Politics And Media, A Fragile Existence, Plus: Program For City Students

Media life is a crazy business. Here today, gone tomorrow, and once in a while back the next day.

Acquisitions, cutbacks, closings, terminations, big papers and small have elevated paranoia–a bastion of media presence–to an all-time high.

Newsroom life is a world of cigarettes (outside, of course) and coffee, banging phones, following leads, prodding sources for info, covering events, hopping back into the car to file the story, courted by a pol wanting a favorable piece, listening to some jerk that didn’t like what you wrote, jerked around by an editor who’s jerked around by a higher authority who’s jerked around by some corporate jackal caressing a bottom line. Then, it’s over. You’re shown the door. See ya.

Used to be scribes could land a public relations job. No more. Public relations, marketing, advertising specialists are groomed out of college. Newsroom rats don’t necessarily make for good p.r. schmoozers anyway.

The Hartford Courant is getting squeezed. New Haven Register too. Connecticut Post folks wondering–with a new editor in charge from someplace else–what will happen.

Tom Gogola is no longer editor of the Fairfield County Weekly. He left last week. Personality thing. Tom’s a good guy, talented writer with a twisted sense of humor.

When I left The Weekly to take OIB solo he was not happy. It was understandable given that the blog I did under The Weekly banner was driving about half the traffic to the paper’s website. I wanted to do my own thing for a variety of reasons. I had some trepidation of my own–would you follow me? And, thanks to you, it’s working. I don’t have to listen to anyone except you!

Ironically Tom contacted me a few weeks ago about writing a quick roundup piece on Tsunami Tuesday, which appears in this week’s edition of The Weekly.

Strange business, the media. Just a few weeks ago OIB chronicled the departure of WICC/WEBE General Manager Ann McManus who had planned to start her own advertising agency, and announced so to the staff. Well, the suits at Atlanta-based Cumulus Media, owner of the radio stations, sweetened the pot. Ann has decided to stay.

So, now that I’m done what do you want to talk about today? Tsunami Tuesday in Bridgeport, just days away, has lots of folks asking, what’s the deal with all those primaries? Hey, this is Bridgeport, we like it that way.







Did I miss anyone?

Check out this press release about Bridgeport students and Fairfield University:

Fairfield University’s School of Engineering, the Diocese of Bridgeport, and the Bridgeport Public Schools partner to create pre-engineering academy for high school students with funding from GE Foundation

Fairfield, Conn., August 5, 2008 – An innovative partnership involving Fairfield University’s School of Engineering, the five Catholic high schools of the Diocese of Bridgeport, and the Bridgeport Public School system, will result in establishing a high school pre-engineering academy on the Fairfield campus this fall.

The academy will integrate the teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in preparing high school students for science and engineering studies, and so will be called the STEM Academy. The goal is to create a pipeline of young science and engineering talent, an important mission considering that currently fewer American college students choose to study science and engineering in comparison with the needs of the nation. STEM Academy organizers hope the pre-engineering curriculum will spark a love of the sciences, especially among females and minority students, two segments of the population that are underrepresented in engineering.

An initial $400,000 grant from Fairfield-based GE Foundation to the partnership will fund the first year of the academy. A first-year enrollment of fifty students is planned. They will attend intensive Saturday classes and summer classes on Fairfield’s campus, facilitated by faculty and staff of the School of Engineering.

E. Vagos Hadjimichael, Ph.D., dean of the School of Engineering, said the project is part of the School’s continued efforts to do significant outreach in K-12 schools and community colleges to help inspire the next generation of much needed engineers and scientists. “The STEM Academy plan to serve students in the Catholic and public schools in the Bridgeport area is very much in line with the School’s mission.”

Students who will be candidates for STEM studies attend Notre Dame High School in Fairfield, St. Joseph High School in Trumbull, Kolbe-Cathedral in Bridgeport, Immaculate High School in Danbury, Trinity Catholic in Stamford;, and Central, Bassick and Harding high schools and Bullard-Havens Technical High School in Bridgeport.

 Dr. Margaret A. Dames, superintendent of schools for the Diocese of Bridgeport, said, “The Diocese of Bridgeport is thrilled with the partnership among Fairfield University, the Bridgeport Public Schools and the Diocese. We are capitalizing on all our strengths and the beneficiaries are the students.”

Dr. John J. Ramos, Sr., superintendent of Bridgeport Public Schools, said, “This partnership is an essential component to our mission, which is to ‘graduate all students college ready and prepared to succeed in life.’ This preparation and commitment to our student’s education must continue to be enhanced through science, math, engineering and technology, giving Bridgeport students the tools they need to compete in an ever-changing world. We commend the General Electric Foundation and Fairfield University for investing in our students as we work to prepare them to become future leaders.”

The University’s manufacturing, electrical and computer engineering laboratories will provide an engaging setting for the students to add experiential learning to their classroom instruction. Dr. Hadjimichael emphasized, “For the United States to continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the global economy, we need young people to pursue careers in science and engineering. It is vital that we stay competitive.”

The GE funds will help pay for the students’ transportation to and from the STEM classes and will cover teacher training and supplies, among other expenses. Kelli Wells, director of U.S. Education for the GE Foundation, the philanthropic organization of the General Electric Company, said, “This is an example of a quality educational program that is ultimately about building a strong and diverse workforce and citizenry.”

Four faculty from the School of Engineering, along with fifteen teachers, will attend summer workshops at the University of New Haven, the regional Project Lead the Way (PLW) training center. PLW is a national program that encourages students’ interest in engineering, and works to address the shortage of engineers by building partnerships with schools, businesses and industry to provide students with the latest knowledge about science and engineering. Project Lead the Way (PLW) curriculum will serve as the framework for the STEM Academy. Organizers hope to show young students the great opportunities that lie ahead for those who pursue science and engineering as a profession.



  1. Lennie – For those of us not so “in the know,” could you provide more details on the primary candidates -what offices they are running for and in which districts? Thanks.

  2. Hey Lennie,
    Here is my take on things with less than a week away from Tsunami Tuesday.

    Himes/Whitnum–The Winner will be Himes. Whitnum should be ashamed of herself. Jim really needed to focus on kicking Shays’ ass in November. Lee’s stance on immigration reminds me of AmyMarie.

    Keeley/Grogins–This is going to be a tough one, but I am going out on a limb. Auden and her cock might be able to pull this one off. If Hector works hard for Bob he might be able to stem the tide.

    Musto/Moore–Moore is the people’s choice here. Musto didn’t even know where Bridgeport was until a few weeks ago. Where is your service in the community Mr. Musto? Ms. Moore has been involved in all types of shit waaay before she decided to run.

    Santiago/Rivera/Salcedo–This is a perfect storm brewing here. This is a battle between Mitch Robles and Mario. In all likelihood Santiago will win, but will he be ready to answer the call as a legislator???

    Caruso/Silva–With the support of the 135th district Caruso should win after the 10am machine count. Carlos is giving it a yeoman’s try. It looks like Carlito won’t get his Way this time.

    Ayala/Martinez–I have driven by the east side on my way to the TD Branch on the East End. All I see are Ayala signs. He has a team of dedicated workers. Lydia has always been the AB Queen. Will she be able to pull this off with her AB Operation?

  3. “Finch has quietly rehired John Stafstrom as the city’s bond counsel.” No surprise there. Stafstrom raised Finch’s war chest 3x that of Caruso and still only won by 270 votes. I am sure that was part of the deal. I support you, you retain me as bond counsel, (plus a whole lot more.) Finch said he stayed out of the selection process and let a committee decide. Give me a break. Any time there is a questionable decision, a committee decided. When the hell is Finch going to realize as the Mayor, all decisions rest on his shoulders, good, bad or otherwise. If you fucked up take it like a man, don’t go run behind your Chief of Staff or a committee or your smart-ass Hartford advisors. By the way if you took some advice from people who knew the City and didn’t always rely on outsiders you might not be screwing up so badly. Fix your backbone Finch. At least Fabrizi knew he was Mayor. He didn’t always make the right choice but at least people perceived him as a leader. Although his henchmen listened to him to create the budget mess and guess what Finch let them try to fix it. The City is worse off now than it has been in decades. You are perceived as an indecisive figurehead who is having his strings pulled. You’re tall enough, stand up straight, stop taking advice from all these people who keep screwing up, put away the politics and actually try to run the City.

  4. I’ll take Himes, Musto, Salcedo, Ayala and Keeley. Caruso will win too.

    The undercurrents of all these races, except Caruso’s, is Stafstrom/Finch v. Mario/DTC. Another political capital power play and if Stafstrom loses two out of three, his record, as a loser will pretty much be intact.

    Grogins, Ayala, Santiago are clearly Stafstrom’s race. Stafstrom doesn’t want Musto, because he knows he couldn’t control him. Musto is Mario’s choice and the best and most qualified candidate. Santiago is smart enough to be a legislator and will be totally ineffective. The Mayor should smarten up and realize that Salcedo could actually be a legislator that could help him. Not everyone may agree on his drug ideas, it wouldn’t really be impacted on a state level. But he is intelligent and as an attorney will have an easier time with getting legislation proposed and through the House. Same with Musto. Grogins would just add to Bridgeport’s embarrassing moments and show Hartford that is cronyism over any sincere effort to be part of the solution.

  5. Kelly

    You know damn well that Salcedo is going to get decimated. Not beat…decimated. So you are either lying or don’t know better. This is not an endorsement but an HONEST assessment.

    Cronyism? Hmmm…makes me think of a certain masseuse back in the day. Ring any bells? He was for FedEx at the time.

    Don’t wax on about cronyism and the machine and all that. There are three “machines” in Bridgeport: Stafstrom’s, Mario’s…and what’s left of Caruso’s after his 19th nervous breakdown. Something tells me there ain’t much left…

  6. PS-Salcedo is better off IDing 100 voters and getting 30 of them out to the polls than burning his midnight oil on this here blog. Not an effective use of time…

  7. My choices of who will win are Himes, Auden, Moore will beat Musto who really doesn’t know a damn thing about Bridgeport. Santiago will win. Caruso will win easily. Ayala will win. The race to watch is the Musto/Moore race. Moore has to run up the numbers in Bridgeport. And I feel very confident Auden will beat Keeley because she is picking up steam on the North End and she has Black rock and Longfellow won easily. What I am hearing also is she has a huge lead in AB.

  8. My quick predictions –

    Keeley over Grogins – Black Rock and Longfellow could be close, but Keeley will win Central at least 2 to 1.

    Santiago in the 130th but Salcedo could make it interesting and I really hope he does.

    Musto/Moore – I have no idea. Musto has to be considered the favorite but Moore is a great candidate and she has been working hard. She just might do it

    Ayala over Martinez. Ayala got a wake up call in the Town Committee primary. He has a better organization and should win.

    Caruso easily beats Silva. Caruso is far too strong in his district, has a good organization and has been working hard. This one is no contest.

    Himes wins easily

  9. Hey Scott

    Where did that rant come from? I said nothing about Salcedo in an earlier post. I wasn’t clichebpt if that’s what you thought. FedEx? Masseuse??? I think you were a little mistaken. It’s okay. I think you are right in your assessment on turnout for 130th. I think Sly is a great candidate and could surprise some people if he is Sly as a fox.

  10. FYI,
    I got flooded with political mail yesterday evening. Keeley, Grogins, Moore and Musto. Makes for good kindling in the winter months since oil prices will be so high. I thought nothing special of any of the pieces. Keeley was a bit busy on my eyes but the message is clear…more state money, Grogins…pfft she might as well send out a collage of her and Lee Whitnum at a sleepover, Moore had a bunch of testimonials some I recognized others not, but it looked nice, and Musto’s just made me hungry by showing a large stack of pancakes. I noticed his return address on the mail was in Bridgeport but on his website his hq is in Fairfield, does he even know where the district is?

  11. John–accurate assessment. Newcomer Salcedo has no campaign infrastructure and most of Rivera’s supporters and locked up in the Ayala race. Sly comes in a distant third. Turnout? 7-900.

    If Sly takes 200 I’ll eat my shoe.

  12. Predictions from me are

    Himes/Whitnum= Himes wins

    Keeley/Grogins= Keeley wins and he will win Black rock school and Longfellow.

    Musto/Moore= everybody says Musto has the edge but that’s only in Trumbull and Monroe. If Moore can win Bpt big she is in good shape. I am rooting for Moore but I am not saying she will win … I have no clue who will win but Musto is the favorite.

    Santiago/Rivera/Salcedo= Santiago wins

    Caruso/Silva= Caruso wins

    Ayala/Martinez= Ayala wins

  13. Vote for Auden. I vote at Central and I sure know Keeley will not get my vote at Central. And everybody who says Keeley is going to win big at Central is full of shit. Almost everybody on my street has a Auden lawn sign up too, the neighbors are voting for Auden. I also prefer Musto over Moore.

  14. Some people have asked why I would care about Bridgeport. Asking me why I care about Bridgeport is like asking someone in southern Connecticut why they care about Manhattan. Bridgeport is the largest city in the state. It is on the train lines, I-95 and Route 8, and a shipping port. It has an extraordinary amount of vacant industrial space. It has museums, theatres, restaurants, a zoo and music venues. It should be the business, industrial, cultural, entertainment and shipping center of the region and the largest economy in the state. It should be a destination location for southwestern Connecticut. What happens in Bridgeport affects not only Bridgeport, but also Trumbull, Monroe, Fairfield, Stratford, Ansonia and Easton – the entire region. In spite of all of this, Bridgeport, and therefore our entire region, tends to receive less development aid from Hartford than other large cities. For example, Hartford built Adrian’s Landing, but Steel Point remains fallow.

    I am committed to representing the entire district. That means fostering health and education programs that benefit everyone, but it also means working to obtain as much aid for the city as possible. This will benefit the entire region, and that is my goal.

    Also, my HQ is at 4380 Main Street, Bridgeport. Across from Merritt Canteen. Next to Judo place. Come and say hello – the signs are in the window.

    Please visit www .votemusto.com for more information or to contact me. You can also review my experience, qualifications and history of volunteer service at the website.

  15. I’m voting for Musto and also Mr. Musto you need to put up some yard signs in Bridgeport because we need to get your name out there. Up to yesterday I’ve seen Moore walking around to get her vote out.

  16. Thank you Mr. Musto. Fortunately, we Bridgeporters know how important our city is. We want to know what you know about Bridgeport and what specific things you will do for us. What do you know about Bridgeport politics? Whose side are you on, are you a Testa guy ’cause he’s supporting you or on Finch’s side? I’m sure you’re a nice guy, but the Big City of Dreams is a totally different beast. You have to know how to play the game in this city or you’re going nowhere. That’s why we never vote for a non-Bridgeporter for this seat. Vote Moore.

  17. P.S. Major Kudos to this new president at Fairfield U. (I think his name is van Ark?). In the past year, he has come up with two great programs for Bridgeport students, trying to give them a road to a better future. Hopefully Sacred Heart will start showing the same initiative. Good news.

  18. Big City, this is what sickens me…”whose side are you on?” Musto is on Bridgeport’s side, all of Bridgeport. Perhaps not being bogged down in the Bridgeport quagmire is an advantage here. You have someone who can’t be accused of being a machine candidate, or Finch candidate just the candidate who can do most for the district. Believe or not once this primary is over, it is about who will be most effective in Hartford. I have to tell you Hartford is not that enthralled with Bridgeport politics; it is an extreme disadvantage to be lumped into that group. Musto like Salcedo are their own men, appreciative of support but not beholden. If petty political infighting can be avoided by electing Musto, than thank God. Maybe Hartford will listen to someone who has no other agenda than helping Bridgeport and his district. We know he won’t run for Mayor of Bridgeport either. Think about having a true advocate in Hartford not beholden to one group, but all of Bridgeport.

  19. Can someone please explain to me the Keeley/Grogins race??? It’s like choosing between getting bit by a snake and getting stung by a scorpion. Beside the unnecessary amount of yard signs they have plastered around, are these candidates actually doing any campaigning?

  20. SimpleTruth. What you need to know is Keeley is a do-nothing guy; that’s why many people are supporting Auden. So vote Auden for change and then vote Musto and Himes. Keeley will be going down. I hope Lennie will have the results from Central for all three races.

  21. I hope all y’all Auden people don’t cry on primary day. I vote at Black Rock and that doesn’t mean Keeley will win there but he has a better chance at wining at Black Rock than Auden has at Central. So get your facts straight I see this blog is getting hot.

  22. Well I can identify with your view, with one exception – the Musto/Moore race. Moore is my choice because she’s not your typical politician and Musto is not from here. But otherwise, donj, you are spot on. And I can’t think of anyone who could possibly be for Lee Whitnum, didn’t I see her on TMZ the other night?

  23. Agreed cliche, it is sickening. I hate it, but unfortunately seems to be how the game is played. I just think BPT politics are such tough waters to navigate you need to have some experience in the city. You can’t just say, “Hey I’m an outsider and care about the city, so I can help.” I think you need to know all the different sides in this city intimately and know how to play them to your advantage. And just because you’re in Hartford doesn’t mean you can circumvent BPT politics, it’s impossible. I’d enjoy Mr. Musto becoming more involved here (though I’ve heard he made kind of a mess of the budget with Baldwin as Trumbull’s treasurer), but for now, Vote Moore.

  24. Also Mr. Musto is a nice guy but I’m voting for Moore. But if Musto should win I have no problem voting for him because Russo has gone to the right; at first I liked him but not any more. So whoever wins that race gets my vote.

  25. It is more than a little interesting that Tom Kelly is supporting a weak suck of a politician like Bob Keeley. He also thinks Rose Hoyt can walk on water. Oh, she’s done such marvelous things for the elderly citizens of Bridgeport! Here she has all but precluded any other agency from moving into Eisenhower Center, and there is no one to stop her from screwing up even more royally: under orders from Don Mario Testa (Hoyt’s main squeeze) Johnny Fabs eliminated any supervision Hoyt would’ve recieved by executive order. How ’bout that, eh? Fabs was actually Mario “I run the world from a restaurant on Madison Avenue” Testa’s puppet. Rose’s office, the Department on Aging, was supervised by the city’s health Department, and Johnny Fabs wiped out the chain of command with one stroke of an executive order.

    So tell us, Tom, are you one of Don Mario’s kept boys as well? You have been rooting for that criminal imbecile Bob Keeley, a man well known for not delivering on his promises, a no-account weak suck of a man holding a no-show job as “development coordinator” with DSSD. And you’ve been singing Rose Hoyt’s praises. If it weren’t for Don Mario Testa, her main tomato, she wouldn’t have a job at all. Well, maybe working a checkout line at Big Y in Stratford…

  26. Brainballs: I hope you are not referring to V.S. aka the mask as Hoyt’s Supervision. She shouldn’t be supervising anyone at all! There was just a complaint filed against her for her supervisory roles that she has. It is a big coverup! Dr. Evans has taken on all of the mask’s tasks such as signing time sheets. So I am sure she is happy that she isn’t in charge of the dept of aging because that would’ve certainly proved what she is and that is a supervisor.

  27. I’m voting for Musto also, he has experience as the Treasurer of Trumbull and Moore is probably a nice lady, but she will follow in Gomes’ footsteps and we don’t need that. Plus I think Musto would have a better shot against Russo. As far as Keeley/Auden, well, I just don’t know which is the worse of the 2 evils, and that just plain sucks to have to pick one of them. I’m also so sick of looking at their signs everywhere and now they are stealing them from each other, they both need to grow up. Think I’ll just pass on voting for either one.

  28. Clichebpt –
    Mr. Musto “Asking me why I care about Bridgeport is like asking someone in southern Connecticut why they care about Manhattan.” Talk about clichés! Kind of rhymes with Chris Shays! All fluff and no substance.
    On the blog Musto writes, “I am committed to representing the entire district. That means fostering health and education programs that benefit everyone, but it also means working to obtain as much aid for the city as possible. This will benefit the entire region, and that is my goal.”
    On his website he writes “Funding is always an issue. The question there is priorities. We have only so much money and many needs. We need to balance education needs with general health care, security, economic development, environmental protection, etc.”
    And on his literature he tells us he knows about healthcare because his father is an eye doctor!
    This man is as prepared to serve as State Senator from Bridgeport as the last one was to serve as mayor of Bridgeport. Cliché squared.

  29. City Kitty,
    Glad to hear that you are passing on voting for Keeley or Grogins. Otherwise I would have to call Jeff Garfield and have him look into how someone who practically lives in Trumbull gets to vote in the West Side of Bridgeport. Moore – Keeley! Moore – Keeley! Moore-Keeley!

  30. Another jewel from the Musto’s website “I believe that we can maintain fiscal responsibility and still provide quality public education, property tax reform and affordable health insurance for everyone in Connecticut.” And yet “Funding is always an issue.”
    Seems Mr. Musto forgot to include he will work to stop the spread of aids, end hunger and find a cure for cancer. Cliché galore.

  31. Outreach Worker- I am glad that my nickname for V.S. has caught on. I really knew there was something funny about her. Do these time sheets that you talk about Dr. Evans signing have brown smudges or fingerprints? My sources close to her over on East Main Street have pointed to the fact that she takes worse dumps than Warren Blunt and Richard Paoletto combined. She also doesn’t use hand sanitizer.

    Here are some questions that I would like answered…

    Has anybody heard anything on the Tony DePrimo front?
    Will he receive a furlough while on suspension?
    How can Tony afford to keep up all of his DePrihoes?
    Who hasn’t heard Dennis Scinto Motherfuck the Mayor while driving his City Car?
    What’s Mario’s feeling about Tsunami Tuesday with just under a week to go?

  32. Two quick comments and then back to my vacation.

    1. Excellent editorial in today’s New York Times on Connecticut’s new public financing laws. Take a look.

    2. Why do most of the Grogins and now Silva supporters sound so unpleasant, and so negative and also so prone to foul language?

    Just a suggestion, you might be more effective if you said something positive about your candidates instead of constantly bashing Keeley and Caruso. It’s getting very old and very tiresome. But what the hell, keep it up. You’re probably hurting your candidates more than you’re helping them.

    Have a nice rest of the week. I’m back on vacation.

  33. What has Carlos Silva done as a Councilman that makes me want to send him to Hartford? I am so glad I don’t have a vote over in that district. I might as well have shot myself in the head twice.

    Vote Moore/Grogins/Himes/Ayala/Santiago/Caruso.

  34. Will someone please explain to donj just who it was that turned out the vote against Caruso at Longfellow last year and just who that person is supporting this year?

    I’m on vacation and really don’t have the time.

  35. Since most bloggers on OIB are giving their predictions again for the #100th time, I guess I will too! * And the final winners are, 1. Keeley, 2. Caruso, 3. Hennessy, 4. Ayala, 5. Clemens, 6. Santiago, 7. Gomes, 8. Moore. Followed by Himes in the 4th. district! That’s my picks to get the final endorsment from the “confused” @ times, Democrats. Hopefully there will be “some” different winners in the general elections in Nov. ’08!

  36. doni–As far as Keeley/Grogins at Longfellow we shall see what we shall see come August 12th. But let’s both hope for a huge turnout for Moore.

    Have a good night.

  37. Go Auden !!

    Keely got his ass kicked in the debate tonight. Auden showed that she understood the issues and she knew how to articulate them. She showed she knows how to fight so Bridgeport stops getting short changed.

    Kelly talked how he was third base coach and how he use to run from the tough kids. He showed he was totally clueless

  38. donj–I’ll be there, my wife will be there and if we can figure out a way to get the cat registered he’ll be there too.

    This is absolutely my last post this vacation or I’m going to have to find a Blogger’s Anonymous meeting.

  39. After that winning debate tonight – the CLEAR winner is Auden! Well, at least Keeley has a job to fall back on…or, does he? Well, maybe Keeley and Tom Kelley can play “cutesie” on this website like Tom is doing with clichebpt.

  40. Hey Scott N., it doesn’t matter one way or another if Hennessy wins or not. I didn’t know who’s running against him so I picked his name just to fill my pick-list!

  41. Reaper, so I guess Moore is against regionalization, doesn’t want property tax reform, is against providing health care to all citizens, because her web site says NOTHING. It is empty like Caruso’s campaign was empty, all anyone is saying is he is not from Bridgeport. One theme attack. You are so desperate you attack Musto’s desire to help Bridgeport. At least Musto has taken the time and effort to put his postions down and talk about the issues. The only thing I know about Moore is that she, like Musto, qualified for the grant. For people who want an eyeful of nothing check out marilynmooreforsenate.com.

  42. Señor Lennie, you’re right, the media is a strange business @ times. Also they seem to protect each other from time to time regardless of who’s wrong. Example, I’ve written small articles concerning J. Buchanon the host of WICC’s talk of the town to the Conn. Post’s “Letters to Editor” but they’re never printed. Maybe because I complain about how Buchanon has that been there, done that, type of attitude and likes to cut off callers to the show with sudden commercial spots or lost phone contact excuses. Regardless that it’s a pretty good show with interesting topics, sometimes the host comes through as though he’s the main reason people are listening; yet any of the vet. radio jocks @ WICC can host the show and make it work, ’cause for me it’s the show’s format that interests me, not the host. And certainly not J. Buchanon, that’s for sure!

  43. Scott N.

    Thank you, I’ll take your advice and go to bed early tonight.

    200, you say? Will you eat the left or the right shoe? Sneakers or real leather shoes? Just curious. That would be a fun sight to see for all OIB fans. Good night!

  44. Sly

    If you have 400 prime voter I.D.s in hand or 1000 regular I.D.’s (or a combination therein) with at least 30 people ( 5-10 soft sheeters, drivers, poll workers, phone workers) working the ground on Tuesday you will get 200 votes.

    If you don’t, you won’t…period.


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