Pelto One Of Several Write-In Candidates For Governor

Gun-rights activist Joseph Visconti has qualified for the ballot as a petitioning candidate for governor, possibly siphoning votes from Republican nominee Tom Foley tucked in a close battle with Democratic incumbent Dan Malloy. Malloy blog critic Jonathan Pelto failed in his quest to secure signatures for ballot qualification. But Pelto, along with a few others, can accumulate votes as a write-in candidate for governor. Write-in candidates do not appear on the ballot, but voting machines are programmed to accept names registered with the Connecticut Secretary of the State. Read more from SOTS chief Denise Merrill:

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill today released the complete list of registered write-in candidates for various seats on Connecticut ballots for the November 4, 2014 general. The list includes four pairs of candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, one candidate for State Treasurer, and two for the fourth Congressional district. There are also a number of write-in candidates running for various state House and Senate seats and one write-in candidate for Registrar of Voters in Bristol (a complete list follows at the bottom of this news release). Write-in candidates must register with the Secretary of the state if they want to receive votes in the November 4th general election, and the deadline to register was Tuesday October 21st. Write-in candidates do not appear on the ballot but voting machines are programmed to accept votes for write-ins if they are registered with the Secretary of the State. Secretary Merrill is also reminding all eligible voters in Connecticut that the final deadline to register to vote in-person at town or city offices prior to Election Day is Tuesday October 28th.

“Barring any last-minute withdrawals, our list of candidates for the November 4th general election is now set,” said Secretary Merrill, Connecticut’s chief election official. “I want to make sure voters are informed about every candidate eligible to receive votes on Election Day, whether their names appear on the ballot or not. This election has certainly generated a lot of attention, so I urge anyone at all thinking about the very important issues facing your city or town, our state and our country–register to vote now so you can ensure your voice is heard on November 4th! The final day to register before the election is next Tuesday October 28th–and you must show up in-person at your town or city hall. Don’t sit this one out–we want to hear from every eligible voter on Election Day November 4th.”

Write-in candidates:

Office                 Candidate
Governor               Jonathan Pelto
Lieutenant Governor    Ebony S. Murphy

Governor               John Renjilian
Lieutenant Governor    Jason Renjilian

Governor               John Traceski
Lieutenant Governor    Elizabeth Traceski

Governor               Daniel R. Gaita
Lieutenant Governor    Jason D. Smith

Treasurer              Rolf Maurer

4th Congressional District
                       Stephen A. Miller

4th Congressional District
                       Sophie E. Pastore

On Election Day November 4, 2014 polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. throughout the state.  Voters can check their registration status online, find where their polling place is located, view the ballot from their city or town, and download voter registration forms and absentee ballot applications by visiting



  1. There will be three votes in my house for Jonathan Pelto for Governor and Ebony Murphy for Lieutenant Governor. Both Malloy and Foley are horrific choices to lead CT.

  2. Come on Maria, you seem to be a sensible woman. A vote for Pelto is a complete waste–you must know he doesn’t have a chance. A protest vote isn’t worth the effort.


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