Police Forum Hosted By Chief Garcia To Connect Community With Resources

Statement from Acting Chief Rebeca Garcia:

“The impetus behind organizing this event is my goal to strengthen relationships between the community, police and our partners and open dialogue. Also, we would like our community to know what resources are available to them, address concerns and follow up with action plans.”



  1. Talking loud and saying nothing. Please explain to the public why are you the “Acting” Police Chief and why is the past police chief is now in a federal prison serving time and why should a person taking the police exam expect it to be a honest fair exam?

  2. Ron
    Back in the day when I first came on the council Bridgeport was alive with neighborhood groups. We had the West Side, the West End, and the Stratford. When they had a meeting and especially when we were invited Lisa and I tried to go. And if we both couldn’t one of us would. When they had a neighborhood clean up we would try to go. A neighborhood cookout. Etc., etc., etc.
    we would regularly see the police there. Some time Chief Sweeney, most often the captain in charge of the area, sometimes the officers who walked the beat in the area.
    And there was always give and take with the police.
    Now it’s a zoom meeting or conference. It’s not a neighborhood but a community. It’s not the police addressing their concerns.
    Is this progress or is it the easiest way to say they have done something. The checklist mentality. Check. We’re good for another month or two.

  3. This POLITICAL AD, complete with professional logo and neat little list of corporate, service-provider “partners”, isn’t supposed to create a perception of authenticity — per the promotion of a real “community meeting” that could be capable of the elicitation of community-mindedness at the citizen or neighborhood level? Is it? Is this supposed to present the face of real community outreach toward the creation of real Community Policing for Bridgeport/the BPD?!

    This is about as feeble an effort at “public outreach” by City Hall as I’ve seen in my lifetime in Bridgeport. It speaks in tones of political death-throes…

    When is that state takeover going to happen? Any dates to throw out, Ned?

  4. Hey Lennie. Your headline here is a bit misleading. It’s bit a Police Forum headed by Chief Garcia. It’s an information forum highlighting resources available in our community.
    It seems to cover a whole plethora of topics none of which includes policing.


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