Regional NAACP Leader Urges Body Cameras For All Officers

Statement from Rev. D. Stanley Lord, president of the Greater Bridgeport NAACP:

The Greater Bridgeport NAACP Branch speaks up for the safety of all community members. The Greater Bridgeport Branch NAACP is demanding once again, that ALL BRIDGEPORT POLICE OFFICERS BE EQUIPED WITH BODY CAMS. Weapons in the hands of police officers not wearing camera equipment leave the community guessing and wondering what took place.

Last night’s officer-involved shooting incident is a case in point. Why is equipment that has been issued, not used, for this Task Force? The murder of George Floyd witnessed on less than 10 minutes of video, and attended by police officers, is mute testimony to what is happening in the streets.

The Bridgeport Police Department leadership and agency direction are so disconnected from the community at large that cooperation, respect and/or authority is not observed. The morale of officers so affecting that work in other cities is broadly attractive. There are organizations in the community like the Greater Bridgeport NAACP that support those community members who are suffering from gun violence.

Bridgeport needs to be looking for the alternatives and solutions that are at work in other large communities, that can be adapted and made accountable in our City. We need a Police Department that respect, all of its Officers, show respect to community and grassroots organizations.



  1. Did I miss something here?
    Where was it said that the police officer(s) did not have body cams? Just because nothing was said doesn’t mean there wasn’t any.
    Or is it because it is a joint task force and the task force decides if it can be worn and if it can be released.

    1. Troll, you either missed my point or tried to subvert it. I am betting on the latter considering a few years back when the Port had another police shooting and held a forum at the Library and a panelist tried to subvert my point when I was calling for body cams before it was politically correct.

      That being said, my point was a call for a suspension of an officer in the same task force (I believe) for drawing his gun on a person, and to your point, a call for body cams when an officer shot a person who also was let go, neighbor. 🙂


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