Pelto Pelts Moales’ Conduct

Bridgeport politics is not a breeding ground for saints even when it comes to a member of the local clergy. Jonathan Pelto shares the latest on State Senate candidate the Rev. Ken Moales.

But Kenneth Moales Jr. actions continue to speak louder than his words.

As Moales has shown over and over again, he is a man who simply refuses to take responsibility for his actions.

Not long ago, Kenneth Moales was arrested for failure to appear in court on a charge that he was driving an unregistered automobile owned by Moales’ church. (See: Kenneth H. Moales … You are wanted by the Connecticut State Police (Literally) 10/21/13, Bridgeport’s Kenneth H. Moales Jr. served with arrest warrant 10/22/13, Kenneth Moales Jr. arrested … 10/23/13)

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