Parking Meter Rebrand Downtown

new meters
Updated meters installed Downtown.

Bridgeport booster Steven Auerbach, who works in the Department of Public Facilities, is heading up the city’s transition to replace sophisticated modern parking meters with ones more user friendly. Steven has posted updates on this effort both in the OIB comments section as well as his Facebook page.

The rollout of high-tech parking meters, replacing the antiquated coin-operated dinosaurs, tested the patience of Downtown visitors and merchants led by retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez who challenged the aggressive logistics, fines and intrusive cameras, as well as business leader Kelvin Ayala who pushed City Hall for user-friendly reforms. Auerbach is serving as the city’s point person for this update as noted in this OIB comment:

Today is the day that the state of the art meters that Bridgeport fought against are being removed. The good news is that the new Smart meters will be installed starting in a day. I am proud of the entire city that has been in support of this team effort. The Photo-meters in fact being removed as we type. There will be new smart meters installed simultaneously. There is a lot of detail involved and teamwork is critical. Downtown merchants have been advised by the city last week. Communication is all over social media. The marketing for the media is making its way with Phil Kuchma’s Bijou taking center stage on the cover.

People will have many options- coin/credit / Mobilenow and ParkMobile applications. Unlike the photo- MPS Meters being installed only in downtown, the new smart meters by IPS will be installed throughout the city. The obsolete meters will be gone in just a week.

The new meters are also used in New Haven and Norwalk. Unlike Bridgeport that has meters in operation from 8 am til 6pm and currently free parking on weekends, our sister cities have meter usage until late evening and no free parking on weekends.

We added the Parkmobile app since it is very popular and used in Norwalk and New Haven. Credit cards will now be used on 600 meters as opposed to 200. I am proud of the efforts of so many including the Manufacturing and vendors as well as the great job by Public facilities and Laz parking. If there are any issues with these–I will take the full responsibility. But I certainly will not take full credit. Thank you JML for addressing this issue today and allowing me to share some information. some PEOPLE WILL APPRECIATE FREE PARKING AT SOME OF THE METERS BUT THAT WILL NOT LAST! :-) I HAVE RECEIVED 3 TICKETS FROM THE METERS AND I HAVE PAID MY TICKETS



    1. Without a doubt, Steve’s loyalty to Ganim and Mario has paid off now Steve doesn’t have to be a substitute teacher anymore because he’s off to bigger and better things.

      1. Ron Mackey, Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a substitute teacher it would be wise to acknowledge that my work history is so much more other than being a manager for Home Depot in Bridgeport, Derby, Fairfield and Orange, I have hired trained and removed 1000’s of associates in over 9 years- I was a Master Scheduler and Senior Planner. Not that I need to discuss my credentials but on this blog, it has become apparent that some believe if they repeat themselves enough times people may believe that was my claim to fame. On this blog, those that know me know my accomplishments, I have no skeletons in this closet! My taxes and tickets are paid and Bridgeport has gotten a worker for a reduced rate :-)) and I love being here. In your simple world everything is reduced to Mario and Ganim- sad! I worked my ass off for Finch. Nice that Mayor Ganim and Testo were able to look past that for my talent. 🙂

          1. Stevie,

            You’re not “pro Bridgeport.” You don’t give a shit about anyone that does not have money. The only reason you support the casino is because it will block the view of the east side.

  1. Steve, there is no helpful information on the City website, so allow me to communicate with you through the OIB blog.

    I parked at a meter in front of 1057 Broad Street today, Monday, August 20th at 9:55am. I was part of a crew doing a recount of ballots.

    The recount crew was not provided free parking that city employees are provided.

    I began feeding quarters and realized the screen of the meter was dark and did not display. My quarter was returned.

    The screens of all the the parking meters along Broad Street were dark and not functioning.

    There was no signage or any message displayed regarding the status of the meters and whether it was ok to park.

    Rather than drive around to see if there were functioning parking meters in the area, I cast my lot with the others who were parked at non-functioning meters and reported for duty at city hall annex.

    About an hour later I checked and found that the meters were still not functioning. Ditto three hours later. Other people were checking as well. The meters were not functioning and would not take payment.

    At the completion of the recount I returned to my vehicle.

    Sure enough, the monitor of the meters was displaying a weather forecast.

    Well Steve, were these meters out of service for the day or should I expect to receive a ticket as Judge Lopez did.

    The only phone number provided on the city web site is the main police department line. No e-mail address is provided.

    Please share an answer through OIB so at least a few people will be aware.

      1. Tom if you Parked you would not receive a ticket – Common sense would tell anyone if the meter was dark, it wasn’t taking your money and there was no – No- parking sign visible you would be ok. Some people have no common sense- you apparently were one of them!

    1. Tom you believe that if you receieved the ticket and explained the city would not take care of you??? As for Ms. Lopez- She may have received a ticket she may also need to be educated in what the term “NO STANDING ” means. If you are parked in front of a hydrant or a meter – you will get a ticket! Just because you are sitting in a car does not excuse you. Feed the meter and never park in front of a hydrant!

    2. Sorry Tom, I have a job and I have been here since 630 am. Now to be clear. Information is up on the city website. Information will be in the paper and already on radio. Sorry you haveissed it with all of the time you have had available. I am certainly sorry for your confusion of what to do with a mter that was not working. I am certain you did not receive a ticket today. In the event you did from an MPS meter- which you did not. I would happily take care of it since MPeters were turned off and removed today. Couldn’t possibly leave them live to electrocute our constituents. You would have to attach a copy of my post. I am quite capable of remembering the date. I also know you well and very approachable, but to be clear, we don’t fix tickets, we can adjust if necessary. I am a taxoayer like you!

    1. It makes sense? Probably since Public Facilities is the largest department in the city, Styacked with the most talented people, Nancy Yuck, You must be a special person to Lennie Grimaldi that you have a fake handle. If you work for the city you must be one of those top performers- NOT!

      1. I think she was referring to your support of Ganim in the gubernatorial election. Also, people were grandfathered in if you registered on OIB towards the beginning.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. ” it all makes sense” I was wondering why everybody was attacking you,viciously on OIB. It was as bad as when they attacked Maria for posting the picture of Finch’s kids. bunch of wild dogs. It’s even sadder coming from those who held city jobs. SMBH

  2. Now I understand, Steve. One should not expect to see a notice of this change or signage explaining what is being done and whether parking meter function is temporarily suspended or permanently ceased.

    The functions of a manager is to plan, organize, direct and control.

    You, apparently, prefer not to communicate, and expect people to somehow know what the options are. Your approach is to make comments such as “Some people have no common sense- you apparently were one of them!”.

    As I said in my post, the meter was powered when I finally returned to my vehicle.

    If I am issued a ticket, my appeal will include a copy and paste of your comment.

  3. Well, base on this complaint and questions hopefully Judge Lopez will follow what Steven Auerbach acting are harmful to City residents. I hope that Steve is not texting on City time when he should be performing his duty to the public.

    1. Ron Mackey, would you mind plnting your lips on Marilyn Moores ass and stop with your very sad nonsensical comments.

      Tom White, I thought I answered all of your questions apparently not. I will say this. You have become very bitter. You could not have possibly handeled this undertaking. Furthermore, for all of the insults I have received as a substitute teacher , I actually was dumbfounded that you and Marshall Marcus,both proud substitutes didn’t make a comment. I certainly hope there are jobs available this fall with all of the cut backs.

  4. What is Ed Adams and his $90,000 salary doing these days?..Now that Joe got trounced,and Mr Adams backing did absolutely nothing for him,will Joe cut the cord?

    1. Joe cant cut the cord on Adams, Perez and the former police chief who quit being chief with 7 months still om his contract.
      The city needs CARMEN LOPEZ TO RUN FOR MAYOR

        1. I would prefer Judge Carmen Lopez to be chair of a CHARTER EVISION COMMISION. Judge Lopez has proposed before. She possesses the long range vision of what is needed for charter revision. Personally speaking,this is an effort that I would get involved in in terms of an hands on day to day basis;canvassing etc.

  5. There was no notice by the City of the replacement program commencing. There was no signage to advise those parking as to what was happening.

    Was everyone supposed to check Steve Auerbach’s Facebook page?

    The day following the incident I shared on OIB, the CT Post did a story on the meter replacement.

    It stated the new meters were active as soon as they were installed.

    Will I be getting a ticket, Steve?

    1. Geez Tom, I hope you are being funny because I have responded to you way too many times. NO TOM YOU WILL NOT GET A TICKET!!! You can not blame me for communicating on my Facebook Page. You are an intelligent man- I am certain you could figure it out- If you got a ticket today- rip it up. Only if you were at an MPS meter. All other meters are working!!!

  6. I’m just going to take a “wait and see” position. Put in the new meters and let’s see what happens. I am not sure how many dollars parking meters bring in but,IMHO, considering the lack of economic activity downtown,free parking would have been the biggest condominium boost.


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