Post Your Predictions, Plus: Stinky’s Gonna Vote

Okay boys and girls, the weekend before November Neurosis. That means it’s time for predictions, for candidates you support, for those you don’t, even for those you would vote for (or against) even though you cannot.

I don’t know what kind of madness to expect Election Day and night. I’m just hopeful the polls close on time and I can post some quick results for Shays-Himes and Russo-Musto while (fingers crossed) Barack croaks the dinosaur and diva.

Speaking of the state senate race, Republican Rob Russo picked up the endorsements of the Connecticut Post, Bridgeport News and Trumbull Times. Every little bit helps. Russo and his opponent Anthony Musto (kudos to both) have run, by and large, positive campaigns. From CT Post:

Although he’s only served in the state Senate for seven months, Russo wisely selected a few issues to champion and found success with each. He aided in the fight to delay implementation of an in-school suspension law that would have been costly to all three towns, he gained state aid for a much-needed operations audit of the Bridgeport public school system and he worked with Gov. M. Jodi Rell for a loan to keep Lacey Manufacturing and its 250 jobs from leaving Bridgeport.

Russo has a solid background in government, having worked as deputy chief of staff for Congressman Christopher Shays in Washington and as director of the governor’s Fairfield County office.

In addition, by virtue of his being a Republican whose district includes an overwhelmingly Democratic city, his advocating for Bridgeport can have a greater impact at the state Capitol.

As for Democrat Jimmy Himes’ attempt to knock off 21-year incumbent Chris Shays, here’s my prediction: Himes needs a plurality out of Bridgeport of more than 20,000 to win, something that hasn’t happened for a congressional Democrat in nearly 40 years. Barack who has cut a radio spot for Jimmy will get that number in Bridgeport–but will Himes?

By the way, my legitimate questioning of what Himes will do for Bridgeport has apparently gotten under the thin skin of Jimmy’s campaign. OIB has been dropped from the Himes email list. Okay, one more time, can Himes please give us one reason he’ll be better for Bridgeport than Shays? I’m still waiting! Five votes in my household, plus my cat Stinky and dog Jeter. I’m bringing them to vote too!

As for a candidate I would vote against if I could (and did when I lived in Monroe) Republican DebraLee Hovey’s stomach turned to maggots on Thursday upon learning her opponent Michele Mount (OIB friend MCAT) received the endorsement of the Newtown Bee, an old Yankee Republican pub. Get a load of this from The Bee:

In the 112th District, we are backing Democrat Michele Mount, who should bring new vigor to the representation of Newtown and Monroe. Her work in Bridgeport has earned her a network of connections and relationships in Hartford on the majority side of the aisle that should complement the work done by Republicans McKinney and Rodgers on our behalf. Her positions on property tax relief, state aid to municipalities, and open space preservation align with the interests of Newtown.

That endorsement is a total repudiation of Hovey’s trashy campaign. That’s got to be eating away at “I-hate-Bridgeport” Hovey, even though her husband, a city firefighter, works for city taxpayers. Hovey has crapped on Bridgeport in her campaign, in her speeches, during debates, in her mailings, claiming that the voters of Monroe and Newtown must castigate MCAT because she dared to work as legislative liaison for big, bad Bridgeport.

Turns out The Bee praised MCAT’s legislative contacts on behalf of the city to help Newtown. Hovey’s campaign is straight out of the Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Fascist (what did I forget) crap the GOP has heaped on Barack.

If you have friends in Monroe and Newtown, urge them, call them, beg them to vote against Hovey’s demonizing of a city we love.


New release from CT Secretary of the State

Bysiewicz: Hundreds of New Poll Workers Trained and Ready for 2008 Elections; Will Be Deployed Statewide

Secretary of the State leads efforts to engage new corps of poll workers for communities most in need

Hartford: Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz announced today that hundreds of new poll workers have completed training for the 2008 General Election and will be deployed in precincts throughout the state on Election Day, November 4th. Workers will be assigned primarily to the cities of Bridgeport and Hartford but also to other communities statewide. At least 250 of the poll workers are students trained at 6 colleges in a program led and organized through Secretary Bysiewicz’s office.

“In just 4 days, Connecticut voters will go to the polls to cast ballots in record numbers,” said Bysiewicz. “We are ready and polling places will be staffed by well-trained poll workers. These workers will get a fantastic learning experience about how the democratic process works and will be helping to oversee its basic function – the vote.”

Students at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport , Capitol Community College in Hartford , the UCONN School of Social Work in West Hartford, Manchester Community College , Middlesex Community College in Middletown and Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven all participated in the poll worker training programs. With the exception of Middlesex Community College and Southern Connecticut State University, the training classes for student poll workers were all organized and led by local registrars and the Secretary of the State’s office.

Middlesex Community College and Southern Connecticut State University received federal grants totaling $40,000 from the Election Assistance Commission to conduct poll worker training programs for students who attend those institutions.

Bysiewicz added, “Recruiting poll workers is a challenge, and there is a perennial shortage of motivated, qualified poll workers in our state. I like to call the college poll-worker training program a win-win-win. First, it engages our young people in the Democratic process; second, it provides highly competent, energetic young poll-workers for communities throughout our state; third, cities or towns will be reimbursed by state and federal dollars for the cost of hiring those poll-workers on Election Day who participated in the college training program.”

As part of their preparation to be poll workers, the students were trained on:

· How to set up a polling place and run the optical scan ballot tabulators

· Correct Voter ID requirements

· Voter rights, responsibilities and privacy protections

· How to operate and administer the vote-by-phone system

· The different types of poll workers and their responsibilities (Ballot Clerk, Registrar, Assistant Moderator, Tabulator Tender, Demonstrator, Official Checker)

· How to manage the expected large turnout

· Assisting and managing voter inquiries

· Proper procedures for closing the polling place and counting the ballots

Polls will be open on Election Day from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and the poll workers start their shifts at 5:15 a.m. Poll workers are expected to stay at the polling place until the equipment is closed down at the end of the night and all the ballots are counted and reported to local officials. Poll workers are paid according to the task they are assigned and that pay varies in different communities. For instance, a “Demonstrator” in Hartford is paid $145 for working on Election Day.

“I applaud the leadership shown by registrars teaming up with local colleges to train more poll workers for Election Day,” said Bysiewicz. “I would encourage any towns who have not taken advantage of that program to get in touch with schools in your area because we could always use more poll workers. If you are a student, think about the incredible civics lesson in managing real ballots cast by real voters – and getting paid for it!”

Professor Joanne Anzelberger, who teaches Criminal Justice and American Government and organized the training program at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport said, “My students are enthusiastic about becoming poll workers and are eager to get a ground floor look at how democracy really works. I applaud the Secretary of the State’s office for having the vision and leadership to encourage our state’s young people to participate in true public service.”

Bridgeport Registrar of Voters Sandi Ayala said, “It is essential to have well-trained, highly motivated, reliable poll workers that will result in a successful election on November 4th. Poll workers are the foundation in how our ballots are cast. The college student poll worker training program is an investment in our future; it goes a long way towards ensuring we will have a good supply of competent poll workers for years to come.”‘



  1. By the way, my legitimate questioning of what Himes will do for Bridgeport has apparently gotten under the thin skin of Jimmy’s campaign. OIB has been dropped from the Himes email list.

    Seems to be a real Casanova with the press. Punishing reporters seems to be working really well for him when it comes to getting endorsements and positive coverage.

    Dear Jimmy – Lennie doesn’t just buy pixels by the barrel, he actually votes in your district as well.

  2. my votes are for:
    (I am a lifelong Dem) …


    (agree, Himes has told me *nothing,* and has given me no reason to vote for him; he was not *there* to know he would have voted against the war; besides, Shays lives in Bpt. and shows up at every Bpt. event; I don’t believe Greenwich’s Himes cares about Bpt.; furthermore, he has spewed nothing but negative literature; we are inundated here in Trumbull with lit from Shays/Himes)

    (I think Musto is arrogant; has done nothing to curry my vote; Russo walked my street and worked the room at the OIB party — Musto made no effort to introduce himself; besides he looks too *put* together, somethin’ about that guy)

    and yes, can’t vote for him, but
    will kick a** in his district, overwhelmingly; his independence is after all his charm; he has served his district and constituents admirably.

    Well, who do I think will win?
    Shays (maybe; I dunno, it’s very tight)
    Russo — he has really worked for it.

    God … I love politics 🙂 … oh yes, S-A-R-A-H makes me SICK.

  3. Lennie,
    Hovey doesn’t get it. The failure of Bpt means the failure of Monroe and Newtown. Hovey advocates for failure; Michele campaigns on hope, cooperation, effectiveness, accountability and intelligence. Everyone in Monroe & Newtown, put Michele in office on Nov 4 and just watch the positive changes appear.

  4. Obama Slamma Jamma!

    Let the Good Himes Roll Over the Shays It Ain’t So Chris!

    Russo puts a Mop and Glow over Musto who is nice but a little Dusto and is going to go Busto!

    Count on Mount in upset of DebraLee, who is a “nattering nabob of negativism” about Mount and her Bridgeport job. Heave Hovey!!

  5. Let’s do percentages.

    Obama – 80 %, McCain – 20 % (in Bpt)
    Shays – 52%, Himes – 48 %
    Russo – 53%, Musto – 47%

    Hey Lennie, how about closest prediction gets to run the blog for a day?

  6. lol at dummer wind.
    Obama 81% McCain 18% in the City of Bridgeport and Nader gets 1%

    Himes 76% Shays 23% in the City of Bridgeport

    Musto 62% Russo 38% in the City of Bridgeport

    Gomes 92% Johnson 8% in the city

    It boils down to this: I have a feeling Himes is going to win but it would not surprise me if Shays wins. If Himes is to win he cannot go below 70% in the city. So this race is a dead heat. It will be interesting to see how Shays does in Black Rock. Can he win it again??? like he did in ’06? Black Rock is the only battleground precinct in Bridgeport.

    The only way Russo wins is if he wins huge in Trumbull and Monroe.

  7. Just another example of how Jim Himes thinks that we African-American voters are stupid: You see those “Stop Bush-Shays” signs that are illegally posted on utility poles throughout the city? Well, they are posted triple-time in the east side & east end, and there are some on the rough side of the tracks in Stamford, and that is all. Why is that? Are we that easily led? Why aren’t they on utility poles throughout the rest of the 4th district?
    Also, what kind of person is Jim Himes to allow these signs to be illegally posted anyway? I know his excuse will be that they were not put there by his campaign. I already have that one covered. They were paid for by the Democratic National Congressional Committee. If Jimmy-boy is the ethical kid that he claims to be, why hasn’t he detested the signs’ placement publicly and demanded they be taken down? Come on Jimmy, show some leadership and have the signs removed and placed on people’s lawns if they allow them. The truth is that he will not, because he is being dictated to, himself.

  8. Ok. I feel Russo will lose but by a small margin.
    Bridgeport Musto 60% Russo 40%
    Trumbull Musto 42% Russo 58%
    Monroe Musto 38% Russo 62%

    I do not live in the 22nd!!! That’s why I did not post the first time and MCAT wins with 53%.

  9. I’m not bringing race into this at all. I’m only pointing out the obvious. By the by, what have republicans done to you, “as a Black man”? Enlighten me, so that I can be upset about it too.

  10. While you’re at it, think of how the local democrats you elected have made life easier for you. To make things easier on you, they have had control over things here for the last 40 years, except for 2 years.

  11. Cougar Cat said: “excepting of course the fact that she is a witch.”

    Come on, Cougie, show a little sympathy! She just hasn’t been the same ever since someone dropped that house on her sister …

  12. #7- Wondering, are Clemons & Gomes your token black picks for this OIB forum? Doubt you would ever vote for a black man, especially with your hate for Obama & good-ol’-boys way of thinking. Typical wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to gain entry near the livestock! *** “NO TREAT for that TRICK”! ***

  13. #48- “Scouting city votes”, blast from past for Mr. Wondering. Just a simple reminder, “if you can’t stand the heat, stay out the Kichen”. Have a sparkling weekend there Homer & don’t forget to vote on the 4th of Nov. for Obama/Biden.

  14. Mojo; You are turning into a real asshole. Are you telling me that a person that does not vote for Obama is a racist? I have spent the last few elections at the polls handing out literature for both Clemons & Gomes. You know it’s people like you who are race inciters. I am thankful that you have no chance of winning your election and I will ensure that even if you kiss enough Robles ass you won’t get that nomination. The one thing that Bridgeport does not need is a person of your low character. If you had actually read my blogs you would have seen it was the policies not the man that I was against.
    I have wondered how long it would take for someone to play the race card and you know what I was happy to see that a lot of give and take about the candidates could be carried out on this blog without race being mentioned. That is until you came along with your ugly post. Congrats you racist asshole.

  15. Mojo I will have a sparkling weekend I just have to decide which of my 3 houses I will stay in. Don’t you wish you had that problem? Maybe if you had a job you to could live the American dream.

  16. Why don’t you guys try this out. I didn’t create this, but I got a kick out of it. I will post the results legend in about an hour.

    Republican or Democrat? How Can I Tell?
    A lot of younger people that I know don’t really follow politics. If they vote, they usually vote the way their parents did. I think this is worse than not voting at all. “Voting blind” as I put it does nothing to further the goals of a free democracy and simply serves to artificially inflate one side of the race.

    Since I find myself in the actionable position with which to correct this situation I have decided to put together a short mini-series on how to follow politics and select a candidate that you honestly feel is best qualified for the job.

    We will start this series of short lessons with the first and perhaps most important step: selecting a political party. By selecting a political party you make the progress of following candidates and choosing who to vote for much easier.

    Picture in your heard a straight line. Above the left end of the line is the word liberal, and above the right end of the line is the word conservative. Smack dab in the middle is the word moderate. Most people tend to fall somewhere between moderate and liberal or moderate and conservative.

    The Republican party tends to lean to the conservative end and the Democrat party tends to lean toward liberal end, however there are conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans.

    This creates some confusion, especially for younger voters. With candidates who may be conservative under the Democrat party and liberals who may be under the Republican party it’s no mystery as to why young people become confused. This is why I have designed a short questionnaire to help you decide which party you will best fit in with.

    For each question on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 means you strongly agree and 1 means you strongly disagree.

  17. Do you believe people should be free to contribute to any political campaign they want to without fear of retribution from employers or unions?

    Do you believe in the constitutional right of American citizens to keep and bear arms?

    Do you support the development of viable domestic renewable and non-fossil fuel energy programs?

    Do you believe that everyone was created equal and that no group, regardless of race, should receive any special privilege?

    Do you believe that honesty and integrity are important traits for everyone to possess and demonstrate?

    Do you believe that public schools should be held accountable to local governments in regards to the quality of education provided?

    Do you believe that government should be removed from our daily lives?

    Do you believe that currently there are too many or too high of taxes?

    Do you believe that our constitutional rights are to be protected at all costs?

    Do you believe that illegal aliens should be deported or at least not given special benefits not otherwise available to lawful citizens?

  18. Go ahead and tally up your score, then find where you land in the chart below:

    10 to 25 – As liberal as they come, you should most likely be a Democrat
    26 to 50 – A moderate with liberal tendencies – still a Democrat
    51 to 75 – A moderate with conservative tendencies – most likely to vote Republican but will vote Democrat occasionally.
    76 to 100 – A true conservative, you will best fit with Republicans

  19. *** Well Wondering, apparently you can’t handle the truth; why, cause you haven’t got the guts! You’ve been blogging on this forum every day now, at least #3 or #4 times a day crying about Obama mostly, not Biden. Then you try and hard sell McCain/Palin & go balistic especially when someone blogs something negative about Palin. You like to dish out your opinions like they were facts but bottom line is, they’re nothing more than your personal opinions period. You also think you can draw first blood with your insults without any consequences in return as well. Especially with me whom you don’t know & think that just because I’ve been a city councilman & now running for state rep. that somehow I’m supposed to put up with your undercover racist remarks in general and blogged insults & be all nice & polite in the process! Fact of the matter “Wondering”, I really don’t care what you think of me or about your, only in your dreams #3 little pigs, houses. And if I ever find out who you really are, I will be glad to share lunch with you over a nice cup of coffee & discuss a few things with you. I know a deli that makes really delicious knuckle sandwiches! Bpt. is not that big so who knows what shadows will be lurking on election day? In ending, my dear blogger, you’re an asshole & you’ll always be an asshole on this forum, and in real life, etc. …

  20. Mojo; A knuckle sandwich? WoW!!! I have proven my point about you and I expect after Tuesday you will fade away. This is the last time I will discuss anything with your racist ass. So blog away and don’t expect a reply. I have wasted enough time on you.
    I have not discussed Biden because i’ts not his platform and he is not running for president. As far as Palin goes my postings were to Lennie in his comments. It comes down to if anyone questions Obama he is a racist. So be it. BTW what I blogged about the election and platforms were facts check it out. Goodbye; have a nice life!!!

  21. Around 3000 people have handed in AB ballots in Bridgeport with two more days left to hand them in. That is about 8% of the 2004 total votes. So I am expecting a huge turnout in the city Tuesday. Himes will win because of this.

  22. #58- Your points are meaningless to most on this forum, except only to you! When I would give back the same self-centered opinions & low character insults which you so like to dish out from time to time, you can’t handle it. Also, you like to flaunt yourself as being a person of exceptional character, full of knowledge and “$” well off with #3 homes? But most on this forum probably feel that most of your boasting is nothing more than B/S coming from a very lonely person that’s always trying to get attention by trying to prove a point! Also when it comes right down to it, both Obama/Biden & McCain/Palin want the same positive things for America; it’s just their approach on how to go about it that’s different! Hopefully you’ve learned a lesson on how to go about things as well! So in parting I leave you this, may you want but never need, yet need but never really want! ***

  23. Excuse me for posting off topic but I just got back in town and now I’m catching up on all Lennie’s stories. I need to comment on the layoffs:

    Regarding the City layoffs, I don’t know what press aide Elaine Ficarra is talking about. Except for the police and WPCA Andy Abate, it’s my understanding that everyone else was laid off.

    Parks police – all 8 are gone except for supervisor Gene O’Neill. Don’t know who he is supervising but he’s still there. Just the poor slobs lost their jobs.

    Joe Minopoli – laid off as director of Housing Code. Now there’s a staff with no supervision. I bet Housing inspector Rich Paoletto is enjoying this. Now he can spend more time womanizing his numerous lady friends and talking junk on his city-issued cell phone.

    Bob Luby in Comptrollers was laid off. He should have bumped a woman named Gisela, the cousin of Marie Hoffman, secretary in Labor Relations, treasurer of the DTC and close personal friend of Mario Testa. Gisela worked for Alanna Kabel in Community Development. Alanna and Tom Sherwood pulled a fast one by eliminating her position so that Bob had nowhere to bump and moving her into OPM with a $15,000 increase. So Bob, a qualified and experienced accountant, is unemployed and the politically connected Gisela gets a new job with an increase. Thank you Tom Sherwood – looks like it’s business as usual with you.

    Alanna also put long-time Fair Housing Director Joe Wincze on the layoff list. Even though he is paid thru federal block grant funds and his layoff did not save the city a dime, Alanna and Sherwood gave him the boot anyway. They probably used some of his money to give Gisela an increase. Joe is well respected and knows his stuff. He will be sadly missed. Alanna made no provisions for what to do with the many fair-housing complaints that come into the city each week. In fact Joe left an informational voicemail telling people who to call and Alanna had the phone disconnected. So if you call for help you will get a message that says “this line has been disconnected.”

    Bad boy Tony DePrimo was laid off but it looks like they created another position for him away from the Transfer Station because he’s been seen hanging out at the Annex. Rumor has it he’ll be on the next layoff list as well.

    The Deputy Tax Assessor was laid off as scheduled. The timing is bad here as Bill O’Brien, the Tax Assessor just resigned. Mike Feeney is looking worried these days. All his experienced people are leaving and he has no clue what to do. There’s a pending audit and reval just down the road. And remember that Feeney has no financial background.

    A supervisor in ITS was laid off as were two administrative assistants. The two admin assts are in different depts so I think they bumped into vacant positions.

    So people were laid off. Some actually left and others bumped into vacant positions. I’m not sure how much money was saved but I’m sure it didn’t put a dent in the budget deficit. But at least 15 people with families were hurt. And Tom Sherwood and cohort Alanna Kabel continue to take care of their friends.

  24. OPM was created by the financial review board back in the 1990’s to watch over the city’s spending and to make sure that we never get in the position we were back in the 90’s. OPM essentially did its job until John Fabrizi appointed Tom Sherwood as the director in 2002.

    Since 2002, we went from a fund balance of over $50m to around $8m.

    Tom Sherwood masterminded the move of 35 political people into civil service two years ago with large increases and annual merit increases. The majority of these people were political appointees. How much did this add to the deficit?

    Tom Sherwood “found” the money for many recent renovations including: the City Hall Annex private gym, the offices of Charlie Carroll and Johnny Gomes, the private kitchen of Lida Iodice, Charlie Carroll’s main squeeze and, of course, Alanna Kabel’s new office. How much did this add to the deficit?

    Tom Sherwood created a new position for Marie Hoffman’s cousin Gisela, even though there is no existing position in his city budget and he found an extra $15k for an increase. He kept his double-dipper girlfriend Pia on the OPM payroll even though she retired two years ago and is collecting her city pension. How much did this add to the deficit?

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Other city employees who blog here, please feel free to elaborate on the Tom Sherwood travesty. You all know what he has done these past 6 years. He is a dangerous, destructive man.

    Mayor Finch, if you do only 1 thing to address this financial crisis, get rid of Tom Sherwood. On behalf of 3,000 city employees, please replace this man with a competent non-political person who will seriously address this problem. You need to bring in your own person – not Fabrizi’s man, who you can trust and who will look out for YOUR best interests. Believe me, if you do this 1 thing, this will be the turning point for your administration.

  25. donj, I just heard the whole interview on MSNBC. She thought she was being interviewed by the President of France but it was a Canadian radio station. Her assistant set up the interview. This shows their incompetence and total naivete. Can you imagine!!!

  26. Lennie, It looks like we have two wrestlers ready for the next OIB mud wrestling match. Wondering vs. Mojo on diamond #1 at Wentfield Park before the next OIB get-together at the Cove. Yahooy can be the referee and Anna the round card girl.

    Hey Lennie, you think you can get Bill Finch to get Obama’s aunt a Green Card or should we just wait and see if Obama can get in and connect her with his appointees at Immigrations?

    More on RezkObama:

    Lennie, talking about Home Depot, how much did Joe Ganim get for the Home Depot project on Reservoir Avenue?


  27. RedWhiteandBlue,
    Are you nuts Shays getting 35% in the city? You are nuts. I have a higher chance of winning the lottery than Shays getting 35% in the city. Are you even from Bridgeport?

  28. city hall smoker …

    Good examples of what happens when the WRONG people are placed (and retained) in key positions. The right things almost never get done.

    Too much emphasis on the politics of governing; and not enough emphasis on the core management and leadership skills necessary to move the city forward. Bad choices equal bad results. Especially when choosing leaders and the people essential to getting results.

    Bridgeport is the perfect case study of why Tuesday’s elections are so important. Today’s candidate choices form the foundation for tomorrows achievements or failures. The risk of misjudging who’s best qualified to lead is all too real. Rhetoric and hyperbole, scripted showmanship and distorted reporting are readily accepted as fact, when it comes to forming judgements about candidate qualifications. These are tough decisions and require more thought than most people are willing to apply. The results often speak for themselves.

    That said, some things just can’t be ignored (or shouldn’t be) in sorting through who’s best qualified to lead, whether in an elected role or management appointment. Ultimately, this is a judgement call based as much on feelings as it is on facts.

    But at a minimum, we should look for hard evidence that the candidate we choose meets our expectations when evaluated against five key criteria:

    CHARACTER–The backbone to act honestly, ethically, and fairly without greed or self-serving interest.

    COMPETENCE–The ability to understand what to do … and how to do it. Key skills and experience are required … not optional.

    VISION–The ability to see what’s possible when others can’t. And the know-how to develop a practical, compelling strategy to achieve it.

    IDEOLOGY/PHILOSOPHY–Not extremeism or zealotry. A balanced belief system calibrated to the issues and realities of today. Shapes the way people think and the way they act.

    CHANGE LEADERSHIP–The ability to initiate and manage change. Easy to talk about. But very hard to do. Empathy AND a measure of charisma usually required.

    Considering the above, here’s my call for Tuesday’s picks:





    And STINKY as a write-in!

  29. Yeah, donj is right. Shays won’t get 35%, but he’ll do much better than expected in Bridgeport. One benefit of having gone through the Farrell races is Shays has learned to win tough races. It’s just like a sports team that goes through a couple tough series on its way to a championship. It learns how to win. I think Shays will win and it will come down to the fact he has run many races. He and his campaign manager know how to win here. There’s a lot of excitement out there and rhetoric being thrown around, but winning elections is a science and hard work. So Shays takes this one.

  30. Just because Himes is a member of the democratic party does not make him a proper candidate for congress. Too many of you people out there are voting by party and not for the best-equipped candidate. Himes is an empty shirt spouting rhetoric when clear-cut vision and experience is urgently required in these uncertain times. Shays is not big on pointing out his successes but if you look carefully, you will see the contribution he has made to this city, his district, his state, his country and his world. He’s got my vote; so do Obama, Russo and MCAT. These are the people we need in office. No connections just desire to do things right. Now you know who I’m voting for. I don’t care who you vote for, just make sure you get out and vote too.

  31. It is my dream and my vision that one day people will enter their respective polling places, not as Democrats or Republicans, but as Americans. Americans who desire a new democracy. Americans who desire the change that we talk about so often. Too long now we have trusted those who told us whom to vote for. Too long now have those choices turned out to be bad ones. I hope that we cast our votes without the biases that make it easy to overlook the shortcomings of those we identify with. This is not a game, people. This is the handing off of our future to a representative that will make decisions on our behalf for the next two or four years. Now, there is no recall in Connecticut. This is it.
    My candidacy has been one that highlighted the record of my opponent. I’ve shown where his choices were not in our best interests; yet that’s okay.
    I’ve talked about the vision that I have for the district, and he talked about King’s march on Washington 45 years ago. He’s offered no platform; yet that’s okay. Consider this, the same people that told you to vote for Finch last year are telling you to vote for Gomes this year. How good was that advice then?

    The old gray mare just ain’t what he used to be, many long years ago.

  32. Re: Daylight Savings Time

    I figured out that judgement means more than experience because the former is something you can always improve but the latter is something you can hardly control.

    In other blog-related news–inspired posts from Milton Johnson and Bruce Hubler–see ’em both by scrolling up.

  33. City Hall Smoker: Your post is right on point. The layoffs were a political payback. Gisela who is Marie Hoffman’s cousin was secretly slipped into a new position with an increase just as the layoffs were going on. There are also many “temp” workers scattered around the city who were not let go while veteran employees were laid off.
    Speaking of the IT office, this office is run by that short bald guy. He used to seem like a nice guy until the political connections got to his head and now he is just very cocky. He makes over $100k a year and he has three managers that he hired who make over $85k a year. They should have laid off the fat red-headed phone gal; she’s clueless! Oh yeah I forgot she is also friends of Hoffman. Seems as if you are friends of Hoffman you keep a cushy job.
    Also there are other secret positions that cronies are being slipped into as we speak. Titles are being changed and raises are being given out at the same time that layoffs are taking place.

  34. There’s a lot of intelligence on ths blog however some of you need to be reminded, “It is impossible to rightly govern … without God and the Bible” George Washington. Our founding fathers weren’t Islamic, why should anyone else be? We need to stop and think as to who/what we are voting for and what we have become. John McCain has plenty of reasons to be called an angry old man … this country is in horrible shape.

  35. #65- Your points were very well understood & your concern always seems to go by the wayside unfortunately. #78- Just because a person’s last name given to them by his or her parents @ birth sounds a particular way or has a special meaning to the family, does not make that individual a Muslim! However, due to small-minded rumor propaganda believers & race & religion assassins, you would think anything to be possible??? #79- Your obsession with Mr. Ayala, Cesar Batalla, Celia Cruz, & Ed Palmieri are impeccable, you must be a devoted fan. It’s really very touching! #67- Should you win your election Tuesday(joke), @ the next OIB gathering you will be presented with a lifetime membership to N.R.A. magazine & a genuine Japanese Ginsu Knife for your next trip to the state capitol steps. #73- Good luck, unfortunately you’ll need it, even though your opponent has not had an original independent idea in years! But as you know, in Bpt. general local elections are pretty much on Dem. autopilot. Even SpongeBob would win if he were the endorsed Dem. candidate! #10- Hey, rumor control has it Finch has been sending some of his close admin. young professionals on city time out to go campaigning for Himes & babysit some of the D.C folks here to help??? Also, the city is getting nowhere with the police union by offering “0”s across the board, yet wanting takebacks in return! The rest of the unions usually follow suit depending on what the P/D union does so things don’t look very good, etc. … Question, if you lay off Park Officers that make about $42,000 a year and belong to a different union to save money; then replace them with regular P/D officers that make much more “$” than the Park Officers do a year & belong again to another different union, is that union busting & is that cost savings? Inquiring mines would like to know!


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