Pastor McCullough: Justice Is In Deficit When Black, Brown And Low-Income Children Don’t Receive The Education Funding They Deserve

Pastor William McCullough, founder of the Bridgeport-based education advocacy group FaithActs For Education, testified on Tuesday before the state legislature’s Black and Puerto Rican Caucus hearing in Hartford about Connecticut’s “justice deficit.” See testimony above.

“Justice is in deficit when black, brown, and low-income children don’t receive the funding they deserve to attend a quality school.

“Justice is in deficit when the government rations hope by cutting programs that help our most vulnerable children.

“Justice is in deficit when the state government denies poor people the choices so easily available to the wealthy.



  1. He’s absolutely right. This issue is no different than the previous one where I stated that “they don’t give a rats ass…..!
    And you are correct as well Don- The CC needs to be addressed At EVERY meeting…. about this AND ALL the issues we blog about here because most of them don’t give a rats ass as well. You think some of them that Mario anointed and appointed , like his bartender, could give two shits about anyone in the minority community??????!!!!!!
    They care ONLY for themselves and whatever THIER OWN agendas are. Or what their master tells them to care or vote upon.
    Who’s kidding who.

  2. In this new Council year the members voted to change the rules regarding the 30 minute Public Speaking session. Previously it was divided into 6 five minute sessions. They voted to open the potential number of speakers to 10 with three minute sessions. If you look at the results of this Council tweaking, is it working out? Are there more speakers? Or is there lots of unfilled air time and a shortened public session since the new rules? What happens to the questions that are asked by public speakers? Are they answered publicly? Are they taken up by an appropriate Council sub-committee with a response? If not, these are one way info, only. When will the Council look for engagement, discussion, and/or conversation in Council chambers, or in smaller venues in the Districts? Anybody else see the oversight group in the City skating in place many without listening to the issues developed over time by their neighbors.
    If you don’t like democratic practices, why put yourself in a place to carry them out? When leadership at any level is attempting to divide citizens but especially the folks of color in this City who are in a majority (that is poor in such quantity that all public school students receive a free lunch) by pitting them against each other to dull their interest, frustrate their curiosity and ignore their common sense observations, where are we going? Time will tell.

    1. John, this falls under what I call “ the rats ass statute”. Maybe you didn’t read what I wrote above. To repeat: they don’t give a rats ass about your comments or anyone else’s comments. In the most recent news report about marijuana dispensaries possibly being in Bridgeport’s future, the rats ass that they will care about will be rats like Dan Pizarro and Mike DeFilippo. Both very well connected to Mario and both own lots of property in Bridgeport. As we all know Lynn Haig will do whatever she is told. Let’s see how the new zoning maps etc. etc. pan out. They tailored the zoning statutes to get Defilippo approval for his liquor store and if dispensaries are approved They will tailor the zoning to fit Pizarro, Defilippo, and others who are well-connected.
      Cheers !!!!!!!!

      1. Rich, I have to agree with you on this one, the City Council doesn’t give “ the rats ass statute” or anything that JML or anybody else at the City Council’s Public Speaking session. Why should the council listen to anybody when Hamilton Burger tells them what Joe and Mario want.

      1. Our local City Council, CT State Legislature, and both houses of USCongress not only are expected to pass the necessary laws as they process from a concept into a law or statute, but in so doing they are a body that has a duty or responsibility for “oversight”.
        Forgetting the higher bodies, our Council does not exercise their rights to look into many things, even Ordinances they have passed or worked to change and are not administered the way they run. Perhaps you were not aware of this function? It is why most folks go to the Council to light a fire under enough to have a change, I believe.
        I thank Rich A for introducing the “rat’s ass” concept and a fuller explanation to it. The wonderful thing about too many folks who participate in the DTC halls of shame by getting nominated, elected and installed, but not really learning much about representation. It is why too many founder when reaching for the next rung!! Also a reason for why many colleagues in higher office have no real respect for the “supposed expertise” in the law, finance, subject area, etc. of too many of our legislators. Maybe Lisa and a handful of others who have never suffered from legal issues raised in running for elective office will set up a school for aspiring Council members? Maybe start with Generation Now Civics 101 and morph into genuine instruction? Think there are any other potential instructors in the community? Time will tell.

  3. Rich and Ron,
    Thank you for stating the obvious. City Council members, for the most part, year in and year out, don’t care what comes before them. At least that would be an honest conclusion from the lack of curiosity on the part of Council members once confronted with a new subject. After all, they have the City administrators to staff their oversight duties.
    Where is their better blueprint for a coordinated and comprehensive concept and effort for all to become engaged in moving the City? What is the “achievement temperature” in the City? Where do you look for objective data regularly reported and reviewed by “leaders”? Why is silence the only sound from party leadership that holds the majority of the cards, but will not play them for all, but for the enrichment of only a few?
    Large rat population in the City you say? Or a larger population of folks who are functionally mute when it comes to voting? Time will tell.


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