Roach’s Police Board Reappointment Goes To Full City Council

Public Safety Committee members Ernie Newton, Kyle Langan and Karen Jackson voted no to confirm the reappointment of Danny Roach, a longtime friend and ally of Mayor Joe Ganim, to the Police Commission. Jack Banta, Eneida Martinez and Maria Valle voted yes. Committee chair Michelle Lyons broke the tie in favor of Roach. The full council will likely vote on the matter in September.

Roach, who owns Matty’s Corner bar in Black Rock, also has a six-figure position with the city.

More on this from CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart:

In a 4-3 vote, members of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee this week recommended that the full, 20-person legislative body support Ganim’s reappointment of Roach to the civilian group overseeing Bridgeport’s Finest at an upcoming meeting.

“It’s a very good board. I think we’ve been responsive to the public. I would would like to carry on, at least for the time being,” Roach told council members before his public interview, which was attended by an unusually large number of residents.

Critics of the police department argue that controversies–ranging from the May, 2017, shooting death of a 15-year-old by a rookie cop to the chief’s top aide being accused of sending racist texts to a fellow officer–require new, more proactive Police Commission members.

“With all the things going on in our police department … I have yet to hear the commission say anything, take a stand or make a statement,” Councilman Ernie Newton told Roach.

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  1. I just can’t, on a personal level, get involved with this issue. I know it’s not the correct approach, especially since I speak fearlessly regarding what I consider to be right or wrong. But, this time I’ll take the heat as far as Danny goes. However, I think this Councilwoman who holds the title of Council President should find a mentor to teach her that she doesn’t reign supreme. This is not the first time she’s arbitrarily cut off discussion before other Council members had questions to ask. She better realize she holds no more sway as an elected member of the City Council than any other member. If she tried that when I served, she would have been stopped in her tracks. Again I applaud my rep, Kyle for his attention to every detail before him, now he has to call the woman who holds a title due to political machinations a lesson by calling her out.

    1. Lisa I agree with your comments on the right for the public to speak. However one correction- Martinez is not the council president. Now I’m not sure if the council president could have overruled her since this appears to be a committee meeting. But it was not Nieves who halted the comment. She did speak in support of Perez but from the article I only read Martinez calling for an end to the debate.

      1. Lifelong Bpt thank you for correcting me. Some of these members are so irrelevant I mix them up. I apologize to the Council President for my mistake, however, as soon as she found out about this egregious action, she should have taken the responsibility to, at least, try to correct it.

  2. Councilwoman Eneida Martinez is the biggest cheerleader Police Chief Armando Perez and now Danny Roach. Let me say this about Danny Roach, I like Danny, I’ve haven’t spoken with him in years. When I was on the DTC in the 130th he was the district leader and he was fair person to work with. Danny has come a long way since then but 20 years is more than enough time for anyone to serve on any City board and commission. It’s time for change with new eyes on the Bridgeport Police Department.

    Martinez has blinders on because she doesn’t she anything wrong with the direction of the Police Department and that Perez can’t do anything wrong. Perez is a nice man but they need a leader and someone to reshape the image, the training and the mindset of the entire department. I am really disappointed at my councilman Jack Banta vote.

  3. IT”S Very interesting how many people on this BLOG felt that TOM McCarthy Shouldn’t work for the city and be council president. I have known Danny for a long time.We have great men and women in our city who could server on Boards and commission. MY Resolution on term limits, on board and commission is pending. Boards and Commissions aren’t JUDGESHIP where you server until you die or Retire.

  4. 20 years of doing nothing as a police commissioner. What has he done except be an ass kisser for the last 3 mayors. Has he reduced the number of cops on extended sick leave? NO!! Has he reduced the number of cops on extended injury leave? NO!! What did he and the rest of the commission do about the cop that retired on disability from Bridgeport and became a cop in Meriden involved in a fatal shooting.
    Is there any truth to the rumor circulating around city hall that Roach has been carrying on with a 25 year old female who works at city hall? This same female is now on sick leave.
    BTW for Michelle Lyons you should have recused yourself from voting for a number of reasons/ 1.Your husband is also on the commission. 2. Roach is a high appointee of Ganim and should not bon any commissions.Just what has Roach done in the 20 years he was on the police commission. I’ll answer that he has done nothing, zilch, Nada and the list goes on. To the committee Its time to walk the walk and not just talk the talk

  5. *** Danny’s been there long enough by means of the DTC, time for new blood & someone who is more in touch with the entire community not just Black Rock. This is whats wrong with 50% of the city council; political rubber stampers! ***

  6. I think that Enida Martinez doesn’t take Chief Perez to task for his incompetence in leading the BPD because of her loyalty to another Latino. It appears as if her loyalty to the chief is more important than her desire to represent her constituents to the best of her abilities.

    Council president Nieves, Jack Banta and Enida are loyalists to Mayor Ganim and the DTC far beyond the best interest of their constituents and the city of Bridgeport which is a damn shame. The city of Bridgeport will continue to be mired in mediocrity until the people elected do what’s best for the city instead of worrying about their next election.

    1. Don, it’s sad but true of what you wrote, the best interest of the City not the main concern of those elected officials, their main concern is not to do anything to kiss Mario Testa Joe Ganim off because they don’t want to be in a “primary,” nobody’s wants to go out there to get on the ballot so they kiss ass to get along. Bridgeport has been sleepwalking ever since Steve Wynn came to Bridgeport to talk about the possibility of a casino in Bridgeport. The majority of residents here wanted that one big golden goose of a casino to solve Bridgeport’s problems and nothing has changed. Now they think if Ganim is elected as governor that Bridgeport would probably get a casino and those City workers who are strongly supporting Ganim will get a hookup from him and get a position or job with the State. Sadly that’s why no one will step up and speak out against anything mean while funding education is underfunded and the police department and crime are not a big concern because everything is about Joe Ganim for governor but what happens August 15th when is out of the race for governor, what will Ganim and all of his supporters Do?

  7. I spoke to this subject at last week’s City Council meeting. Council members present for public speaking heard my words and the elements of the story I attempted telling. I sent the text to Council members as usual and to OIB. In this case OIB for its own reasons did not print it as is their right.

    I believe that the City has been placed at genuine financial risk from behavior during the past several years that is being kept secret from the public at large. I suggest that those who are in place to thoroughly investigate and report to the Public Safety Committee regarding activity and behavior by public officials have missed the story, or misreported it. That produces another question: WHY?

    The elements of the story continue to fill in daily. I have learned that the story was well known to political activists from a minority community for several years. But never reported as such behavior seems private on the one hand; but when practiced by City officers, they become something more than personal entertainment or modeling behavior for the youth of the community. A person’s integrity and reputation can get compromised so quickly and that provides the same leverage as in “conflicts of interest”.

    As more people learn the details, including the number of folks in a couple families connected close to City jobs,etc.I think that those who have failed to share what they do know, or to further investigate that which seems to be broadly public, will have put their own reputations at risk. And the rest of the story will show that even Little League coaches and school PTA officials from years ago, have current behavior that should preclude them from serving any more time on a Police Commission that has many serious concerns with which to serve the public. Time will tell.

      1. John why hasnt lennie written about the department head that got caught on closed circuit TV having sex in the city hall parking garage. It never stops

        1. So, Andy, you want me to write about a department head who got caught “having sex in the city hall parking lot.” Were you there to see it? If so, so what? Were charges filed? Was the department head disciplined? If you know so much that’s rock solid fact, why won’t you share it?

  8. Someone Please help me Understand something.I”ve watch Bridgeport go through 3-4 Police Chiefs all outsiders. What happen to the Day when a person starts a New Job as a Rookie cop or a rookie Fireman and as years go by. He or She moves up through the ranks and becomes eligible to become Police Chief or Fire Chief what’s wrong with that. Out of all The police chief who have come through Bridgeport, Chapman worked at making changes in Bridgeport.

    1. Ernie, there’s a lot wrong with it, the last time that the Bridgeport Fire Department hired a white female to be a firefighter has been over 10 years, by the why during that same time frame no Black or Hispanic or any other ethnic group has been hired, why Ernie? There are women on the fire department but wouldn’t you think that the fire chief would realize hey, why aren’t there any women being hired over the past 11 years. Chief Rooney came up through the ranks just like you said Ernie but look at the results. Civil Service calls for a nationwide search for the Police Chief, the Fire Chief and City’s Personnel Director. David Dunn the City’s Personnel Director came up through the ranks by being a City worker for over 40 years and Ernie Dunn has been the City’s “Acting” Personnel Director for 11 years, come Ernie, Dunn has been in his position without ever taking an exam to see if he’s qualify to hold that position. Who has ever heard of someone being in “Acting” position for 11 years. Ernie that’s your fault and your council members and Mayor Joe Ganim. Bridgeport deserves the best person in this country to compete for these positions.

  9. Ernie, I can only speak to the BFD and my whole career all I ever heard was merit BS. The most qualified person should get the job. As a retired captain who was just 4th black captain in the history of the BFD, who has helped 40 -50 young blacks, Latino and women on the BFD and another 30 or so reach elevated Rank in the fire service, I embrace the merit system.

    The last three fire chiefs were all from within and one was close to being the best candidate, NOT ONE. There was a gentleman from Utah that had two Batchelor degrees and a Masters,all in fire science and Brian Rooney was chosen with only a high school diploma and four years in the service.

    I won’t be presumptuous to assume who you referenced in your post,but Chief Perez isn’t the person to lead the BPD and his failures in leadership has proven that. You know as well as I that he was given that position because he’s Mayor Ganim’s boy and merit played no part in his appointment nor will it be the reason that he will become the new chief. C’mon man you can’t say you love Bridgeport and watch when the city doesn’t get the best it deserves when you that political patronage or political expediency is reason.

  10. Does the chief have to be a cop or former cop? If you have management experience an understanding of community policing, police sciences and of course finance you should be able to run a police department. Being from outside the department means you don’t owe anyone any favors and no one owes you. Which would go against the grain but would be a welcome change I think.

    An outsider will not have to deal with the culture and past practices that have hamperered the department. Some of the hot topic issues you can attribute to training and supervision not the chief.

    What you can put on the chief and police the commishioners is the discipline for Officers found guilty of department violations. You can only wonder what is going to be the fate of this suspended captain or how long the investigation is going to take. How many other cops think like this captain and why the chief would surround himself with people who think like him?

    As the chief you have to be the bad guy and make the proper decisions despite how people may feel about it. The right decision may not be popular but so be it. Going with the devil you know may not be the way to go.

    Perhaps the rank and file might embrace an outsider as a fresh start so to speak. The citizens may appreciate it too.

    My outside the box thoughts.

    1. There is a lot more involved in properly running the police department than having a degree in police science or an undertstanding of community policing. With no police training you have no idea what the guy and women face everyday while on patrol.
      Bridgeport has had 2 chiefs from out of town one good and the other bad the bad one still works for Ganim even though he quit the chiefs job. We have had 3 chiefs that came up thru the ranks 1 quit to go to a bigger department, 1 was transferred to a new made up job and the other one is now in office.
      the problem is that we have people doing the selection process who are clueless and believe it or not take their orders from the sitting mayor. Yeah I know they are from other departments and should be above reproach but they are not.
      There should be a strict list of requirements for the chiefs job the score should be 50% written and 50% oral. Written exam should be management and financially oriented as should the oral exam.
      There is one other thing that needs to happen and that is the 3 deputy chiefs need to be taken out of the bargaining unit and serve at the pleasure of the chief.

      1. Andy, another point, the City needs to do the same thing with the 3 deputies chiefs that are in the fire department. The testing company that is giving the exam has never given a exam that has the makeup and the population of Bridgeport and they are the same company that gave the exam for the fire department. The written portion of the exam is a open book online exam, yes, open book.

  11. Ron Mackey First Of all I just got Elected. Since I’ve Been on City Council. Working on major changes to the WPCA with other Council members. City council changed Ordinance to allow minorities to bid on major contracts. We are working on a Ordinance to Hire Bridgeport Residents First At lease 25% To City Residents and 5% To exfelons,When Companies seek Tax breaks. We are also working on an ordinance to deal with civil service hiring practices.

  12. Ernie, first with the WPCA, it took Judge Lopez to come in to fight then the City Council didn’t follow up with her. Hiring Bridgeport residents first for City positions like police and fire is legal. As for minority hiring with City’s bidding process is already on the books, that was in duties that the late Senator Alvin Penn had as the Affirmative Action Officier and Contract and Compliance Officer. Why are we reinventing the wheel.

    1. Ron I’m not going to get into a debate with you. Donald Day gave me me some language that I have been working on. Their is no Ordinance on the books that put a percentage on developers to hire for employment not taking about tradesmen jobs. I just wanted to see if you or Don would thanks those that Voted Against Danny reappointment. I guess the only to people is Gomes and Moore.

      1. Ernie, I understand and at least you do reply back, I don’t expect any of the other 19 City Council members to say anything but hopefully they are looking into things that have been address but I doubt that because they don’t have a sense of the history of council and for that matter the City Charter and they don’t want to know. JML, time will tell.

  13. From The RUMOR MILL

    Danny Roach my district leader for Life, (Black Rock) also wants to continue to be the Police Commissioner for Life.
    But the Flucking City Council is piss-off because Rumor has it, that Danny is now dating a Twenty Five year old Drag Queen, he met at Joe Ganim’s Fund Raiser the other night at ( TheTrevi Lounge-Best Gay Bar in CT.)
    Danny got her a City Job, she’s currently out on Medical leave .

    Do I have this story straight?

  14. Ring:

    Jimfox: Hello, who’s this?

    Caitlyn Jenner: Caitlyn.

    Jimfox: what do you want?

    Caitlyn: Be nice and keep me out of your shit, before you really end up F$%King yourself, By.


  15. Ernie, the selection process for police and fire department chiefs is a result of charter revision of 1988. The process for selection was approved by voters.

    Can you provide an update on the status of ordinances you are working on? Are they being reviewed by the ordinance committee? Where are they?

  16. I may be a day late and a dollar short on this posting BUT
    1) The city should have term limits on all boards and commissions including City Council. 20 years is definitely enough. Let’s see how far this suggestion goes.
    2) The city should also have term limits on the president / chairman of boards and commissions. 10 years seems more than enough. Again, let’s see how far this flys with the council.
    3) if the council does not have the balks to adopt these changes then after 10 or 20 years, the vote must be unanimous.
    4) the council MUST do something about the expired terms otherwise term limits are useless.
    5) There exists under state law a ban on having city employees serve on land use boards but not other boards. Again change is needed.
    6) Specifically many more changes are needed to specific boards and commissions but let’s see the council do anything here and then I can start to address specific boards and commissions. Get to work City Council or you may be the first thing that gets changed.

    1. Bob I’m in agreement with your list but here’s something that must be acted on right away, “Acting” in a higher capacity when there’s no one to fill a position when there is no one to perform those duties and there is no active hiring list to promote from. The City Charter states “Acting” is for 120 days, well David Dunn has been the City’s Personnel Director who’s in charge of all testing and hiring for the City, Dunn has been “Acting” for 11 years without Mayor Finch and Mayor Joe Ganim calling for a nationwide search for that position. Also the Police Chief true position is a Captain but he’s a “Acting” Police Chief. There are also to many City employees who are serving as “Provisional” who are not eligible to permanently hold that position but they receive the same pay and retirement benefits although they haven’t pass the exam to hold that position. “Provisional” appointments are emergency appointments until a promotional exam has verify. Bob, where is the “merit” for these people working in a higher position and getting paid but they have not passed any exam to show that they have “merit,” that’s the only thing that was always told to me, everything was merit, merit, merit. Mayor Joe Ganim has chosen not to perform his duties as the mayor, he has shown no leadership with these very important City problems.

  17. Bubba, you’re right on, this coming from someone who served 20 years; that was too long. I was fortunate to co-serve with four exceptional men who kept an exceptional balance when it came to partners. I could never have lasted that long without that benefit. Take a look at what we have sitting now. Maybe one or two or more of them will begin with submitting a resolution to get it out there, and with divine intervention, maybe an ordinance. Wait——there’s always a Charter Change.


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