Petition Calls For School Board Member Chris Taylor’s Resignation Following “Body Shaming” Incident Against Pereira

An online petition started by education advocate JoAnn Kennedy is calling on Board of Education member Chris Taylor to resign following a January 28 confrontation with colleague Maria Pereira in which Pereira claims Taylor called her a “fat bitch” at the Aquaculture School and kicked the exit door into her.

Screenshot of video shows Taylor in Pereira’s face.

Pereira filed a complaint with the police department. School board members were discussing a transportation contract that involved disqualification of individuals with certain criminal backgrounds. Pereira says she sought to maintain a quorum for a vote on the matter and followed colleague Sybil Allen who had prepared to leave the meeting. Taylor left the meeting to avoid a quorum. As they exit the door a security video captures footage of the confrontation. There’s no audio.

“It was an issue with the bus contract that my constituents would never go for,” says Taylor. “My constituents are second-chance citizens. I left to exit the building to avoid a quorum. They can petition all they want. I am in an elected position with a four-year term.”

As for Pereira’s assertion that Taylor body shamed her, Taylor added “I don’t have anything to say about it. It’s sad that the board can’t get along. All I did was get up and excuse myself. I didn’t chase her. She chased after me.”

In the video above Pereira details the occurrence with Taylor who was elected to the school board as a Republican in 2017.

An event, Woman Stand Together For Maria Pereira, will take place Thursday night at Murphy’s Law on Fairfield Avenue Downtown.

Petition language:

On the evening of Monday, January 28, 2019; Chris Taylor physically and verbally assaulted his female colleague, Maria Pereira.

At a regularly scheduled Bridgeport Board of Education meeting, Maria Pereira was attempting to speak to colleague, Sybil Allen as she exited the building.

Chris Taylor; who has a repeated history of disrespectful and abusive behavior towards Bridgeport Board of Education colleagues, staff and Superintendent, repeatedly tried to block, Ms. Pereira from speaking with Ms. Allen.

He attempted to intimidate Ms. Pereira physically and verbally by calling her a “fat b*tch” and purposefully kicking the door closed as Ms. Pereira was exiting, which resulted in him physically assaulting Ms. Pereira.

Chris Taylor is approximately 6 feet 2 inches in height and weighs 350 lbs, which would be considered extremely intimidating to most women.

Previously he has told Ms. Pereira “shut the f*ck up, you fat b*tch” “f*ck you and your Dutch boy haircut” and “don’t get your panties in a bunch”.

Ms. Pereira has now filed two police reports regarding Chris Taylor’s disrespectful, abusive and violent behavior.

Women in today’s society can not and should not tolerate men abusing the power of their elected positions.

We are demanding: Chris Taylor immediately resign from the Bridgeport Board of Education and that the Bridgeport Police Department issue a warrant for the arrest of Chris Taylor; charging him with assault and harassment.

It is absolutely clear that Chris Taylor should not serve in any capacity that allows him to represent the interest of over 20,000 students, 30,000 parents, and 2,700 Bridgeport Public School employees.



  1. If you click on the link to the petition you can watch the entire video of the interaction.

    Please consider signing the petition.

    Chris Taylor’s assertion that I was chasing him out of Aquaculture School is a blatant lie. Sybll Allen was exiting in front of him and I was trying to speak with her about rejoining our meeting so that we could have a quorum to vote on our $55,000,000 bus c.ontract. Taylor was doing everything he could to block me from reaching her.

    Chris Taylor’s constituents are from the entire city, not just the East End. In addition, he ran as a Republican.

    I will be picking up the police report this week. This is the second police report I have filed against him I will be visiting the BPD with my attorney, the video and police reports in hand to swear out a warrant for his arrest.

    Let’s see what the BPD, under Chief Perez,does.

  2. On a further note about the BPD, I submitted a FOI request to the Superintendent for the video above .

    Lt. Grech, who has ZERO authority over a single BOE employee tried to block me from getting it. Every BOE employee works for Dr. Johnson, yet he told a security guard it could not be released.

    When I finally got to view the video after twelve noon the next day EVERY single camera was frozen at 8:29 PM the night before.

    Lt. Grech and/or his staff had already gone through all the video camera footage at Aquaculture School from the central camera location at 999 Broad St. The question one must ask is why???

  3. One would think that his constituency would be the Parents of the children that attend Bridgeport Public Schools. Clearly Taylor has his priorities mixed up. It’s a shame that BPS students, staff, and parents are being held hostage by this man.

  4. I just came back to set the record straight. By no means did I suggest that people call Maria fat. Contrary to popular belief, size matters. I love big woman. Thank you Chine’s Jesus. 🙂

  5. Wow chris María is doing you like Sen. Bradley did her with the boycott. Maria knows Chris is elected like she is calling on his resignation means nothing.

    1. Ernie, where is the call for a boycott?

      Where is the evidence of my harassing or assaulting a fellow board member?

      Where is your criticism of Chris Taylor for harassment and physical assault of a woman?

      Oh, that’s right. Chris Taylor told me he paid $10,000 of your legal bills for your defense in the elections scheme you were charged with.

      1. Maria
        You are a lying person Chris Taylor Never paid a dime for my legal cost. Just goes to show you of all people should be talking how about Judah Epstein Paying you to help foreclose on People’s Housing. Let’s talk about how you cost the board of Education 250,000.00 dollars. The City offered to pay some bills for the Board of Education because of your refusal state took the money back! Maria do us all a great favor take your MED’s.

        1. Chris Taylor told me directly that he had paid $10,000 of your legal costs from the attorney from Stamford. This is not gossip or heresy, he told me this directly.

          Your assertions that Juda Epstein has paid me to foreclose on a single home due to unpaid WPCA bills is simply laughable. You have been spending too much time with Tony Barr. All WPCA foreclosures are listed on Please post a single link that identifies me as involved in a single WPCA foreclosure. We will be waiting for eternity for any such evidence.

          The BOE lost nothing. We are a nine member Board that makes decision based on a majority vote. Just like Ernest Newton cannot make a decision for the 20 member City Council. The Board voted unanimously to require the City to meet the Minimum Budget Requirement as per state statute.

          What else you got? Try to be accurate and factual in your assertions

          1. Maria i just spoke to Chris Taylor He said he Never told you he gave me 10,000.00 dollars for my legal fees. Maria please stop lying. I don’t mess with you. You have been a person who has hurt the Bd Of Education which you claim you care so much about. People who live in glass houses should not throw Stones. All you do is turn people away. Maria if people don’t kiss your A– you turn on them. You have the mentality of a Slave Master but remember Lincoln FREED ME! I’m not on your Plantation!

          2. Maria no i can not make a decision for the 19 other Council Members on our city council but everything i’ve put into motion Hiring Bridgeport Residents and ex-felons or changing ordinances. Working on New language dealing with the WPCA and other thing. I’ve been able to gain great support from my fellow Council people. You can’t get any support from others because you don’t know how to work with others.

          3. I don’t care what Chris Taylor told you.

            I do not lie. He absolutely told me that he paid $10,000 of your legal fees related to the attorney who represented you from Stamford.

            He also told me you went before the IMA asking them to help raise money for your legal bills.

            Stop the absurd rhetoric on slavery. You sound unhinged.

            Lincoln never set you free because you weren’t alive during the Lincoln era, therefore you were never a slave.

            The only masters you serve are Dr. Ralph Ford, Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa.

          4. The WPCA issue was pursued by Eneida Martinez ,with the help of Judge Lopz, yet you are always trying to take credit for it.

            Sit down you pontificating fool.

          5. Maria
            Just remember Ralph Ford Mario nor Joe supported me in my run for the City Council 2017 and if you look at the numbers I was the top Vote getter. The problem with you is When you are not on your Med’s you make Things up. Maria you need help! I pray that you get it!

  6. The Bridgeport Board of Ed is tasked with safeguarding the city’s future, the education of future generations. Little Joe Ganim and Mario Testa realised something the GOP has capitalized on for decades:the ignorance of an under educated populace.

  7. I won’t sign you petition Maria, however I might stop by for a ginger ale because it is a serious issue. Christ’s professionalize is in question, but I truly believe him back heeling the door didn’t cause you any physical harm in any why. In fact I believe you had you hand on the door when he did it. While trivial and somewhat dramatized, like the editing of the surveillance footage panning away and the back round music, assault though? Who produced your video? 20th Century Fox. 🙂 Come on people, act like adults. You people are the grown ups who are supposed to be looking out for the kids. Not using them. JS.

  8. We just received a Special Meeting notice from John Weldon.

    Public comment is not allowed at special meetings.

    The single agenda item is discussion and possible action on community forums which is a specific goal of Dr. Johnson’s evaluation for this year.

    I hear both Mayor Ganim and most City Council members are upset that parents are being educated about the dire financial crisis of the BOE. I have informed parents that Mayor Ganim promised that if he was elected he would find our schools. I go on to share the following;

    In 2016/2017 we requested $16,000,000 and Ganim proposed a budget with a ZERO increase. The City Council voted to appropriate a ZERO increase.

    In 2017/2018 we requested slightly over 11,000,000 and Ganim proposed a ZERO increase. The City Council voted to appropriate $377,000.

    In 2018/2019 we requested $12,000,000 and Ganim proposed a ZERO increase. The City Council voted to appropriate a $1,200,00 increase. Only Kyle Langan, Eneida Martinez and Pete Spain voted no on the budget and stood up for our over 20,000 students.

    We have made $38,000,000 in cuts in Ganim’s first three years in office.

    My guess there is going to be an attempt to halt the Community Conversations because the facts and the education of parents/voters is a very bad thing in an election year.

    Let’s see what John Weldon and his cohort is up to tomorrow night in Room 305 at 45 Lyon Terrace at 6:30 P.M.

    1. I’m a little confuse here, why would Christina B. Smith, Marcus A. Brown, and Ernest E. Newton voted for 2018/2019 requested $12,000,000 and Ganim proposed a ZERO increase? The City Council voted to appropriate a $1,200,00 increase. Now why did Kyle Langan, Eneida Martinez and Pete Spain voted no on the budget and stood up for the over 20,000 students but their counter – partner in their district voted for only a $1,200,00 increase for 20,000 plus students instead of the $12,000,000? What other item was more important than the future of Bridgeport with our 20,000 plus students?

      1. Ron,
        In terms of the 2018/2019 BOE funding,the reason why Eneida Martinez,Kyle Langan and Pete Spain voted NO is because they were opposed in PRINCIPLE against the amount of $1,200,000 increase in the BOE budget. All other CC members voted YES. The three CC’s felt that the increase was completely insufficient for the 20,000 Bridgeport school students. In other words,the three CC”s felt that Bridgeport schools needed significantly more money and they refused to vote for that increase because it would have seemed that they supported the actual increase although they were completely opposed and refused to go along The rest of the CC seemed to be comfortable with that amount.

  9. How is stating a fact about somebody a call for someone’s resignation? Get over yourself, Maria! You are a public official– it comes with the territory. IF you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  10. C’mon Mackey, you can’t be surprised, Christina made a motion at a CC meeting to do what he said, Marcus just jumped into the pocket of Mayor Ganim, Mario and the DTC and Ernie is hedging his bet on his future endeavors. It appears as if the best interest of the youth of Bridgeport is secondary to being a good Democrat or at the very least a good member of the DTC.

    Now what was the mode of the other 14 members of the CC? Are they advocates for the education of Bridgeport youth or are they good Democrats?

    1. Don, those other 14 Council members are a bunch of scare kiss ass Ganim and Mario followers who don’t want a primary, it doesn’t matter that money is needed for the education of Bridgeport future for 20,000 students they could care less.

    2. Don i’m not surprise at you. Please do me a favor don’t worry about my Future. Don Maria is a sick person she may play God But God will never play her. She’s some of the reason no one on the City Council has no respect for her at all. Let me say this if anyone should resign it her. Only one person respects her on the Bd of ED.

      1. Well, I wonder who the majority of Bridgeport residents respect more.

        Ernest Newton- Sentenced to 5 years in prison for betraying the trust of those he represented by soliciting and accepting bribes.

        In addition, he is unable to write comprehensive sentences, spell, capitalize, punctuate and more.

        Does not have a reputation for conducting research and studying critical City Council agenda items in order to make sound decisions impacting Bridgeport residents.

        Maria Pereira – Plead guilty to three misdemeanors in 2005 related to Domestic Violence while her ex-boyfriend plead guilty to four misdemeanors

        Is able to write comprehensive sentences while spelling, capitalizing and punctuating most of the time. Certainly not perfectly.

        Conducts thorough research, reads every single BOE document to prepare for every meeting, and formulates questions in preparation for each meeting. Is well respected by staff and has a reputation for being well informed and prepared for meetings. Is the most knowledgeable board member as it relates to state statutes, Robert’s Rules of Order, the Freedom of Information Act and Board Policy. Well informed on national, state and local education.issues and policy.

        Ernie, I am respected by my peers, staff, parents and voters because I am knowledgeable , hard working, intelligent and articulate. There isn’t a single politician that gets 100% of the vote. I don’t waste my time on those who don’t support me. I focus my time on those that believe and the work I do on the school board and in my neighborhood.

        I am even respected by Mario Testa and the DTC because I am a formidable opponent. If I wasn’t, Mario and the machine wouldn’t waste their time discussing me and holding meetings on how to defeat me.

        I consider it a compliment not an insult. 🙂

        1. Maria i’m not going to respond to you any more. You are a miserable person. I really feel sorry for you please do us all a favor take your Med’s. you see i don’t care what you think of me. You are a person who Needs Medical attention. You talk about you believe in second chances but are the first to bring up a persons past. Anything you write about me People already know. I will never let my situation nor my location obscure my destination. The thing is i don’t need a sick person like you to approve Ernest E. Newton ll. The Voters in the 139th did that in 2017-2019.

          1. Ernie, do you promise not to respond to me anymore?

            Is there a prison handshake we can participate in to seal the deal?

  11. Any man that verbally, mentally and physically assaults a woman will eventually pay the price for it or have it come back to them in some form of retribution.

    What if a man demonstrates the same behavior towards their daughter, sister, mother and more?

  12. Maria I will agree with you on that statement. I’m sure the Lord will not take it lightly. However please don’t not put this incident, by any means, in the same light of real domestic verbal, mental, and physical assaults, and work place harassment woman go though, and live with in this country and around the world.Not to mention the horror kids go through and live with at the hand of adults.

    Chris called you a name and barely closed the door with his heel on you. It’s a sad sight to see the state of the Port’s politics has become.

    1. Robert,

      You are really dumb. Please stop making your idiotic posts.

      I don’r want any man lecturing me on what”real” harassment and assault is. You wrote “However please don’t not put this incident, by any means, in the same light of real domestic verbal, mental, and physical assaults, and work place harassment woman go though, and live with in this country and around the world.”

      First of all domestic violence is defined as mental, verbal or physical abuse by a spouse or family member. I never referenced domestic violence.

      Second of all, you are not a woman, therefore you do not get to speak for women who have experienced verbal, mental, sexual or physical assault

      Third of all, my elderly neighbor tried to sexually assault me in the 5th Grade. I was also attacked by a serial rapist in Philadelphia and was one of many that testified against him and helped put him in prison.

      Fourth of all, I have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, therefore you don’t get to lecture me on that matter either.

      Fifth of all, I was raised in home where my mother was verbally, mentally and physically assaulted throughout my entire childhood. Me and my five siblings experienced the same treatment.

      Sixth of all, I was involved in a very serious domestic violence situation in 2005 with a former longtime boyfriend.

      Finally, shut the f_ck up you little, tiny, whiny moron.

      This is exactly why you were thrown out of Joe Ganim’s headquarters in 2015. You would just sit there day after day waiting to give Joe Ganim advice. You never lifted a finger to help the campaign. You just kept telling others what Ganim should do to win although you had no political experience or wins under your belt.

      1. A. Thanks to you I’m not as dumb and my posts are not as idiotic as they once were.

        B. It’s well know, just ask JML, my vocabulary is lacking, and maybe you should’ve referenced domestic violence because that is where most man verbally, mentally, sexually, and physically “lecture” women, lot more than a B word and a back heel to a door, walking away.

        C. How do you know I have no experience on domestic or just plain verbal, mental, sexual or physical abuse? The dread that come over you just with the sound of car when they pull up or key in lock and open the door etc. P.S don’t gender Identify me. #CaitlynJenner.

        D. When I was in 5th grade. After what I like to call an “event” and ironically the same school Joe was doing his reading to. One of my classmate took me to Waldbaum’s to steal pens. Some guy grabbed me and my friend ran. He walked me up the front, by the cashers, and out the door into the parking lot to his car. He had his hand by the wrist. I un-hook his fingers and ran home. Being dumb I really never it much thought, just thought I got caught doing something wrong I shouldn’t have, until much later in life. When I read what happened at Roosevelt. That’s just A story about me, my family and life. We all have a story. You like research, do some research on me maybe Ernie can help you. (I’m search you have though)

        E. I will not venture to “lecture” you on my workplace, doctors, or judges in my experiences. P.S you are not alone in experience be good of bad. JS

        F. I don’t want to tell you my home and the shit in it. While my Father didn’t hit me or abuse my mother when he came around. We had an understanding. However, God did grace it with love.

        G. I never said you haven’t experience domestic violence, by any means. I said don’t put this event, what seems to be typical BOE meeting, in the same light as those who experience real domestic violence. With your experience, and intelligence we can agree on that, right?

        H. Speaking of Joe, Joe’s an experience campaigner, did you see him reading at St Raphael? Ironically, I was thrown out of Raphael’s too, same year as the pen incident. However, I still stand by billboards. My not lifting a finger to help his campaign, looking back and where you stand today, what that good or bad.

        Finally telling someone to “shut the fuck up you little, tiny, whiny moron. While it’s not “domestic” verbal, mental abuse, is verbal and mental abuse. I going to pass on going to Murphy’s Law. If we meet you are going to either yell at me and punch me in the face (physical verbal, and mental assault) or take me home with you and make love. (Sexual “event”) I can be quite charming, and funny. My gift of laughter is like a ray of sunshine descending in flower, it’s opens it up, spreading its petals. exposing its sweet nectar, for this honey bee. Thank you Chine’s Jeuses 😊

        No video this time. your have said enough. 😊

          1. What do you find concerning with me needing to seek assistance? My ability of form complete sentences and grammar, or my points you regarding your participation in about topic? You really not disputing any of points, are you? and been seeking help for years. I’m currently going to HCC. Our teacher are licensed professionals.

            With all your researching skills that you pride yourself on, do you find pleading to violence, be it domestic or workplace ironic, and hypocritical with you over the top dramatic video above? Think about it when attending you event a Murphy’s Law.

            Or is it my sense of humor? It’s just not the same without the video. 🙂


          2. Do you honestly believe this is a reasonable and acceptable post?

            “going to pass on going to Murphy’s Law. If we meet you are going to either yell at me and punch me in the face (physical verbal, and mental assault) or take me home with you and make love. (Sexual “event”) I can be quite charming, and funny. My gift of laughter is like a ray of sunshine descending in flower, it’s opens it up, spreading its petals. exposing its sweet nectar, for this honey bee. Thank you Chine’s Jeuses 😊

            Robert, you need help from a certified professional.

          3. When you say “reasonable and acceptable post” do you mean humorous?
            I guess we can deduce it’s my sense of humor and not my view on your posts. But honestly do you feel your 20th Century Fox video is “reasonable and acceptable” under the circumstances?

            The only assistance I need is getting unplug from this blog, and are assisting me on that, and you are definitely certified. That might border line on being “reasonable and acceptable” but whatever BBB-och 🙂 Have fun at your event BAM 🙂

      1. Ernie, I was refering to Sir Issac Newton’s 3rd law of relativity not you nor anyone in general. “For every action there is a re-action”, just to make it short. ***

    1. Here we go again.

      The wine distributor from Black Rock who has absolutely no roots in Bridgeport.

      I.believe you were seated behind me to my left at the Community Conversation hosted by Black Rock School.

      I remember thinking look how quiet, stoic and unassuming you appeared to be. We were within just a few feet of each other and you had absolutely nothing to say.

      There are those who behave so boldly when they are sitting at a key board, but behave cowardly when that person is in their presence.

      I think this adequately describes you, Peter Slywka.

      1. You’re a sleuth! I remember that. You showed up late, McDonalds cup in your hand and sat in the front row of a school and a neighborhood you openly despise. My keyboard comment isn’t a bold statement but it is a critical account of an honest observation. You cry on a public forum and I comment. Isn’t that what OIB is for? Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m sure you will.

        1. I did arrive late with a McDonald’s cup which I purchased at 3:30 PM. Therefore, if you are insinuating I was late because I stopped at McDonald’s you would be incorrect.

          I was a few minutes late because I was experiencing significant back pain. By the way, you should know I am rarely late for any Board of Education meetings or functions. In fact, I have the second best attendance rate of any school board member.

          I sat in the front row because Mike Testani, who coordinated the event, directed me to sit in the front row.

          What facts/evidence can you provide that supports your assertion that I “despise” Black Rock School and the neighborhood? What a completely baseless claim. I have always thought Black Rock School was a true, lovely neighborhood school.

          A white Male attempting tp diminish a woman who was clearly harassed and assaulted by another white Male. How surprising and shocking. 🙂

    2. Oh, my! Now I am behaving like Donald Trump.

      Why don’t we meet in person so that we can discuss your feelings.

      We can meet at White’s Diner. All you have to do is type “White’s Diner” into your GPS and it will give you step-by- step directions on how to get there. It’s located in Bridgeport, therefore there is no need to pack a “carpet bag.”

      When are you available to meet?

  13. Brother Newton, why do you feel the need to tell me, “Don Maria is a sick person.” I don’t give a damn about Maria and I know that while she is knowledgeable she is a pain in the ass and wants everyone to walk in her steps. Like I’ve said before, she a great meal served on a garbage can top.

    My Brother, I’m not worried about your future, but I am concerned that you would voted against fully funding the education of Bridgeport youth when you are keenly aware that most of the children in this school system are Black and Latino. Don’t they deserve a quality education and you can rest assured that Mayor Ganim doesn’t send his children to the failing school system that he won’t fully find and that you voted against. Don’t tell me that bullshit that I love Bridgeport and it’s people when you aren’t supporting the future of Bridgeport, its youth. Ya’ll, meaning your fellow CC members, need to do what’s best for our children and quit worrying about what Mayor Ganim wants. His children are getting the quality education that they deserve, but our children are mired in an educational system that is a potpourri of mediocrity. They deserve better than you, Mayor Ganim and the CC are giving them. Do The Right Thing!

    1. Donald Day, I would never deny that you are intelligent and articulate, however I don’t find your views and positions any more appealing than you find mine.

    2. Don, Ernie Newton and the other 16 City Council members have only 3 answers to why they didn’t fund the education for over 20,000 school children properly is because, 1- they don’t care, 2- they don’t understand the need for more funding for education, 3- they were told by Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa not to vote for the increase in spending for the 20,000 Bridgeport school children. I put my money on the on number 3.

    3. Don
      Did you know Half of Our budget goes to the Bd of Education and We are responsible for Police, Fire Public safety, public works, etc. I have a great idea we’ll fund Education and let the Bd Of Education take care of running our city department. Don at lease we gave them an increase you must remember we had to find 1.6 million for libraries because of the mill rate change. We have a greater responsibility to the whole city.

      1. Ernie,

        What kind of response is this?

        You have the nerve to constantly talk about violence in Bridgeport and denounce the killing of children, but when it’s time to put money where your mouth is both you and the majority of the City Council are no where to be found.

        Chief AJ Perez overspent his OT line by $2.6 million and instead of voting to fire him you voted to make him the permanent Chief.

        You voted to take $7,000,000 of taxpayer funds for a Amphitheater in the same year you voted to give the Board of Education $377,000 when we asked for $111,000,000.

        Out of 169 municipalities in CT, Bridgeport contributes the least to its public schools at only 26%. 74% comes from the State.

        Your greatest responsibility is to the most innocent and vulnerable population we have, and that’s children.

  14. Ernie, over the past three years, the district has received roughly $37 million less than what district officials said would be needed to maintain current services.

    Since 2016, the district has cut 239 positions, including 18 in central office. Others cut include home school coordinators, math and literacy coaches, guidance counselors, nurses, family resource centers, facilities employees and university interns.

    Now tell me again about those Police, Fire, Public safety and public works departments and how much have they have given up. I’ll wait!

    1. Don, look at how many times we have spoken out Fire Chief Rooney being allowed to retire as the “Provisional” Fire Chief then the City hired Rooney as the permanent Fire Chief and was a five year contract, with Rooney’s retirement pay and his pay as the fire chief Rooney was making $250,000 a year. Nobody said anything about that, in fact nobody said that it was a lie what we stated.

      Don, here is another bright move by the mayor and the council where they allowed “Provisional” Police Chief Joseph Gaudett to retire and then he was hired for another high paying City job. The City has not change that system. If Ernie Newton wanted to find money for education just look at the salary of people who do nothing but are Joe and Mario supporters.

      “Police Chief’s exit deal heads to City”

      By Brian Lockhart Updated 5:34 pm EST, Monday, February 15, 2016
      BRIDGEPORT — A deal that would see Police Chief Joseph Gaudett exit a $131,000 job, possibly for another emergency management position, is heading to the City Council for approval.

  15. *** Its amusing @ times the after thoughts of bloggers on OIB that sit & blog criticism of local & state politicians for the way they vote on issues, claim to know why they voted that way & continue to blog after the fact, why they were wrong & at times even blog disrespectful comments. Most OIB bloggers from time to time tend to do this including myself. Yet after all these years of blogs, newspaper reader comments, etc.. the local government in Bpt. & schools is not any better; and for every step this city takes forward, it ends up taking 2-steps backward somewhere else. So with all the so-called blog wisdom on do’s & don’ts on OIB, it seems obvious that either no one is really reading or paying attention or could care less about the opinions on OIB. Or could it be that opinions are like butt-holes, & everyone has one, no? ***

  16. Brother Newton, during my tenure as a firefighter they closed three companies, we took countless 0 pay increases, including our raise in 2017, we gave back holiday pay, our minimum manpower per day was reduced dramatically and went from six men on a truck to four. Any questions? You can quit waiting now!

  17. Bridgeport should rid the political culture of all public and appointed officials tainted by corruption. Start with Little Joe and work downward. That includes Ernie Newton. (Just couldn’t keep your hands off that campaign cash, eh Ernie? I may be poor but I never went to prison for tax evasion and public corruption.)

    Next move on to Tiago and the rest of the greasy pawed creatures Ganim appointed to well paying jobs in his administration. Clean house.

    1. Bridgeport Kid
      Maybe you should move into my district. You may say what you like. The people in 139th District not only Voted to send me back to the city council. As the top Vote getter. Kid please get a life!


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