Political Action Group Endorses Candidates

News release from Better Bridgeport:

Better Bridgeport today announced its endorsement of three candidates running this year for the Bridgeport City Council and five candidates running for the Bridgeport Board of Education.

For City Council, Better Bridgeport endorses Kyle Langan in the 132nd Council District (West Side–Brooklawn). Better Bridgeport also endorses Pete Spain and Christina Smith, both running for City Council in the 130th Council District (Black Rock–West End). All three candidates are running for the Democratic Party’s nomination in the September 12 primary election.

For the Board of Education, whose members are elected at large throughout the city, Better Bridgeport endorses JoAnn Kennedy, Eric Stewart-Alicea, and Helen Losak for the Democratic nomination and also endorses Chris Taylor and Joseph Sokolovic for the Republican nomination.

Candidates were selected for endorsement after they answered in writing an extensive set of questions from Better Bridgeport and submitted to personal interviews.

No incumbent offered answers in response to Better Bridgeport’s questions. Thus, no incumbent was invited for a personal interview nor considered for endorsement.

Better Bridgeport (on the web: www.BetterBPT.com) is a political action committee formed by citizens supporting candidates and policies to improve the governance, economic and cultural vitality of Bridgeport.

“We are thrilled to back this strong slate of citizen candidates,” said Jeanine Oburchay, chair of Better Bridgeport. “These candidates are eager to bring fresh ideas and energy to our city government. We’ve gotten to know each of these people. It’s evident each one cares deeply about our city. Each person we’ve endorsed is determined to make positive changes. Each embodies the same independence, integrity and transparency that we at Better Bridgeport value.

“Their dedication and commitment to our city is evident in their civic activism and engagement. We look forward to not only supporting their candidacy in this year’s important race but to working with them in the future on Bridgeport issues that provide justice and fairness to all.”

She added: “We love Bridgeport for its diversity, and so it is important to us to support candidates from across the City. This year our endorsed candidates live in Black Rock, North End, West Side, and East End.


Better Bridgeport is a political committee that seeks to support policymakers and policies that will improve the economic and cultural vitality of our diverse city. We support independent-minded, evidence-based public servants who are dedicated to bringing innovative and equitable solutions to Bridgeport’s challenges. We’re committed to open, accountable and transparent methods to measure and report the city’s financials and trends, similar to those employed by leading U.S. cities. We believe that such an honest, professional, and proactive approach will educate more citizens and empower them to make a better Bridgeport for all.

Contact us at betterbpt@gmail.com



  1. I would like to thank Mr. Lee, and all those at better Bridgeport, for their endorsement. Should I win, I promise to maintain my independence in my decision making, and do what’s best for the kids. If anybody wishes to learn more about me and my views, you can visit my website at http://www.sokolovic4bboe.com.

  2. I’m truly honored for me and Christina Smith to be endorsed by Better Bridgeport for our run for City Council for the 130th. It’s a growing group of Bridgeport citizens from four or more different districts, including Downtown, Treeland, Brooklawn, and Black Rock. They are dedicated to making our city government work for us. Better Bridgeport recognizes that active, engaged, evidence-based, and demanding citizenry is a necessity to building a better future for Bridgeport.

    When I decided to run for Council in May, the first thing I did was to step down from this group, which I’d been a part of since 2013. I wanted to ensure that there was ample daylight between my volunteer work with the group and my separation from it BEFORE I announced my run for City Council and submitted a candidate questionnaire to Better Bridgeport and underwent an interview.

    We — from all walks of life and of all ages in our district and city — must come together for real progress now. We must have the courage to come out of our comfort zones to repudiate the substandard status quo and to insist on credible, open, accountable, and competent representatives.

    I urge all registered Democrats in the 130th to make your voice heard in our Democratic Primary on September 12th. Vote Smith and Spain for City Council.


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