Pinocchio Prez–State Election Officials Battle Disinformation Campaign About Voting

Sample ballot 126th State House District

Five weeks from the general election the state’s chief elections division is engaged in correcting disinformation about the voting process. And speaking of the disinformation commander in cheat, did you pay more in income taxes than Donald Trump?

From Kasturi Pananjady, CT Mirror:

Connecticut is paying the postage for all absentee ballots and absentee ballot applications in the state this year. But residents may have seen a meme claiming that absentee ballots require two stamps–which, in Connecticut, is not the case.

That’s an example of the kind of false information about the electoral process that Secretary of the State Denise Merrill’s office says it is focused on countering this year.

So far, Connecticut has hired an intelligence analyst to monitor the internet and is one of 11 states using new software to empower election officials of all levels to report false claims. It has also created a tool to demystify absentee voting by allowing voters to track their ballots.

Merrill spokesperson Gabe Rosenberg says the office is tasked with “identifying information regarding election administration that is not correct, and either correcting it, reporting it, or likely both.”

Full story here.

Don’t know where you vote? See here.



  1. Why is that video about “typical income tax” there? Lol, I know.
    More fake news?
    While I understand that the majority, the vast majority of people, don’t know what it is to run any type of business I do understand some parts of how paying taxes work when you are in business. Lennie how about explaining to your public how it works. You know how it works as does any business person. As does any small, large or giant business. Whether it’s a small bodega or GE or Xerox or Google, or Amazon- you know how it works. There are gains and losses and write off’s for many things. What is owed and a discrepancy of what’s owed is why there is an IRS and a tax court. I’ve been there. The IRS said that I owed tens of thousands of dollars. I went to court and showed them how they were wrong. I had a tax attorney with me and actually didn’t need him as the judge heard my testimony under oath while being questioned by a team of IRS people. I know how it works. I won and didn’t pay anything. In 2016 when pressed with the same shit as they are “reporting” now , Trump said that as a businessman he would be stupid not to take advantage of the tax laws as they apply to whatever businesses he might have. He also clearly stated that if “they” didn’t like it then “they” can change the laws. He was of course talking about the “loopholes” that allow for various write offs, deductions, offsets, etc etc etc.
    There are many advantages of owning a business providing it supplies one with enough income to live on. There are more advantages in a small business for the common man then there is for the same common man who works for somebody and only makes a salary. Let’s get over that tax bullshit and why not show how the masses how politicians benefit from their ”salaried” jobs? How do they make millions of dollars on their meager salary and benefits. They all do it, not to mention all the corruption in the ENTIRE swamp. Whether outright or by doing favors which always come with a quid pro quo. Like Hunter Biden. Imagine what an honest system we would actually have if he and his dad, working together, WERE THE ONLY ONES!!!!!!!!! Lol.

    1. Oh and make sure the tax Is paid on the remuneration received for putting up that Biden video ad!!
      As Yakov Smirnoff used to say: “what a country”!!!

  2. Rich
    You are not President of the United States.
    Big difference between citizen John Doe and the POTUS. Do you agree?
    When every President since I believe Dwight D Eisenhower has released their Income Tax Return and Trump makes up excuses aka lies as to why he can’t, do you think that’s fine?
    $73 million tax refund???
    Is that what you got back last year?
    Give it a break. He’s a tax cheat. A tax scammer. A tax fraud. A Trump by any other name is still scum.

  3. Ron, I don’t know about the police union, but Rich sure as hell has never been wrong in this forum. I can only imagine how stressful it is being right all the time! Just like what’s his name!

    1. Don, Rich has been totally silent on everything about the subject of police, the charter and civil service issues, these are subjects that Rich should be an expert on because being the President of the Police union in Stamford but instead he’s tax expert.

  4. Right, right, right, Dan could give us the 411 on the never wrong Rich. You know, now that you mentioned it Rich never commented on the Bridgeport cop that was molesting babies.

    1. Is that the best you got??!! You don’t have a better answer?
      You guys need some serious help.
      I’ll be thinking of you poor souls while enjoying the beach in the warm climate until next May. But don’t worry, modern technology allows be to continue to confound both of you all winter!!

  5. What is claimed to be figures from Trump’s tax returns (leaked just prior to the first debate) suggests that his net tax payment is less than most working Americans. The NYT ‘bombshell ‘ syncs well with the Biden ad (oh, what a coincidence) and will be a point Biden will be prepped on. Let’s see if Trump distracts him and confuses him.

    The debate I look forward to is Kamala Harris and Mike Pence.

        1. Proving again that you have no knowledge of tax laws and loopholes. 4 years ago he said if you don’t like it, change the laws. Have your preferred politicians even attempt that? Of course they did not. Check out their tax returns!!! Bunch of crooks all of them…. except for the ones you like, right?!!
          I’m sure that they have come through for you time after time.

  6. Any American that thinks it alright for the President of the United States not to pay taxes is DAMN FOOL. 🤔 But you same DAMN FOOLS felt the need to excoriate a man that knelt at a football game! Which act is Un-American you DAMN FOOLS?

    1. These fools feel giving those collecting unemployment because of CIVID-19 and they can’t go back to work that giving them a extra $600 that they would be making to much money for not working.

  7. When he I controls the White House and you’ve got Mitch McConnell control the Senate that’s easy to say. How many bills have come up for a vote this year? Hint, it’s less than 1

  8. I think a broader point that is missing in this polically partisanship debate, while Trump paid 750 in taxes the last few years, I believe, during Obama’s 8-year presidency Trump paid $0. So is it really about Trump not paying taxes or this country’s tax structure/system? I mean Obama didn’t care Tump paid $0 in taxes. It’s not like Obama and Biden tried to fix the tax system. I also believe Trump wanted to eliminate Fedaral to for people making less 25000 singles and 50000 for a married couples, and R’s want flat tax system that does away with the IRS altogether. JS JS


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