Peaceful Easy Feeling For Dem State House Endorsements

Sandi Ayala family
Democratic Registrar Sandi Ayala, center rear, enjoys another endorsement by acclamation surrounded by family.

Boring! No fights. No arguments. No mud slinging. Democratic party regulars Thursday night at Testo’s Restaurant endorsed candidates for State House in a love fest convention by city political standards. The party convention that started at 6 p.m. ended before 7. But stay tuned for a couple of likely August  primaries.

Freshman State Rep. Andre Baker, who also serves on the Board of Education, was endorsed for another two years in Connecticut’s 124th State Assembly. He faces a primary from multi-mayoral candidate Charlie Coviello.

State House veteran Charlie Stallworth was endorsed for another term in the 126th District. School board member Maria Pereira will wage a primary. Stallworth, in his acceptance speech, stressed the value of relationships in the state legislature, an indirect poke at party outsider Pereira who relishes taking on the establishment.

Coviello and Pereira can wage primaries by securing signatures from five percent of registered Democrats in their respective districts.

Jack Hennessy in the 127th State House district, Chris Rosario in the 128th, Steve Stafstrom in the 129th and Ezequiel Santiago in the 130th were also endorsed. They do not appear to have primary challengers.

Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa praised the city’s legislation delegation for working their “butts off” bringing back money to Bridgeport.

Long-term Democratic Registrar of Voters Sandi Ayala was endorsed for another two-year term by acclamation.

Democrats will endorse State Senate candidates Monday night at Testo’s.

Republicans Wednesday night endorsed Jose Quiroga for 124th State House, Anthony Pizighelli 126, Ruben Coriano 127, Ethan Book 128, Peter Perillo 129 and Melissa Borres 130.



  1. Was a very nice evening. The endorsements were very impressive. I was most impressed with love in the room for Santa Ayala. I always thought she was a lovely lady. Good luck to all the candidates!

  2. Steve,
    You are such an ass-wipe it is unbelievable.
    She was responsible for the ballot fiasco that almost cost Malloy his election. (In retrospect maybe he should have lost.)
    She was being investigated for abetting her daughter’s fraudulent registration.
    I like Santa as a person but that doesn’t mean she is competent, qualified and deserving of another term.
    But with you apparently the only qualification is you think she is a lovely lady.

  3. Bob Walsh, I am sorry you do not agree with me. Calling me an ass-wipe was not necessary. Let’s just accept we do not support the same people. I wouldn’t call you an ass-wipe for the people you think are wonderful. I am supporting Hillary Clinton, and you? You are supporting Marilyn Moore, and me? Do you ever acknowledge the talent we have like Steve Stafstrom or Chris Rosario? You are like this black hole sucking out the life of any living force. I said Santa Ayala was a lovely lady, get over it! I didn’t see you at the DTC. I didn’t hear anyone running against her. I heard many people I respect sing her praises. Enough said!

  4. “Work their butts off,” yeah right! $3.5 million cut from Bridgeport Public Schools, even a blind man can see that’s not bringing anything back to Bridgeport. One state rep can’t seem to be in Hartford and another, a BOE member no less, voted for this garbage. I am friends with Andre, but his politics are leaving a lot to be desired.


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