ultimately the decision is not made by the board. He said everyone’s opinions would be sent to the state.

“If they overrule us, they overrule us,” Weldon said.

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  1. How do we define a “New Bassick?” Is it just the building. Are there any concerns of what is going to happen in the “new” Bassick. Thanks to Maria Pereira,I was given a chance to tour the historic elements of The Bassick buildings. I could not attend but it certainly sounded interesting. I have heard that the plan for Bassick would be a very strong emphasis on STEM. Is it possible that maintaining some elements of the poriginal construction will give future students an appreciation of quality of design,manufacturing and construction. To be honest,I never knew the background of the origin of the name of “Bassick.” It may certainly act as some inspiration tho future students of a “new” Bassick. There is a huge legacy here and myopic civic leaders don’t want to see the long term advantages of creating a long term bond with the past,present and the future. There is no excuse that a “hybrid” version could not be designed and built. All one has to do is look at the successful renovation of Black Rock School. The entire building was not razed. There was a well-designed aesthetically-pleasing combination of old and new. I hope that elected representatives who serve the constituents of Black Rock School students will remember this successful project.

    Maria would say something like this, The Bassick Vote was a tragedy variety of reasons.
    Pereira later said “Those that spoke on behalf of the demolition of the historic and architecturally original Bassick (High School) building came from individuals that likely could not spell architecture” Well at lease we can add. The Board of education Voted 7-2 for a New Bassick High School, with the backing of the City Council approving Bonding money for a New Bassick High School. Now we’ll see who the State listens too.

    1. Mr Newtown, did you listen and watch the individuals that spoke at the BOE meeting, they were an embarrassment to the residents of BRIDGEPORT. They can’t speak, spell and I my opinion can do simple math.

  3. No Maria, Lincoln nor the mayor or Mario nor Dr. Ford Freed me. Please remember you are the only slave master. You are a Legend in your on mind and bye the way I spoke to John Ricco about your conversation about me. He said it never happen but maybe you forgot to take your MED”S that day! Enjoy your self Puppet Master who’s string will you pull today. LOL!

  4. Ernie.. you don’t know what you are talking about with Bassick School. How about if you give us an update on the groundbreaking and contractual agreements between City of Bridgeport and Gala Supermarkets to build that plan. Do you have ANYTHING to report to the People of Bridgeport but especially your own constituents. We don’t want to hear about promises. We want to see legally signed documents. Can you provide that?

    1. BTW..Ernie..take a drive down into Black Rock and take a look at Black Rock School. That was a completely successful integration of combining new and old. So,you and the other City Council puppets have no intellectual basis whatsoever to say that the entire Bassick building needs to be demolished.

  5. only want to speak to Maria Pereira because you are counting on antagonism towards Maria to prove your and your sycophants’ case. Answer my questions..please.


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