Riding Bronco Billy–Yee Haw, Plus: Himes Saddles Up

Bill Finch has talent. I’ve seen it. Focus is always the issue. I’d have a lot more confidence in him breaking away from his dysfunctional, defensive first six months in office if not for some of the feel-good events he chooses to attend instead of prioritizing an excruciating budget cycle, economic development initiatives and appointments to boards and commissions.

Understand that Finch runs around telling people that the business of being mayor is 90 percent politics. Bullshit. It’s about focus, judgment and strategy. I’d give the mayor the benefit of the doubt about 90 percent politics if he had potent political instincts.

Here’s a small sampling of the mayor’s daytime scheduled events last week and this:

— Women’s Leadership Council 14th Annual Business Women Luncheon, Mill River Country Club, Stratford.

— Press conference with Mayor Bloomberg, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn as part of the Urban Initiative Summit, New York City Hall, 260 Broadway, New York.

— State of Connecticut Holocaust Commemoration. Travels to Hartford with 100 students from Harding and Central High School.

— Present awards to the top three winners of the school artwork exhibit in the City Hall Annex for the first cycle of artwork that was displayed.

— Attends a check presentation from State Farm to the Central High School Football Foundation.

— Attends a tree planting at Longfellow School.

— Supports AmeriCorps Week by helping to install a smoke detector with the Safe Asleep Program.

— Attend the first Community Policing Day with the Bridgeport Police Department.

— Welcome Dr. Yang Jianli, noted Harvard Scholar and Human Rights Advocate, along his 500 miles walk from Boston to Washington, D.C. to thank the American people for their support during his 5 years as a political prisoner in China.

What’s the matter with you, Grimaldi, these are wonderful, noble events the mayor should be attending, right? Not when your primary focus should be building and balancing budgets, attracting development and providing strong services. The mayor could go to a thousand of these kinds of events. They don’t make a mayor successful. When you’re popular and things are going great, I say live it up and go to the events, if you want. But not now.

OIB poster Jonathan Kantrowitz asked a pointed question a few days ago, isn’t there anyone Finch will listen to, who can turn him around?

In 2000, I managed Finch’s winning race to the state senate. It was the most fun I’ve had on a race. I had a falling out with Joe Ganim at the apex of his popularity in 1999. As a result, he did nothing for Finch in that election. That didn’t matter to me. If we could raise the money and Finch stayed focused we could beat Republican Lee Scarpetti, wonderful lady, who had occupied the seat for seven terms. Sonya Clark, the future Mrs. Finch, was a fantastic fundraiser and enthusiastic campaign worker. A fresh, freckled-face campaign worker had arrived on the scene, Tom McCarthy, now City Council president. We had a nice mix of supporters. The key was to keep Finch focused on the message and his schedule. Bill has a way of starting for one point and ending up at two or three places before the targeted destination. “Bill, I want you to go straight to the News 12 debate. No anti-cult conventions on the way!” I’d bribe him with anchovy pizza. “Now, after the debate, come straight to the headquarters to make your phone calls, and I’ll throw in an anchovy pie.”

We tried to keep him on a short leash, but sometimes he’d slip away. “Where the hell’s the candidate?” That’s Bill–good guy, great sense of humor, short attention span. His brain is wired for confetti. Where will he end up?

Finch’s Chief of Staff Adam Wood is doing his best to keep the mayor focused, so is Chief Administrative Officer Andy Nunn, so is Kaitlin Lesnick, Finch’s hardworking spokesperson. This is all about Finch. He wants to attend the events where he’ll feel the love–I’m getting beat up–rather than rolling up his sleeves and say okay boys and girls how we going to fix this?

When he gets booed Finch rationalizes that he must be doing something right. Dale Carnegie could rise from his grave and school Finch on the value of self-improvement and salesmanship, and Finch would still not hear him. As someone in city hall said to me on Monday, Finch is like a bronco that needs to be saddled and no one can reel him in. Wood goes to work every day trying to keep Finch’s eye on the ball. Good luck, Woody!

The only reason that Finch’s proposed city budget will save jobs and go from catastrophic to painful is because of the work of City Council members that have logged around the clock hours the past week to meet a relatively rational consensus. Bob Curwen, Leticia Colon, Tom McCarthy, Bob Walsh, Sue Brannelly, Rich Paoletto and the rest of the council members, for no pay (yes, they receive an expenditure stipend, BFD) are bleary-eyed from this budget cycle.

Here’s hoping Finch can soon reach a reasonable focus.

Reminder, OIB party Thursday, 6 p.m. Captain’s Cove Seaport.

Himes Endorsement

Anyone make it to the Jim Himes endorsement last night? The Democrat is challenging Republican Congressman Chris Shays. See Himes press release below:

On Monday, May 12, in an auditorium filled with more than 400 hundred enthusiastic party officials, delegates, and supporters, Jim Himes was unanimously chosen as the Democratic nominee for Congress in Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District.  Himes will challenge longtime Republican incumbent Chris Shays in the fall.

In a speech frequently interrupted by applause, Himes focused on economic concerns, identifying education, healthcare and the middle class opportunity as the key issues facing the district.  

“It is our job, our common purpose to support the American dream by making sure that every child of Connecticut has access to education, to healthcare, to safe neighborhoods and good jobs,” said Himes.

Himes described himself as someone who has lived the American dream.  Born in Peru to American parents working abroad, Himes later moved to a small town in New Jersey when his parents divorced.  

“My home would be called broken, except that it wasn’t,” said Himes. “My mom worked hard, but at the end of the day, she would come home and gather us around the dinner table and push us to do our homework and challenge us to do our best.”

Himes described that background, and the public schools in his community, as the key to his later achievements, which include a Rhodes Scholarship, success as a businessman, and six years at the helm of the New York office of an affordable housing non-profit.

The convention was held at the Cesar A. Batalla School in Bridgeport, the newest school in the Bridgeport system.  Principal Hector Sanchez welcomed delegates.  George Jepson, former chair of the Connecticut Democratic Party, was elected permanent chair of the convention. Himes was nominated by Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch. The nomination was seconded by Amanda Brown of the Norwalk Common Council.

Democratic party leaders were unanimous in their enthusiasm for Himes’ candidacy. Former Westport First Selectwoman and two-time Congressional candidate Diane Farrell opened the convention. “People want a change and Jim Himes is the right candidate to deliver it.”

Former Senate candidate Ned Lamont also spoke in support of Himes, saying, “The United States needs a fresh start, and it starts right here, right now in this convention hall with Jim Himes.”

And, noting Himes’ years in Latin America, Bridgeport School Board Chair Max Medina said in Spanish, “This Jim Himes, he’s good people.”



  1. Not that this has anything to do with Lennie’s entry but I got this today and it put a Grin on my face. This just in:

    Teacher Arrested
    NEW YORK — A public school teacher was arrested today at John F. Kennedy International Airport as he attempted to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a T-square, a slide rule and a calculator.
    At a morning press conference, the Attorney General said he believes the man is a member of the notorious Al-gebra movement.
    He did not identify the man, who has been charged by the FBI with carrying weapons of math instruction. “Al-gebra is a problem for us”, the Attorney General said. “They desire solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in search of absolute
    They use secret code names like ‘X’ and ‘Y’ and refer to themselves as ‘unknowns’, but we have determined that they belong to a common denominator of the axis of medieval with coordinates in every country.
    As the Greek philanderer Isosceles used to say, “There are 3 sides to every triangle”.
    When asked to comment on the arrest, President Bush said, “If God had wanted us to have better weapons of math instruction, he would have given us more fingers and toes.”
    White House aides told reporters they could not recall a more intelligent or profound statement by the President.

  2. Finch is like an adolesent. Any one who has children over the age of 12 can tell this is how he acts. Adolesents believe that they know everything, they believe that they are immortal. In short, Bill Finch believes that he is omnipotent! LOL, he’s certainly in for a rude awakening.

  3. Lennie I was there and posted this on yesterday topics page.
    Last night I went to the convention for Himes that was held at the new Batalla school. What a great looking building.
    Well as I approached the door I was met by Himes supporters that were looking for signatures that are in favor of same sex marriage. As far as i know that is not a Federal Issue and in my opinion did not belong there. What a night.
    Loser after loser got up and spoke and it really woke me up. We had Lamont lost senate bid, Jepson Governors bid, Malloy ( he was late ) loser for governors endorsement,Farrell 2 time loser for congress,Then my all time favorite Max Medina comparing the expense of the war to the board of ed budget. Medina would not know a budget if it hit him in the ass. Of course we had clean & green Finch there.Ed Gomes was there in body but mind???
    What struck me was that not one member of the Bpt delegation was on Himes’s managing committee.The largest city in Connecticut and no representation,is it any wonder why the Dems keep loosing this seat.

  4. Lennie you have said it all. Why event bother setting the comment section on this one.

    As for Himes Ketchup, go to www .ctpost.com and look for my response to Danny Roach’s comment about Chris Shays.
    One thing is for sure, by the time we (The Republican) are done with the Shays race, I’ll be serving Himes Ketchup mixed with Dunkin Duffe.
    Duffe is another candidate in the race.

  5. Gossip Of The Rialto!

    This just in from the Algerbraic Network.

    “Shays It Ain’t So Chris!”

    Congressman Christopher Shays (CT-R-4CD) went on another Magic Carpet ride and is in Egypt for a fact finding tour. While touring Egypt and in strong D’Nile viewing the Sphinx, Shays complained he had a bug up his ass in Democratic Jim Himes. With his sphincture muscle tightening up it made Shays look like he was “Walking Like An Egyptian!”

  6. Chris Shays what say you tak a fact finding trip to Bridgeport and see what the people care about. You have over 20 trips to Iraq and now Egypt. What have you learned that will help people in Bridgeport?
    What answers do you have relating to the $4.00 a gallon gas prices? What answers do you have when winter arrives and the poor need to pay $5.00 for gas and $5.00 a gallon for home heating oil. I haven’t heard anything from you on these subjects. How about closing the Enron loophole so that the speculators can not bid up the price of a barrel of oil.
    How about a windfall profit being placed on the oil company profits. If this was a loan shark making these obscene profits you would be calling for their arrests.
    With all the problems going on in this and other cities you go on another fact finding mission. Are you going to come back and tell us how to plant corn in the sand or how to build pyramids.

  7. I really don’t post on here any more because I feel this blog is getting too republican. When this was on Fairfield County Weekly it was much more democratic and better and much more posting. Well all I have to say is I support Jim Himes and so does 80% of Bpt…I’m really thinking people on here are like from Darien or something. Well it’s Obama ’08 and Jim Himes ’08.

  8. Okay Bob Fredericks …so you think if Obama is on the ballot there won’t be a high turnout on election day … are you kidding me, there will be floods of people voting … over 2,000 new voters in three months and I am one of them. And we are all ready for change here.

  9. Donj: To republican have you really been reading the posts. If you take the criticism of Finch and his administration as being Republican you are mistaken. I don’t want to burst your bubble but both sides have good ideas and both sides have their warts.
    I am not ready to jump on the Obama bandwagon just yet. I need to hear more substance and less rah! rah! stuff.
    I have yet to hear a satisfactory answer to the Rev. Wright issue nor have I heard a good answer about Weather Underground member William Ayers an admitted bomber from the ’70s. I also have not seen any meaningful legislation sponsored by Obama during his 4 years in the senate.
    So I will withhold my judgement of Obama until a later date.

  10. Chris Shays is wasting more taxpayer dollars taking another trip, and now to Egypt? what good does that do for those of us he represents here at home? The guy is a big waste and Himes has got to beat him. Farrell tried and couldn’t because she was a big phony anyway, but Hime can do it if all us Democrats push for him. We need a change, Shays is not the guy he used to be, we need to dump him for good this time.

  11. The fate of our nation rests in the November elections. This is the third election in row where people are saying this is the most important election of our lives, a true indication that things have gone from bad to worst. We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s the economy stupid,” it is now but it so much more. While our economy is in a steep downslide we rack up our debt borrowing money from China to give the people a $600.00 tax break to buy iphones and blue ray DVD players all made in Japan. We could have build a new school in every town in America, provided health care for every person, fix the sub prime mortgage crisis and feed several nations, not the least of which is our own, with the amount of money we have spent in Iraq. If we hadn’t gone to war under false pretenses we wouldd have 4,000 more fathers, mothers, brothers, sons, sisters, and daughters in this country than we had before. Not since Nixon has it been so common for people to jokingly say on the phone, be careful the FBI may be listening. They joke but it is an issue that is clearly on their minds for a reason. Everywhere we look in this country our civil rights our eroding and people are desperate for a change. Our longing for change is not because we are happy with the way things are, not because we are content with our financial situation, and certainly not because we want to continue on the same path. How we would want to re-elect Chris Shays or John McCain who is in lock step with this administration. I can’t believe John McCain said it would be just fine to spend the next 100 years in Iraq if necessary.

    I want the war to end. I want our country to stop borrowing money to fight a war for oil in exchange for human lives. I want recognition of the rights vested in us by our Constitution. I want a responsible government. I want a sincerely compassionate administration not hypocrisy. I want my voice to be represented in Congress by someone who will address the all needs of the all the people of the fourth district. I want someone with a perspective on the world to help the United States regain the respect in the global theater.. I want the downward spiral of our nation to stop its dizzying descent. I want many things and I want a Congressman who will help achieve these goals. I want Jim Himes for Congress.

  12. Wondering
    Thanks for your observations, they wouldn’t be accessable anywhere but here, so thanks go to Lenny as well, both of you folks are valuable to the city, and Mary Library as well –
    Hope to meet you at Cpts. Cove
    Note I didn’t say Moonbeam, Sal, McCarthy (free speach) were vALUABLE
    Joel has more lucid moments than Anastana the lawyer, so I say he is cool.

  13. Riding Bronco Billy…

    I once had a business friend from Texas, an M&A guy by profession. He had a powerfull mind for numbers, but an even better nose for bullshit and the “empty suits” who shoveled it. His favorite expression for someone he sensed was lacking in substance: “Big Hat…No Cattle.”

    Big Hat…No Cattle. Thought of this immediately when Lennie referenced Bronco Billy.

  14. Two quick items –

    MCAT welome back and I agree with everything you just posted. I hope we see you at the OIB party Thursday night.

    Tonight the Council passed the budget and Bob Walsh put on quite a show fighting the good fight.

  15. John, I was there and I thought Walsh was horrible, he’s a mean ugly little man. His display against the mayor was very disrespectful, and his partner Brantley abstained, she didn’t even have enough courage to vote one way or another. I figure and so did other people that she probably wanted to vote for the budget but was too afraid of Walsh to do so.

  16. I feel good tonight to see the real guys are back like john from black rock and MCAT those are the guys from back in the day…city kitty is right and so is MCAT…yahooy you said where was I…well if you did not know that the Feb 5 primary in Bpt was a good one many people turned out check the numbers before you talk because it was a record turnout for a primary in Bpt and also around the state.

  17. Grin Reaper
    Interesting article, I’m wondering if they know about the terrorist plot to feed plastic explosives to the Airport Rats wich will make them explode when they bite the electrical wiring.

  18. Hey, Joel!

    Please give me a call or email me your phone #.

    Let’s talk. You sound like an interesting person.



    I received this e-mail from Sylvester Salcedo. Lennie, could this be a trap? Keep in mind that Sylvester is also known as ,”Rambo” and he is preety sneaky and tough.
    He does have a military background and wants the same seat I’m aiming for. I will call him and meet with him on his terms, I admire him for being a good sport, despite the 2nd. round knockdown. I will bring my guillotine to the meeting, just in case. I’ll keep you informed of how the meeting went. In the event you don’t hear from me again, question all Democrats.

  19. This is to inform the OIB gang (accept the label as it is obvious that we are viciously attacking) as to what is going on regarding the 130th. State Rep. race.
    It looks like Mitch Robles is sticking to the family again.
    Isequiel Santiago is his candidate of choice. Chico Rivera
    is vying for the nomination. Remeber that Chico went on his own to support Mario for Town Chair and Mitch was with Stafstrom. Mario supports Chico. Sylvester Salcedo is allready preparing to challenge in a Primary. My announcement to enter the race has made them think over their stategy. I think that Chico will get the nomination now that I’m set to enter the race as the Republican candidate. I’m ready for whoever is endorsed or wins the Democratic Primary. I wasn’t afraid of the winter weather, I’m sure as heck not going to sweat the summer.
    P.S. does anyone know if my position at the Zoo was restored?

  20. May 12, 2008

    Dear Friend,

    In this e-newsletter, we share information about:

    My Observations and Recommendations Following Most Recent Trip to Iraq
    Expanding GI Benefits
    Ensuring Veterans Mental Health
    Blocking the Broadwater Proposal
    Combating High Gas Prices
    Advocating Increased Funding for the Peace Corps
    Economic Stimulus Package Benefits for Connecticut
    Promoting Free Trade
    Universal Health Care and Mental Health Parity
    Recent Recognitions
    Creating Affordable Housing
    I hope you find this information useful and will not hesitate to contact our office if there is anything we can do to be helpful to you and your neighbors. If you would like to respond to this e-newsletter or let me know your thoughts on any other matter, you should click here rather than using the “reply” key.


    Christopher Shays
    Member of Congress

    My Observations and Recommendations Following Most Recent Trip to Iraq

    I recently returned from my 20th trip to Iraq. In a letter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, others in the Bush Administration, and congressional, military and Iraqi leaders, I outlined 9 observations and 12 recommendations.

    There has been noticeable progress in Iraq, especially as it relates to security. We need this forward momentum to continue. We have also seen some progress from Iraqi legislators. Although I believe they should and could be doing more, we have asked a great deal from a country and its leaders who have limited experience with democracy.

    A timeline for US troop drawdown is important to help motivate the Iraqi Government to take bolder efforts to stabilize its country. Our forces should continue to be reduced by approximately 5,000 troops per month until we reach a level of 50,000 to 60,000. I believe this reduction rate is safe and responsible and our best hope for success.

    It is unacceptable Iraqis are accumulating billions of dollars in accounts from oil revenues while the United States spends billions of dollars on Iraq’s defense and economic development. I joined with Congressman Dave Reichert to introduce a resolution expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that going forward, Iraq reconstruction should be paid for by the Iraqi Government.

    I also renewed my recommendation of June 2007 that the Iraq Study Group be re-engaged and have the opportunity to present new assessments and conclusions to the American public. Read more

    Expanding GI Benefits

    The original Montgomery GI Bill, designed to help World War II veterans get educational benefits upon their return home from war, has been modified many times over the past sixty years. However, the GI Bill does not adequately support those members of the Reserves and National Guard who make up a greater percentage of America’s Armed Forces today than in the past.

    To remedy this, I am an original cosponsor of H.R. 5740, the Post-9/11 Educational Assistance Act, the new GI Bill. This legislation updates and expands the original Montgomery GI Bill to include increased benefits for Reserve and Guard members, as well as bring overall benefits up to date.

    Our country has a long tradition of offering educational assistance to returning veterans. It’s important we expand and update the GI Bill to ensure our soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have the ability to take advantage of an educational benefit after serving. Read more

    Ensuring Veterans Mental Health

    As our troops return from Iraq and Afghanistan, it is essential we ensure they have access to the best mental health care possible. I am an original cosponsor of H.R. 1354, Lane Evans Veterans Health and Benefits Improvement Act, which increases U.S. Service Members access to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment. The legislation will improve veterans access to mental health care. Today, our veterans have a two-year window to access free mental health care. PTSD often appears in patients many years after exposure. The bill will mandate a five-year window for these mental health needs.

    Additionally, I voted for H.R. 327, the Joshua Omvig Veterans Suicide Prevention Act, when it passed the House last year. The President signed this bill into law on November 5, 2007. The bill requires the VA to develop a comprehensive program to address the rate of suicide among veterans but also requires further research, peer counseling, family education and involvement, and education of all staff at the VA.

    Blocking the Broadwater Proposal

    I recently joined with the entire Connecticut Congressional delegation in voicing our disapproval of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) approval of the proposed Broadwater Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Storage and Regasification Facility in Long Island Sound. I am grateful Governor Paterson and Governor Rell rejected the Broadwater facility in Long Island Sound. Read more

    Although I opposed Broadwater from the beginning, I believe we need to have an honest dialogue about our energy needs that includes our national security and environmental protection. As we explore modes of alternative energy production, we should continue to invest in natural gas development. We need to increase the supply of clean, renewable energy, but we also need to be more energy efficient and slow the growth of demand.

    I have joined with Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) to introduce H.R. 1945, the Energy for Our Future Act, a comprehensive bipartisan energy reform bill which has three principal goals for our national energy policy: improving the fuel efficiency of passenger vehicles; incentivizing energy efficiency and promoting the growth of renewable energy; and repealing extraneous tax breaks for industries that are very profitable and already have plenty of incentive to develop additional supply.Read more

    Combating High Gas Prices

    Like millions of Americans, I am concerned with the high cost of gasoline. In Bridgeport, the average cost today is $3.878 per gallon.

    In the short term, we need to consider options like lifting tariffs on foreign-made ethanol and ensuring there is no price gouging. I also joined eight of my colleagues in writing to Speaker Nancy Pelosi encouraging her to consider legislation to suspend petroleum acquisition for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) and boost efforts to increase refinery capability. This would lessen world-wide demand for oil and help reduce the cost of fuel.

    The key to alleviating this burden, however, will be a long-term energy policy to decrease U.S. dependence on foreign oil, protect the environment, build a market for renewable energy, and promote energy conservation . Congressman Maurice Hinchey and I introduced the H.R. 1945, the Energy for Our Future Act , for the last two congresses because it would do just that. Read more.

    Advocating Increased Funding for the Peace Corps

    The best antidote to terror and hate in society are acts of kindness and service. I joined with my fellow former Peace Corps Volunteers in writing to the Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations to request $400 million in funding for the Peace Corps in Fiscal Year 2009. The current funding level is $333.5 million. The letter was supported by a bipartisan group of 73 Members of Congress.

    The Peace Corps’ efforts to help train people in the developing world and build cross-cultural relationships are critically important in this day and age. They are helping to change the world one person and one community at a time. Read more

    Economic Stimulus Package Benefits for Connecticut

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has estimated the recently passed Economic Stimulus Package will bring $1.3 billion to Connecticut residents. This funding is a good step toward helping residents of the Fourth Congressional District meet mounting economic challenges.

    For more information on when you will receive your payment, please visit the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Economic Stimulus Payments Information Center by clicking here.

    Promoting Free Trade

    I was deeply disappointed the House recently passed legislation to indefinitely delay consideration of the U.S. – Colombia Free Trade Agreement. At a time when our economy has slowed, it seems to me we should enhance our export market, which has been one area of strength in our economy.

    The fact is, this trade agreement will help U.S. manufacturers and high tech service providers export to Colombia, a great friend and ally, where many of our products face tariffs. And, if any country deserves our support for aiding efforts to build a stable economy, it is Colombia. Read more

    Universal Health Care and Mental Health Parity

    Representative Jim Langevin (D-RI) and I recently delivered a special order speech on H.R. 5348, the American Health Benefits Plan (AHBP) Act, the first bipartisan, universal health care legislation to originate in the House of Representatives.

    AHBP will extend the same benefits I receive as a Member of Congress to the rest of America, while maintaining private health plans many Americans enjoy today.

    The Providence Journal recently wrote an editorial about the AHBP which stated “This is the first bipartisan proposal for universal coverage to emerge in the House. How does it sound? Pretty good.” Read more

    It is reported 50 million adults — 25 percent of the U.S. adult population – suffer from mental disorders or substance abuse disorders. Yet, despite the prevalence of mental illness, there continues to be widespread misinformation and ignorance surrounding the condition.

    To help those suffering from mental illness, the House recently passed H.R. 1424, the Paul Wellstone Mental Health Parity Act, of which I am an original cosponsor, to prohibit insurance companies from imposing treatment limitations or financial requirements on the coverage of mental health benefits. Read more

    Recent Recognitions

    I am grateful to receive recognition in recent weeks from the League of Conservations of Voters (LCV) , National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the American Association of University Women (AAUW) for my work in the first session of the 110th Congress.

    I am also grateful for the good work these organizations have done. They have battled for decades to protect and defend the environment, help people of all races, nationalities and faiths unite on one premise, that all men and women are created equal and promote equity and education for all women.

    Creating Affordable Housing

    I believe the need for additional high-quality affordable housing in Fairfield County and other parts of the country cannot be overstated. I support creating an Affordable Housing Trust Fund to provide federal funding to construct affordable housing and reestablish the federal government’s role in the construction of new housing; reforming the Section 8 Voucher Program to provide incentives for agencies to operate in an efficient, cost-effective manner while serving the maximum number of low-income tenants; and the HOPE VI Program to revitalize severely distressed public housing developments and transform them into safe, livable environments.

    For additional information on how to obtain affordable housing, please visit the housing information section on my website by clicking here.

    Return to top

    Please note that if you want to respond to this E-newsletter or let me know your thoughts on any other matter, you should click here rather than using the “reply” key.



    You are receiving this email because Congressman Christopher Shays’ office has identified you as a resident of Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District. From time to time, the Congressional office may wish to contact you regarding information from Washington or around the 4th District. If you would like to request not to receive these future communications from Congressman Shays simply use this link to unsubscribe.

    Contact Information

    By Mail

    Bridgeport Office
    Congressman Shays
    10 Middle Street
    11th Floor
    Bridgeport, CT 06604-4223
    203/579-5870 phone
    203/579-0771 fax
    Stamford Office
    Congressman Shays
    Government Center
    888 Washington Boulevard
    Stamford, CT 06901-2927
    203/357-8277 phone
    203/357-1050 fax

    By Phone

    Washington, D.C.

  21. Two observations about recent events:

    First, there is an old saying that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Of course Chris Caruso and Mario Testa will end up together. They will use each other to get what they want. Lookout Bridgeport!

    Second, Mayor Bill needs to stop playing Mayor, glad handing here and there, and start BEING Mayor and making the hard decisions that need to be made to get the City back on track.

  22. Joel please give us a break with this Chris Shays bullshit letter. I hope you dont plan on making this a habit.Must I remind you of one other trade treaty NAFT that has cost Americans thousands of jobs. Just an example most if not all of your blue jeans are made in Mexico. What do we get in return Illegal immigrants. Our trade agreement with China has taken most of the toy manufacturing that was formely done by US workers and sent it to China. Now Shays wants a trade agreement with Columbia, what US jobs will be sent there. What did we ever get from Columbia? I know Cocaine and hot chocolate.
    More affordable housing? Just a way to keep the poor corraled in the cities. BTW what has he said about the oil companies that makes sense. Now he is in favor of broadwater just what we need a LNG plant in the middl of Long Island Sound.

  23. wondering…..Chris Shays has sold us out!!! A trade agreement with Columbia indicates to me that he has totally gone and lost his mind. After all, he is having hallucinations about how well things are going in Iraq after his 20 visits there! You’re right about the cocaine, but in actuality, the chocolate comes from Mexico. He has got to go….Himes all the way, and we must give his campaign all we’ve got to make him win!!

  24. “Joel please give us a break with this Chris Shays bullshit letter.”

    Mr. Wondering, should I assume that you (sun cat too) don’t want your stimulus package checks? Are you two going to donate your refund checks to the Zoo like Bill Finch donated his Senate pay?
    I can picture sun cat checking the mail box every half hour for the check, “Damn, I’m calling Bush to see where’s my check.” Have an open mind, step back and think for a second before taking such a position and saying such nasty comments about a man who has dedicated years of service. Look at his voting record and see how many Democrats have voted like Shays. When and If you do, I’d like to read what you think of them. During my entire 18 years as a Democrat, I’ve had many try to convince me that Shays was like a Demon. Every time I went (as a Democrat) to Chris’s staff or sent someone there to be helped, he and his staff were there. To know Chris is to like Chris. How could I dislike a man who tries hard to help everyone regardless of Party affiliation if any?


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