Republicans Slam Vibes Freebies

Vibes 2010
Vibes Friday at sunset, aerial by Morgan Kaolian. What's going on in the VIP tent?

Can you believe it? Republicans in Bridgeport are speaking up. I told them to send out the news release to all the usual media outlets. Let’s see if anyone beyond OIB does something. From the local GOP:


The Bridgeport Republican Party calls on the members of the Bridgeport City Council to not accept the two free VIP packages for each council member to the Gathering of the Vibes Festival by the operators of the festival. If they have already used it, the council members should then pay it in full.

“City Council members should not be abusing their elected position to try and get perks for their job. Given this city’s history with corruption and the embarrassment it brought, you would think these elected officials would be a little more sensitive about things exactly like this – accepting “gifts” from entities that are in a contract with the city. It’s a violation of the City Charter. While the city is laying people off, these council members are taking $850 illegal gifts,” said Marc Delmonico, Chairman of the Bridgeport RTC.

Delmonico pointed to an e-mail from City Council President Tom McCarthy and released by fellow Councilman Bob Walsh as evidence of the true nature of the VIP packages. In the e-mail, McCarthy tells his fellow council members they have a free VIP package for the Gathering of the Vibes festival for both themselves AND a companion. At the very end, McCarthy reminds them that this is supposed to be for the purpose of determining whether or not to keep the festival in Bridgeport for future years.

“This e-mail reads like a mischievous kid knowing he’s getting away with something. Council President McCarthy lets the other members know they have this freebie and then makes sure to remind them what the cover is should anyone ask. First, why is a VIP package for an entire weekend necessary to make an assessment of the festival? How about a walkthrough with the operators while the festival is going on? Any notion that this is for ‘business’ purposes gets completely thrown out the window when you see that they get to bring a companion. How is bringing along one of their buddies helping in their assessment? To put it simply, this is corruption,” said Delmonico.

Speaking of Republicans, Lieutentant Governor Michael Fedele is gaining ground on GOP gubernatorial endorsed Tom Foley with spots like this:



  1. To Marc Delmonico, Joel Gonzalez and all of the anonymous bloggers on this site, call the City Clerk’s office first thing Monday morning and ask that they fax you the official ethics complaint form.
    Fill it in, SIGN IT and return to the same. Make sure to include language in your complaint to prohibit using their stipend money for any reimbursements/fines required.
    Whining on a blog does not make you a reformer.
    Filing a press release instead of a complaint does not make you a reformer.
    If you care to and believe so, request that the complaint should include the City Attorney’s Office for approving a contract that includes language in violation of the city’s Ethics Ordinance.
    And while you are on the phone with the City Clerk, find out if there are 6 speakers signed up to address the council. If not, show up Monday and speak to the council face-to-face.
    And then start a petition. Go to your friends and neighbors and ask them to sign.
    Only if you do some of this can you really expect to see a change going forward.

    1. Grin, I’m sure that due to the negative publicity with such a revelation is enough for Council President McCarthy to go back to the drawing board and plug the illegal language in the contract. The Vibes has been in town enough times for an assessment to be complete. What did the Council members learn from last year’s assessment? Did they not hear of the dead man found at the Vibes? I’m sure all or most Council members have balked at accepting the free passes this time around. If that’s the case, that should not be used as an excuse to leave the Vibes contract as it is.

      1. I will take this to mean Joel doesn’t have the balls to file an ethics complaint against the council. Did you cut them off in protest too???

    2. *** Excellent point Grin; step up to the “PLATE” if you really want to get an “ethics” hit regarding this political dilemma instead of the same old “OIB” blog-whining. Besides there weren’t enough VIP passes to go around for all the D.T.C. members! *** FORGETABOUTIT ***

  2. By the way the ethics ordinance allows the Ethics Commission to initiate a complaint on their own but they have never chosen to do so. So if you are going to wait until someone else starts an investigation chances are you will be waiting for a long, long time since even the commissioners feel no obligation to do so.

  3. Michael Fedele rips Foley and to be honest this will hurt him in the primary. Anyway both Republicans stink. Ned Lamont or Malloy would be a way better gov than any on the Republican ticket.

  4. A proper flag signal for Dead Heads in large gatherings is to raise the Skull-and-Roses.

    For Bridgeport City Council, I suppose it is the Skull-and-Crossbones, AKA The Jolly Roger, or perhaps the Jolly McCarthy in this case.
    Maybe then the Republicans can find them to file an ethics complaint for accepting tickets to functions. Sounds like the Jolly McCarthy has sailed with the rest of his council mateys.

  5. Letter to the editor from John Stafstrom regarding Malloy’s position on casino in Bridgeport.


    Malloy was elected to his first term in 1995! This is tantamount to some elected officials in Bridgeport in 1987 saying they weren’t against Little League in Bridgeport, just at 90 Acres. Did Malloy ever campaign in 1995 saying he was for a casino in Bridgeport? I don’t think so!!!

  6. Council members who took the passes should be ashamed of themselves. Bridgeport has had far too much of the politics of “what’s in it for me?” Special mention goes to Tom McCarthy for his stunning lack of ethics.

    Foley’s free-fall is good news for the GOP and a disappointment for Malloy and Lamont. With his record, his attitude and his priorities he would be a Democrat’s dream in the November election.

    Alas, they may not be that lucky.

  7. What has Lamont ever done? He is trying to buy a election to sooth his massive ego. Same with Foley and Linda the WWE queen.
    Finchy never wanted his job but now wants it back, unless of course Lamont buys the governor’s seat and gives Finchy a cushy little high paying job. Then we get stuck with Tom Freebie.

    Malloy 2010

    Gomes 2011

  8. Mr. BPT,
    What has Gomes done???
    Get fired from a job with the city?
    Has a grudge he wants to settle?
    Run a subway and a deli?
    Lamont developed a highly successful multi-million dollar start-up business.
    Lamont has won a state-wide Democratic primary.
    What election has Gomes ever won?
    He is the same as McMahon and Foley when it comes to a history of election results!

    1. I’d ask what have you done besides be a negative blog wannabee, but I’ll answer your question.

      Gomes was in Finch’s cabinet and ran the inner workings of the city through CitiStat; when he found out too much he was deluged by 14 cops for a loud music complaint and then canned.

      I ask you Grinny, by owning a business in Bpt and running the inner workings of the city I would say Gomes is as qualified as anyone to take a shot at running a city which has been run into the ground the last 7 years.

      At least he will get rid of LaMachine and the cronies and hire qualified people who will take pride in the city and not feel a sense of entitlement.

      1. “at least he will get rid of LaMachine” No other Mayor since Mandanici (he was the machine) has been able to do this I seriously doubt Mr. Gomes will. Is it GOmes {like homes with G} or Go mes.

        1. No Hector,
          It’s Gomes (like homes with a “G”).
          Have no doubt machine politics in Bridgeport will definitely have ended if John wins the September 13, 2011 Democratic Primary. This is not a fearful event for the majority of Bridgeport citizens … perhaps only those who see the governance of political favoritism as acceptable.
          What’s more important is John comes to the position with more knowledge than even the Mayor himself. This is because John is “hands-on” and took his responsibility seriously as Director of CitiStat. On the other hand you could easily say Bill Finch is “hands-off” everything. His “staff” handles him and whoever else they want.
          Hector, visit www for mayor and read the CitiStat page for an idea as to John’s ability.
          Carolanne Curry

  9. Some people have asked me if the council members could simply buy Vibes tickets and charge them to their stipend account.
    This is what the ordinance says:
    2.06.040 Reimbursement of council member’s expenses.
    Each council member may receive annually reimbursement for expenses incurred in the discharge of duties as a council member subject to budget appropriation.

    I guess if the city allows some council members to pay their bar bill at Testo’s with stipend money then they would allow them to buy Vibe tickets. But would these council members use 10 percent of their stipend money on this event?


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