Police Designate “Freedom Of Speech Zone” For Rev. Graham Event

News release from Police Department:

The Bridgeport Police Department is designating a “Freedom of Speech Zone” at Seaside Park on Tuesday, May 28th from 5:30pm-9:30pm as department representatives have become aware of local organizations that will be attending in protest of the “Decision America Northeast Tour” hosted by Reverend Franklin Graham. The “freedom of speech zone” will be located at the southeast corner of the bandshell closest to the Howe Statue, adjacent to this space is also a designated Press Staging Area. Police are asking that event attendees and protestors exercise their rights and freedoms peacefully and respectfully for the safety and security of all residents and visitors. Members of the media are requested to utilize the Press Staging Area for safety measures. Any protesters or attendees are asked to check with officers on scene if they have any questions or concerns.



  1. When Kenneth Starr learned that Bill Clinton took a blowjob or two from Monica Lewinsky Franklyn Graham was up in arms demanding Slick Willie’s resignation or impeachment. Now he defends Donald Trump, a tax cheat, conman and serial adulterer married to a woman that began her modelling career taking her clothes off for softcore pornography.

  2. I would imagine that there will be a crowd of at least 2 at this event… And maybe even a protester…
    (The Devil will be watching from atop the smoke-stack at the scenic Seaside Park Coal-fired Power Plant — he’s a PSE&G employee with close ties to City Hall and DEEP/PURA…)


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