Police Union Leadership Receives Pushback On Stefanowski Endorsement For Governor

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Over five years ago, in the aftermath of the shooting death of a 15-year-old by a city police officer who was later cleared of wrongdoing, Pastor Anthony Bennett was one of the faith leaders demanding changes to local law enforcement.

So Bennett expressed frustration and disappointment this week after learning Bridgeport’s police union last Friday endorsed Bob Stefanowski, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, ahead of this coming Tuesday’s election.

Stefanowski has made opposition to parts of 2020’s statewide police accountability law dealing with issues of officer immunity, consent searches and use of force a centerpiece of his campaign against Democratic incumbent Ned Lamont, who received the majority of the city’s votes four years ago.

… “It’s disturbing the police union of Bridgeport seemingly is out of touch with the broader statewide efforts toward reform, particularly in urban centers,” Bennett, who is Black, said. “Obviously many people in suburban towns, their relationship with law enforcement has a different dimension and nuance than many persons in urban centers.”

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  1. Perhaps candidate for governor Stefanowski might have come into Bridgeport and held conversations about the multiple reasons for disquiet regarding the Department responsible for public safety.
    Crime reports listed on the Bridgeport Police web site show DECREASES mostly from 2019.
    A PD with authorized strength of about 460 currently registers under 300.
    Recruits who wish to pursue a police career are hard to find and full classes are difficult to fill.
    Some have said that the difficulty in obtaining external overtime as a Sergeant or above, is a reason for police officers to pass on higher rank.
    Where has the Police Commission spoken up and often about the notion of public service?
    What incentives does the new contract for Police support or counter for new recruits and those in place looking to make service in Bridgeport a career?
    Finally, HB6004 An Act Concerning Police Accountability is available from the State of CT with a table of contents offering almost 30 chapters of items and materials covered by the July, 2020 rules. New standards regarding use of force, consent searches and immunity from suit touch on three areas. At least two of these areas have drawn multiple public complaints in recent years with suits, City legal defense, and settlements. Where are the conversations to be held for presentations from all parties, listening by all parties, and more understanding of our common purpose? Time will tell.


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