Post Endorses School Board Challengers

Complimentary of all six Democrats running in Tuesday’s school board primary, the Connecticut Post has endorsed the challenge slate Andre Baker, Howard Gardner and Dave Hennessey. Editorial follows:

The Connecticut Post believes the best way to return the focus to where it needs to be–on the children of Bridgeport public schools–and away from petty politics is to support in Tuesday’s Democratic primary the slate of three challengers who did not win their party’s endorsement: Howard Gardner, David Hennessey and Andre Baker.

All three are passionate defenders of public education. They each boast enviable resumes, and have shown their commitment to bettering the lives of city school children–Gardner in community service, Hennessey as a teacher and Baker as an independent voice on the City Council.

The three endorsed candidates, the Rev. Simon Castillo, Katie Bukovsky and Brandon Clark, also have many qualities that would make them worthy candidates. Each seems to be motivated most of all by a desire to do what’s right, to help improve the lives of the city’s young people. All six candidates say they support an audit of the school system’s budget. All six also agreed that the rancor that’s characterized school board meetings in recent months has to stop.

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  1. Lennie, the CT Post also said:
    Upon meeting with Post editors last week, the three endorsed candidates were joined by Joshua Thompson, who works in the mayor’s office and is charged with carrying out City Hall’s education policies. The message, far from implicit, was that the mayor will be watching.

    If the mayor has worthy ideas for the future of the school system, by all means the school board should listen. That’s a far cry from putting in place elected officials who will do the mayor’s bidding.

    The city held a vote on mayoral control of the school board. It failed.

    The Connecticut Post endorses Howard Gardner, David Hennessey and Andre Baker.

    1. Joshua Thompson is paid through the Lighthouse Budget to do the mayor’s political bidding. More than $100,000 in salary plus bennies. More wasted money that should be going to our kids. Another example of Finch only concerning himself with total control and lining his pockets. Another example why NOT to elect the Finch-endorsed candidates.

  2. Good point Jim, and good for the CT Post.

    Bridgeport needs an independent BOE free of outside political influence. As a former BOE member who usually found himself in the minority, I have seen that “outside influence” first hand and it is usually not in the best interests of the students of Bridgeport.

  3. We will have results beginning less than 50 hours from now.
    Missing from most candidate comments is the fact the City of Bridgeport financial commitment for the current year is $3.3 Million short because the Sherwood prepared budget the Mayor delivered to the Council did not add it in. Isn’t that a problem for anyone who gets on the BOE? Why isn’t it being used in the primary by those who wish to show they are:
    * For the children
    * Represent an independent voice to the voters
    * Believe the Public Schools require all of the money budgeted.
    When Josh Thompson is brought into the equation, listed as a Lighthouse employee, but represented to the community as an educational system fund raiser, what are the results so far? Everyone needs some warmup time to get started, but when is a report about new (or even old) funds coming to the City because of Josh’s efforts to be shared? The Mayor kept telling us during the Charter campaign he was accountable, but there is generally little evidence of anything coming close to that standard in the City. Time will tell.


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