Republican Herz: Ganim The Better Democratic Choice For Mayor

Republican nominee for mayor David Herz issued this statement following former mayoral candidate Lamond Daniels endorsement of Joe Ganim for another term.

If it is going to be a Democrat, I agree that Mayor Ganim is the better choice.

I think it’s a good move for Mr. Daniels. Mr. Ganim won’t be mayor forever. Maybe he’s looking for one more good term, and will then be ready to hand the city off.

I expect that Mr. Daniels will find an important place within the Ganim administration, and execute well, positioning him as the preferred candidate to follow Mr. Ganim.

As to my campaign, I am clear that the city we have is in large part the result of failed Blue City policies that have wrecked inner cities across the country. I think the actions taken in pursuit of Johnson’s Great Society had-as do most government policies-numerous devastating sequalae that continue to fracture our society today.

As to whether I might be a spoiler: I don’t spoil anything.  My role is to shed some light on the errors and excesses of the left.  As Justice Brandeis reminds us “sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.” And there are still a lot of dark spaces.

There is a fatigue about the way things are in Bridgepor: “they will not change,” I am told.

But there is also a growing resistance to the anxiety inducing world given to us by a left that has no truth.  We need moral and ethical guiderails as much as we need the fiscal.

I am an Orthodox Jew. And I am clear that the great we have in our country is given by the Christian  values on which this country grew.  There is truth.

Our country forgets that at its own peril. Our Democrats should be ashamed for their attack on it: All Life Matters, corrective racism—“committed diversity position”—is  just racism, boys are not equal to girls and they certainly can’t be alchemized to become them, G-d matters, family matters, fathers matter, man is the highest of G-d’s creations; he certainly is not a blight upon this planet or a threat to its environment, he is creative and infinitely adaptable, and exceptional, as is America.

Our job is to celebrate that greatness and create the space where every American can discover it in himself.  It starts with a child, properly embedded in a family, that properly embedded in a physical and religious community, these forming the core of our society.



  1. Congratulations Mr.Herz. You made a wise choice and did not compromise your integrity in doing so. If anything you created a stronger foundation for a positive public image.

  2. Lenny,

    Herz, this entire time, has only been in this for the benefit of Mike Garrett in his pursuit to continue to help the DTC and Ganim by stabbing his own party in the back.

    From and email conversation… Mike sent me 95 invites to his Lincoln Day Disasters. On the 30th of January I received the 95th and expressed my opinion as a former member of the party and resident of Bridgeport. This was what I said…
    “Mike, I will by an entire table if David Herz drops out of the current race. I still support removing Ganim from his seat and Herz will only hinder that possibility”.

    Mike replied on the 3rd…

    “Yes, if a Republican candidate is not in the race it would tend to help Gomes rather than Ganim” “You are still politically astute!”
    “that aside, I hope you are well. I miss your sunny personality and dazzling smile”
    “warm regards, mike”

    Unbelievably blatant!!! I will not be buy a table, not even a chair! Mike after I left Bridgeport because I knew what you were doing, I am now a star member of the Democratic Party. Mission accomplish the BRTC is dead!

    Lenny, I am putting the screen shot on your FB page for the morons who will say I made this up. It’s Bridgeport, you don’t have to make it up.

  3. From the Republican candidate for Bridgeport mayor :

    “…As to my campaign, I am clear that the city we have is in large part the result of failed Blue City policies that have wrecked inner cities across the country. I think the actions taken in pursuit of Johnson’s Great Society had-as do most government policies-numerous devastating sequalae that continue to fracture our society today….”

    Well first, the obvious question to ask Mr. Herz is; What “campaign”?! In which neighborhoods have you door-knocked. And your phone banks? Fliers — even cheap copies personally placed in mailboxes with some outline of a platform? Press releases, per a “campaign effort”? No campaign from that Republican candidate — only a few vague, scattered comments receiving scant press coverage…

    But the two most important questions: 1) Were you living in this country when the second-worst POTUS in US history (after DJT), Ronald Reagan (maybe tied with W), pulled out the supports that struggling cities were relying upon, in the wake of Republican policy to outsource the jobs of US industrial cities such as Bridgeport? It was the great oligarchic puppet-communicator/propagandist, Ronald Reagan, that dealt the knockout blow to struggling cities such as Bridgeport, even as he kneecapped the alternative energy efforts of Jimmy Carter and chained us to oil-dependence, with all of its catastrophic, global implications… 2) It is interesting that a far-right Republican would endorse a (nominal) Democrat mayoral candidate, even as the former, himself, is running a “campaign” as the competing Republican candidate… MORE PROOF THAT JOE GANIM IS JUST AN EASTON REPUBLICAN (like his Dad), dressed in faux Democratic clothing. (But truly, the Connecticut Democratic Party hierarchy/top elected officials are just Republicans masquerading as Democratics to milk votes from the majority of the Connecticut electorate…)

    So; what’s the big deal here? A Republican just ceded his electoral prerogative to another Republican… Maybe he’ll get a job as another paper-shuffling city attorney(?)…

  4. Chill out Ko-Nut. That Gomes Kool Aide has made you psychotic. And as a learned person such as yourself knows when you go psychotic you don’t even know it. So take my word Jeffy, you can trust me. Come take a few sips of the Ganim Kool Aide, it’s an antidote for what you have swallowed and it tastes soooo good. Come on Jeffy you can do it, like a big boy, just drink 🍷.

    1. Name-calling, personally combative attacks on those with whom you disagree, and avoidance of advancing authentic democratic beliefs in the cause of Ganim2 incumbency do nothing to raise the level of information or dialogue on OIB, do they? But you know that from where you sit and are supported by a readership that would like to see a change in attention to Charter responsibilities, to caring about all of the people, all of the time.
      So there is a gathering of folks who sign on to OIB routinely after you have posted to provide your comments with a reply that earns you a thumbs up. These absentee votes, inasmuch as they provide opaque approval, of snarky irrelevant commentary on subjects you address, are a form of Bridgeport “election related stuffing”. Phony commentary getting applause?? Alleging mental issues without evidence?? Where else is such “political commentary” unhinged from reality or evidence?? Perhaps the “radical right”, initially following Libertarian philosophy, from 40 years ago until today, after Citizen United decision, is one place to see routine non-factual stories and conspiracy narratives?

      Want to witness genuine topics within debate rules, practiced by young folks who likely are not reading Only in Bridgeport regularly? This week, Tuesday, February 20 on the UB Campus.

      The Greater Bridgeport NAACP will sponsor the Garrison-Douglass debates with Middle School students from local schools and from New Haven on February 20, 2024. Two sets of teams will participate this year in the Eighth annual competition celebrating the abolitionists William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglass and their oratorical success in addressing subjects of their time.
      The debates will be located on the University of Bridgeport campus, in Littlefield Recital Hall of Paier College, formerly known as Bernhard Center. The event begins at 5:30 PM and runs to 7:30 PM. Ron Rapice, a Bridgeport educator has worked with Bridgeport students for years to enhance the individual thinking, writing, and speaking skill development that is involved in debate preparation and presentation. All are welcome to attend this Black History Month event.
      Teams of debaters from John Winthrop School and Munoz Marin School will debate the Proposition: “This house believe that civil disobedience can be pursued in the pursuit of equality and freedom.” Debaters from Park City Prep and New Haven Urban Debaters League will address the Proposition: “This house believes that felons shall have the right to vote.”

      1. Could it be that someone’s soiled red rubber panties are in such a bunch over the reality that Joe Ganim is going to continue on as Mayor for FOUR MORE YEARS after the election regardless of what any pompous gasbag has posted on OIB that the signature sign off was forgotten,or maybe has just properly laid to rest.


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