Pereira Wins Recount For School Board, Martinez For City Clerk

Looks like Maria Pereira is heading back as an elected member of the Board of Education. A recount shows she received more votes than Faith Harrison-Villegas in the Democratic primary. This means all three school board candidates who ran on Joe Ganim’s line, Dennis Bradley, Ben Walker and Pereira will move on to the general election. Pereira was elected to a four-year term in 2009 that was interrupted by the state takeover of schools overturned by the Connecticut Supreme Court.

Pereira and Harrison-Villegas who ran on Mayor Bill Finch’s endorsed slate were in a tie. The final recount showed Pereira with 5,615 votes to 5,610.

City Councilwoman Lydia Martinez, in a recount, squeezed out a six-vote win over long-time City Clerk incumbent Fleeta Hudson, 5,860 to 5,854.

Steve Nelson won his recount for city sheriff over Dennis Scinto.

In the 138th District for City Council James Morton and Nessah Smith remained in a tie following a recount. A run off between the two will take place in early October unless one of them opts out.



  1. Maria, congratulations, I look for good things from you BUT you canNOT act the way you would act on OIB. Maria, you cannot be turning off people who disagree with your point of view and your mindset you are right and everybody else is wrong because they don’t have your viewpoint. Stop telling us all the things you have done, just do your job on the BOE, everything is not about you, give people a reason to like you.

  2. Ron–no disrespect, but you are asking a lot considering how she treated people when she was on the board, and when she was in attendance at meetings after her resignation. As with OIB comments, if your opinion differs from hers, then forget it. That and the fact she has zero respect for anyone not directly associated with her (she is good with Sauda, Howard, and likely the two on her slate). But since she considers Baker and Hennessey “traitors” then good luck with expecting any civility with this group. And my words are not assumptions but a summary of the feelings she has expressed on this board and other places. Their first target will be Fran Rabinowitz.

    1. She didn’t resign. She chose to not run for the seat two years ago. If she’s working with her slate and Sauda and Howard, that’s a 5-4 majority. This, along with what will more than likely be different leadership in the mayor’s office may change things.

        1. Eric, Sauda and that group (without Maria, you are right, she did not resign, she did not run) had the majority a few years back I believe. Back when they had Bagley, etc. Sauda was chairwoman for about a year. I recall they spent most of that time trying to undo every initiative they did not like. The security partnership with the Police dept. is an example. The public and schools fought that change. They were more interested in payback and making their own rules, like when Bagley turned a committee meeting over to Judge Lopez and Maria. But with the 5-4 majority, and if Ganim is Mayor, would they make Maria Chairperson too? That is not a pleasant thought for all the reasons people have mentioned here. Leaders have the power, but they also must be willing to work with others of differing opinion. Not her strong suit at all.

  3. Maria Pereira will focus on minutia and her vision of what she thinks is right. It will not be on what is best for the students of Bridgeport despite what she thinks. Get in her way, cross over the line and you will be mowed down. This is not sustainable. I hope Bridgeport Public Schools survives.

  4. Whether you agree or disagree with Maria, you have to give her credit for the following. Here are my top 5.
    1. She believes what she says.
    2. She acts on conviction.
    3. Her actions follow her words.
    4. She cares for the community.
    5. She is passionate.

    Even if you don’t agree with her, she at least put things into action. I wish there were more people actively engaged.

  5. Maria Pereira is one hard-working lady. I am hopeful she will be a team player. She has an amazing knowledge of educational issues and the time to invest on these issues. I am very proud of her. I am hopeful of progress and not vendettas.

  6. Btw: congratulations to Lydia Martinez!

    Belated Happy Birthday to Mary Fabrizi and John Ricci!!!

    There is a baby possum in my living room. Don’t ask! Third time he has visited.

      1. I left the door open and it was hungry. I have racoons, skunks, possums and cats I feed during the winter. They live on my property. My cats think it is normal. Baby possum came in at sundown. Need to shut door at sundown, duh. That wasn’t as bad as a racoon lounging in my living room. That’s another story! 🙂 ¡Es verdad!

  7. *** God help the city clerk’s office and BOE should these women get elected come Nov. The blind leading the blind, Laverne & Shirley, dumb & dumber, tic & tac, thinking you know & not knowing at all! *** WHOOP! ***


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