Samaritan, Firefighters Rescue Boy Whose Head Stuck In Vehicle Power Window

News release from Mayor’s Office:

Mayor Ganim and Chief Thode recognized Firefighters from Ladder 11 of the Bridgeport Fire Department for successful, heroic efforts to save the life of an unconscious four-year-old boy at 2407 Fairfield Avenue on June 19th, 2020.

At 9:18am on Friday, Bridgeport Fire Department was notified of a traumatic injury and arrived on the scene in less than two minutes from the reported call to find a four-year-old boy unconscious.

The 4-year-old boy had gotten his head stuck in a vehicle power window; a good Samaritan who witnessed the child in distress broke the window to free the boy. Once on scene Ladder 11 established command with firefighters immediately administering oxygen and chest compressions. After a minute or so of life saving efforts, the child started to gasp for air and a pulse was finally detected.

“As Fire Chief, I could not be prouder of the heroic acts of members of Ladder company 11. This is just another example of the work that Bridgeport Firefighters do every day.” Chief Richard Thode added, “We really want to make sure this incident highlights precautionary measures for child safety. If the car is running, those windows can be active, and it only takes a second for an accident to happen.”

The young boy was transported to the hospital by paramedics and is expected to make a full recovery.



  1. Good job but there’s something very important missing here, “a good Samaritan that witnessed the child in distress broke the window to free the boy,” this person should be recognize in this story.

  2. While I will continue to constantly lobby for firefighters to be Bridgeport residents, those individuals that are firefighters irrespective of race or ethnicity do an outstanding job for the residents of Bridgeport. As a young firefighter I saw some of the most racist individuals employed as Bridgeport firefighters, but I also saw how they would run into a burning building to save the life of young and old Black people. These are some of the most dedicated people I’ve ever had the honor of working with as a firefighter, as a Lieutenant and as Captain. Having said that, I still think, feel and believe that same dedication and commitment to excellence can be achieved by ALL BRIDGEPORT RESIDENTS!

    1. Don, I’m in total agreement but you know that a book could written, you said, “I saw some of the most racist individuals employed as Bridgeport firefighters,” there were fights near fights where knifes were pulled out, things were so bad that you, myself and other Firebird members not to go to different firehouses as trouble shooters on our off time. We both told the chief at that time if he didn’t do something about a certain incident that we kick that person ass. There is a culture and other white firefighters would not say anything but they wouldn’t be apart of that culture. Chief Thode was fortunate as a young firefighter to have Lieutenant George Bryant as his officer, George was one of the Firebird Society President and everybody knew George didn’t take any shit but George was a real man and officer and would look after his crew, as black officers that was always our job, to look after our crew. Don, as I look back, there was a lot stuff that we had to deal with especially with one our best friend who wanted to quit and how we had to go to fire headquarters to talk him out of it an not to the tell the chief off.

  3. Ron Mickey you keep reminding me of why I admire you so much. I was getting ready to respond to the heroic action of the good Samaritan who wasn’t even identified by name, but you beat me to it. You’re the bomb!!

    1. Hi stranger, I’m proud of the team but that’s their job but the good Samaritan saw something and acted right away and did the right thing. They should have gotten the news coverage.

  4. See something, say something. Better yet, do something and save a life.
    What are City kids doing this summer? Parks? Programs? Look at LifeBridge Summer Camp on Fairfield and Clinton. They have a few openings yet for their summer program at this time. They emphasize safety, educational instruction (in a year when much instruction has been difficult for students throughout the City), and the program is FREE. Parents take special note. Act fast for entry next week. Time will tell.


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