Scenes From City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Malloy and Finch St. Pat's 2014
Mayor Bill Finch, left, and Governor Malloy march with Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman on Broad Street. Check out Wyman’s green shoes.

It was cold, but that didn’t stop your favorite pols from greeting their peeps for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Downtown on Monday. The Mayor’s Office loaded these images on Facebook.

Himes McCarthy St. Pat's 2014
Congressman Jim Himes yucks it up with City Council President Tom McCarthy. Far right is Judge of Probate Paul Ganim.

Bryant School St. Pat's
Bryant School children.

pipers Saint Pat's 2014
Pipers joined the pols on Broad Street just beyond McLevy Green.



  1. If these are the pictures taken by the Mayor’s Office, I would have expected them to capture the throngs streetside cheering on the smiling politicians. Is that what you see?

    Just observing what is presented as it was a work day for me. When you are self-employed, time off is a ticklish issue, as no one provides the revenue to pay you when you are not there. I talked with folks in two City offices today and found more than a few were going to use a day or half day to view the parade and take an active role in the partying around town. Erin go bragh!

    In the meantime the City has business to conduct. It is not all about Irish parades, Barnum festivals, vibe concerts and stipend-funded explorations of the practices in other municipalities without reporting to the taxpayer. Perhaps the budget review process will take a look at all of these areas and expenses in recent years and decide cutbacks and reductions are in order as the taxpayer may be having less fun than the entitled who are otherwise supported. Time will tell.

  2. Hmmm. What are the chances Tom McCarthy took personal time off his paid city job to march in the parade? I’d say none, this is another reason why people on the CC shouldn’t also be on the city payroll.

  3. It looked like there was a big public school presence at the parade as well. Is this really the best use of their class time? I hate to say it but paying teachers and staff etc. to go to a parade? It might seems like a small thing, and in the grand scheme of things it might be for a district that is achieving academically and financially sound, but as we all know Bridgeport is far from it.

    Any reason this parade is not done on a weekend?

    Following up Harvey’s comment–are all the costs of this parade covered by private dollars? Do the taxpayers of Bridgeport foot any of the bill for this parade? Again, parades are great if you can afford them.

  4. The parade is run by the Irish Club located in Fairfield. It is not held on the weekend because they want it on St. Patrick’s day no matter when it falls.
    That’s all well and good but it does preclude the avergae working family from attending the events and joining in the celebration. Unfortunately having it exactly on St. Patrick’s day leaves only the politicians to march and to celebrate the day. Politicians as we know take the day off whenever they want. Business council does nothing but take up space and use oxygen. So there you have it, a parade for the unemployed.
    BTW if McCarthy put in for all the hours he does not work he would owe us one year’s salary.


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