Republicans To Field Full Candidate Slate For November Election

The City Council race in Black Rock featuring Republicans Rick Torres and Phil Blagys against Democrats Sue Brannelly and Steve Stafstrom will receive most of the attention but it’s worth noting that city Republicans will run a full slate of candidates in November that could help their efforts to reclaim the two minority-party school board seats they lost to the Connecticut Working Families Party four years ago.

Joe Larcheveque, Dave Burnell and John Weldon are the endorsed Republicans for school board in November.

Republican City Council candidates by district:

130, Rick Torres, Phil Blagys

131, David Goodman, Ethan Book

132, Jeffrey Falberg, Corey Gordon

133, Brian Banacowski, Jose Morales

134, John Torres, Ruben Coriano

135, James Keyser, Kathy Torres

136, Anthony Pizighelli, Philip Flynn

137, Luis Colon, Ramona Marquez

138, Quentin Dreher, Anthony D’Amato

139, Cecil Young, Fred Williamson

Michael Garrett, Michael Moretti and David Goodman are candidates for city sheriff.



  1. While I am only familiar with two of the names on the Republican slate, it’s nice to see Bridgeport voters have a choice. Even Democrats get tired of the same old same old.

  2. This is wonderful news! Good government relies on a two-party system to keep the checks and balances in place. If ever there were an excellent example of “absolute power corrupts” it’s here in once-proud Bridgeport. I hope there are ways to keep it honest and check on those absentee ballots …

  3. In a city with a great deal of violence in our poorer neighborhoods, for the GOP to nominate someone like James Keyser who is against gun control is a kick in the teeth to all the relatives of people who have died in Bridgeport in the last few years. Even for someone in the Tea Party, he is extreme.


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