Pereira, Barr Protective Order Battle To Be Continued

Board of Education member Maria Pereira’s court application for a protective order against political rival Tony Barr must live to fight another day.

On Thursday a scheduled hearing was put off when it was learned that Barr had not been served by the state marshal contracted by Pereira. As a result Pereira has filed a new application.

Barr, in response to Pereira, has filed his own protective complaint. His hearing is scheduled for Dec. 20.

For background on this case see here.


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  1. would urge anyone in need of a state marshal to NOT use Christopher Paoletti located at 3301 Main Street in Bridgeport under any circumstances.

    This Marshal was on duty at the court house located on Main St. in Bridgeport. I personally handed him the documents to serve. He asked me if there was an apartment number. I explained it was a multi-unit building, however no unit # was on the DTC list. I suggested he knock on doors or check for names on mailboxes. He asked me for my phone number in case there were any problems.
    Marshal Christopher Paoletti NEVER contacted me to inform me he never served the documents. I had no idea that the papers were not served until Judge Bellis told me in court.

    I called Christopher Paoletti and let him have it, I spoke with his supervisor and contacted the state agency that governs state marshals. They faxed me a complaint form which I will be filing tomorrow.

    Has anyone noticed that Dan Tepfer looks like a ragged Muppet? Balding, disheveled and hunched over.


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