Say Hello To Bridgeport’s Newest State Rep. Cristin McCarthy Vahey

The black line at center of map is where Park Avenue turns into Brooklawn, the border with Fairfield. Bridgeport streets in blue at right are part of new 133rd State House District.



  1. The very hard working Fairfield Rep. McCarthy Vahey (Bo Peep) has been Banished to Bogeyland for the next Ten years !
    Now she will have to put up with the Antics of Mario T. (Barnaby) and the Bogeymen and Bogeywoma of the Bridgeport’s D.T.C
    So now the question calls for, who did Bo Peep piss off on the state redistricting commission?
    Slumber deep Bo Peep, just think of Bridgeport as your New Toyland!

  2. Meanwhile; a whole Bridgeport GA district (the 125th), and its full weight, gerrymandered away from Bridgeport by $New Canaan$ in the 2000 redistricting, remains in Gold Coast hands. This new redistricting reflects the state disdain and disrespect for Bridgeport, even as it reflects the inability/unwillingness of Bridgeport to fight and advocate for its own interests. Sad… Tragic…. Disgusting…

    Have a wonderful night at the Klein, CC and City Hall. Celebrate your collective incompetence and misplaced loyalties as the rest of the state rests comfortably assured that they can continue to figuratively and literally continue to defecate, urinate, and shovel garbage and trouble on Bridgeport with no resistance from within…

  3. Welcome to Bridgeport, or at least a bite of it, looking at the map of the 133d District. Some of your activities and education can bring new focus to the “delegation” wherever and whenever they meet. You represent a community where Democratic leadership resided in the First Selectman office of John Sullivan more than 50 years ago. His vision was impressive, especially in the area of Open Space where his goal of preserving 1,000 acres of property, in various parts of the community has been well received over time and tended by residents with stewardship sense of responsibility.
    Of course Fairfield was formed well more than a century before Bridgeport, so citizens of our community must look out for ‘open space, environmental regard for land use and property either owned by the City or important to its long term balanced development without regular, informed, and caring comment from municipal leadership. Remington Woods is just the latest manifestation of this.
    But Rooster River, a raging body of water at times and sleepy brook at others, becomes of interest to constituents on both sides of the watercourse, before it flows into Ash Creek and out to the marsh and Sound. Of course the Ash Creek Marsh below the Post Road-Fairfield Avenue Bridge is changing shape due to wind, weather and channel sand dredging for Jennings Boat Basin. Bridgeport neighbors looks in vain for stewardship from any authorized municipal Board or Commission, as well as any sign from City Hall as to a party responsible for the land, in the form of sand, disappearing from Bridgeport’s westernmost waterfront. Who cares? Time will tell.

  4. At least Bridgeport’s new rep is a Democrat.
    The reapportionment was gerrymandered tp protect incumbents of both parties. 4 Dems and 4 Republicans made up the committee and Republican McKinney was appointed the tie breaker if needed.
    Trumbull will now be broken into 4 State house districts, all of whom are currently served by Republicans. This is a reward for winning the town wide elective offices and control of all elected Boards and Commissions (with the exception of BOE, which cannot have a majority) and voted Dem for president for the first time since 1964.
    Senator Marilyn Moore is the sole Democrat representing us in Hartford, and some members of the TDTC were instrumental in causing her to wage a primary battle to keep her seat last year.

    This new map shows why elected officials should never be allowed to draw district maps, they are only interested in protecting their reelection chances.

  5. Fairfield is one of the oldest towns in Connecticut, founded in 1639 by immigrants from England who wanted to build a farming village based on Puritan religious values. Their community was organized around the church, and had clear roles for all its members, in order to create an orderly, disciplined society.
    When Roger Ludlow founded Fairfield with 100 people, the Black population was 6% today Fairfield has a population of 62,000.
    The racial makeup of the town of Fairfield is 91.6% White, 3.7% Asian, 1.8% African American, 0.06% Native American, 0.01% Pacific Islander, 1.2% from other races, and 1.6% from two or more races. 5.0% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race.

    So in reality it will take Cristin McCarthy Vahey, three months to run into a Black person while campaigning in Fairfield, but only one day in Bridgeport. Ron Mackey is that what you think?

    1. @jimfox
      Fairfield and the rest of the original CT colony towns were settled by immigrants from the Massachusetts Bay Colony who were unhappy with the Anglican (Government of England) Church in that Colony. Whether they were all born in England or some in the New World is possible.
      When Ludlow founded Fairfield those 6 Blacks were not residents by choice.
      Today, the 1.8% have chosen (or their families chose) to reside in Fairfield.

      Contrary to your statement, it won’t take Vahey three months to run into a Black person while campaigning in Fairfield. It probably won’t take three hours. It might be a domestic employee opening a door, or one of hundreds of retail or service employees at businesses in Fairfield. They work in Fairfield, they don’t live or vote there. That is the crux of the problem.


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