Parading Pols, Plus: Supreme Court Ruling, Norwood’s 911, And ACORN Complaint Update

Okay, everyone, this is your chance to throw cannoli at your favorite politician. I’m looking forward to Sunday’s Columbus Day parade, sponsored by the Council of Italian-American Societies. The green, white and red, the marine band, the Shriners (the guys in the those crazy little cars), manicotti, sfogliatelle, espresso and sambuca. Careful, not too much.

It starts at 1 p.m. at Wayne and Jewett and heads over to Madison Avenue where you’ll find me. Look for the guy mixing the ricotta and chocolate chips. All the great and near-great pols are expected to be there: Chris Caruso, Lenny Paoletta, Johnny Fabs, Anthony Musto, Rob Russo, Christopher Shays, Jimmy Himes, Bill Finch.

I understand Joel “Speedy” Gonzalez, GOP candidate for state representative, will be there handing out absentee ballots. Could Ralph Mojica and Eze Santiago be far behind? Tony Soprano will be there to calculate ballots. Let the counting begin.

Is it possible that Al Franken could become a United States senator? The latest poll at has the comic leading Republican incumbent Norm Coleman in Minnesota by a few points. And you thought the Senate was a joke.

What’s your take on the sewage that John McCain’s dumping on Barack? We’ll find out in the next day or two if it’s working. McCain will probably stick with this for a few more days. If polling shows it working, he’ll continue it. If not, he’ll abandon it. Wouldn’t it be nice if he talked a little about the economy?

Same-sex couples in Connecticut won the right to marry today in a historic ruling by the state Supreme Court. What say you?

Norwood’s 911

Ya think Mayor Bill Finch feels that the city’s departing top cop Bryan Norwood threw him under the bus?

The two were brothers in arms, doing battle against department overtime abuses, plotting police layoffs and enduring hostility from rank-and-file members. Then, after a relatively short time on the job, Norwood says sayonara Bird Man, I’m flapping my wings right outta here. I don’t need this crap.

Can’t blame Norwood for taking the Richmond job. More pay, bigger department, closer to his folks. Norwood was smiling for the Richmond media before he even provided Finch a final courtesy about his departure. Yup, every man for himself. So much for brotherhood.

So, what’s the mayor to do now? He’s got choices to appoint an acting chief while starting a process for a national search. Two of the deputy chiefs are slated for layoff in a couple of weeks, but the mayor says he could reverse that. Captain Lynn Kerwin is also a possibility. I know Lynn a little bit. Having a woman as top cop for a while in a paramilitary organization would be fun.

Appointment of city police chief is part of the J. Edgar Hoover rule passed by voters in a charter revision 19 years ago. The rule allows the mayor to grant no more than two five-year contracts. (FBI director has a fixed 10-year term.) Voters passed the regulation following the long police rule of top cop Joseph A. Walsh. Under the Civil Service structure of the times the top cop could stay forever, with no mayoral appointment. No more. The mayor now can pick from the top finalists.

Thomas Sweeney, appointed by then Mayor Mary Moran in 1990, was the first chief appointed under the current system.

Each ensuing chief (outside of acting positions) did not come from inside the department. What say you? Should Finch select the next termed chief from within the department?

Press release from SEEC following
Joe Borges’ ACORN complaint

State Elections Enforcement Commission Statement concerning inquiries regarding alleged fraudulent registrations

HARTFORD, CT – October 10, 2008 – Jeffrey B. Garfield, Executive Director and General Counsel of the State Elections Enforcement Commission, announced today that the agency has received numerous inquiries from Connecticut citizens concerning allegations of fraudulent registrations, questioning what is being done, and what can be done to protect the integrity of our voter rolls and election process in advance of this important federal presidential election.

The Commission views allegations of voter fraud very seriously, and will pursue criminal prosecutions, by referral to the Connecticut Chief State’s Attorney or U.S. Department of Justice, as the evidence so warrants.

First, the Commission can confirm that it has received a complaint from the Bridgeport Registrar of Voters concerning numerous alleged irregularities. While the Commission cannot comment further on a pending investigation, receipt of a complaint is an important indication that the process is working. The Registrars of Voters receive and process voter registration applications, and are the first line of defense in detecting a fraudulent registration. The public should take solace in the fact that Registrars of Voters are detecting such applications and bringing them to the attention of the Commission.

Secondly, if Registrars of Voters determine that there is an infirmity in the application, the application is not approved. This is also a sign that the process is working.

Third, if a new registration is approved, pursuant to the federal Help America Vote Act, such voter is required to present identification prior to voting. A new voter is similarly required to present a photocopy of his or her identification prior to voting by absentee ballot. Infirmities not detected in the registration process should be detected at this level by the polling place officials and election workers. If a new voter fails to present the required identification, he or she may execute a provisional ballot, which would be counted only when confirmation of the voter’s status is accomplished. The State Elections Enforcement Commission can receive and determine complaints under the Help America Vote Act.

The Commission reminds people that those accused of any violation of law have a right to due process, and an investigation will be conducted and completed before any formal action can be taken against any person or entity, if the same is warranted. In the meantime, we encourage vigilance on the part of local Registrars of Voters, and polling place workers on Election Day, who act as our local eyes and ears. There are checks, balances and procedures in place, which thus far are operating to detect registrations that should not be processed.



  1. Let us ask this question.

    Is it possible to have a successful, progressive agency such as a police department or fire department or public works within a City that is politically corrupt, lacks a moral compass and is run by (some) not so very smart people who are only out for their own gain? Seems like the wheels are falling off the wagon here, and the PD might be the first sign.

    I’m not saying that I agree with what Norwood tried here, but honestly – what shining star could we possibly get next in that position that is willing to jump into such a firestorm and turn this thing around for the better? Someone that can walk the fine line of getting the job done, keeping costs down, getting pride and morale back and all the while not looking like a puppet for the Mayor or a labor sympathizer?

    Is there someone QUALIFIED from within? I hope so, but I do not know that. Is there someone QUALIFIED on the outside that is willing to take the job and do more than just enhance their resume? Time will tell.

  2. Norwood’s resignation has Bill Finch’s and Adam Woods’ footprints all over it. These two have managed to kill all the morale amongst the city workers. Woods especially likes to interfere wherever he goes.
    I am sure that the constant badgering by Wood and Finch had something to do with this. The layoff list of cops probably had another thing to do with it. I have never seen such a messed-up layoff list. It appears that it is a vendetta list. They have now found out that they can’t just select names from the table of Organization in the PD and lay them off. There are bumping rights and ultimately the layoffs will hit the newest police officers.
    They should have known this but like everything else Finch and his cronies do they do it wrong. They could have laid off the 30 cops that are in training and not have to worry about unemployment payouts.
    Naming Lynn Kerwin a Captain as acting head of the PD will be another mistake as this will not sit well with the upper brass of the PD. Mr Clean & Green and politically correct Finch will do it solely for the reason that Kerwin is a female. I urge Lynn Kerwin to tell Finch & Wood thanks but no thanks. Working for these two is nothing but a nightmare.

  3. I’d like to respond to Grin Reaper’s comment from yesterday’s blog: I am not, nor ever will be, Mark Anastasi. The arbiter’s ruling was that, A) The city did not negotiate in good faith (as per former Mayor John M. Fabrizi’s on-the-record statements to the effect that “we want to throw them [IPA] out of the building so we can sell it); and B) that both parties were ordered to enter into negotiations for another thirty days. (The arbitration was NON-binding, BTW.)

    According to an article that appeared on page two of yesterday’s Connecticut Post, “A third party has ruled in favor of the Black Rock Art Center after a nearly year-long dispute with the city over a long-term lease for the building the group occupies on Fairfield Avenue.

    “Frederick Ury, a Westport lawyer, served as arbitrator in the lease dispute.

    “Ury said the original lease agreement for the former bank building at Fairfield Avenue and Brewster Street provided ‘that not only will the parties negotiate a mutually agreeable long-term lease, but that they will negotiate in good faith in order that the licensee [the art center] can become a long-term member of the city of Bridgeport’s art and cultural community,’ according to a statement released Tuesday by the art center.

    “The building, at 2838 Fairfield Ave., has been home to the center for nearly five years. It encompasses 17,000 square feet, including a basement, ground floor and second floor.

    “During John M. Fabrizi’s mayoral administration the city tried to evict the art center to sell the property or lease it at market rates to commercial or retail tenants.

    “Mayor Bill Finch has said he also supports selling the property and relocating the art center, but Finch could not be reached Tuesday afternoon for reaction to the arbitration decision.

    “The organization, however, has refused the city’s offer to be relocated.

    “Joseph Celli, director of the International Performing Arts Center, which runs the art center, has offered to lease the building for $600 monthly, escalating to $1,500 per month over a 10-year period, while pledging to raise more than $3.5 million for building improvements.”

    The third paragraph of the article is yet another example of the disingenuousness and outright obfuscation employed by Joe “Up On Bridgeport” Celli in his cynical attempts to bypass city hall. In actual fact, Mr. Ury ruled that the city failed to negotiate in good faith with IPA, Mr. Celli’s faux “nonprofit” organization, and ordered that both parties must negotiate for another thirty days. After that the city plans to begin eviction proceedings against IPA, which has been unlawfully occupying the biulding at 2838 Fairfield Avenue for too long. It is not about the art center; it is about Joe “I’ll get the volunteers to do it for free” Celli’s sense of entitlement. Mr. Celli, you are not entitled to ANYTHING from the city of Bridgeport.

    No one involved in Bridgeport’s arts and cultural community wants anything to do with Joseph Celli. His arrogance and Leona Helmsley-like attitude toward the little people that make up most of the Park City’s population has rubbed too many folks the wrong way. Am I saying anything that ain’t the truth? No, but ol’ Joe will go out of his way to tell people that I hate him and that I’m carrying out a vendetta against him on behalf of others. He will make these claims after he posted my resume in the front windows of the art center, along with a letter written by me, a letter that was highly critical of him (Celli’s faux indignant display included a crudely lettered sign proclaiming “LITERARY GENIUS PUBLISHES AGAIN”). He will make these claims after he confronted me on the street, demanding what right I had to criticize “accomplished” individuals such as hisself and State Representative Christopher Caruso, telling passersby that I was “full of shit.” He will make these claims after haranguing me on this blog, bellowing that he was a “mac daddy that was “going to put [my] ass out on Fairfield Avenue” in so that he could pimp off of me the way he pimps off his common-law wife’s considerable earnings. So let’s get it straight, Joe: If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. You’re a crook, and everyone knows you’re a crook, a charlatan, a con man, and a thief. Now the city is going to throw YOUR ass on the street. Not turn it out, THROW IT OUT.

    You have no one to blame but yourself.

  4. I am one of many Black Rock residents that will be in a festive mood once the Black Rock Art Center is finally removed from a building they have been unlawfully occupying for too long. This long-running dispute has been an emotional and financial drain. The city has put up a lot of expense battling Joe “I’ll get the volunteers to do it for free” Celli and his expanding ego. Get it straight, Grin Reaper: it was NOT about the art center. It was about Mr. Celli and his baseless (and shameless) sense of entitlement. I do not work for the city of Bridgeport. I live in the city, however. Joe Ganim was convicted of corruption, Ernie Newton pled guilty to corruption, along with a host of lesser public servants. Joe Celli may not be an elected official, but that doesn’t make him any less corrupt. He campaigned for Chris Caruso last year, in a failed attempt to ensure his continued occupation of municipal property (even went so far as to hand over the art center’s emailing list to Caruso’s campaign). This year he beat the bushes for Bob Keeley, an old Testa coatholder, so that Keeley, serving as the chairman of the bonding committee, might throw some of the taxpayers’ money his way. Both candidates lost their respective primaries. Caruso made an even bigger ass of himself by whining all the way to the State Supreme Court, and he still lost. (Thank God for that!) Now Mr. Celli is resorting to his old tricks, claiming more than a little disingenuously that “not only will the parties negotiate a mutually agreeable long-term lease, but that they will negotiate in good faith in order that the licensee [the art center] can become a long-term member of the city of Bridgeport’s art and cultural community.” Yeah, right. And if pigs had wings they could fly.

  5. Independent Soul

    You’d better cover up. Your slip is showing. It must have been a Freudian Slip after all the times you said you were voting for Obama.

    Typical Shays “Bait and Switch” move!

  6. Hey Grin,

    I’m still leaning to Obama, especially after the pitiful McCain performance in the debates. And I’m still with Shays. I was passing something along to stimulate the fire between the Obama Obsessives and the McCain Militarists. Keep on smiling!

  7. I’m relieved. You wouldn’t want to make a grin man weep.
    That would make me a Grim Weeper. Of course, now that it’s Autumn would that qualify me as a Grim Peeper?

    Maybe the out-of-date Summer Wind would like to chime in on that.

  8. Independent Soul great Post but unfortunately people don’t care. Obama Dems on this blog generally do not know anything about Obama’s platform. They do not understand that his programs are unreachable and are costly. Most Obama dems on this page are only interested in where they can get an Obama lawn sign.
    People just want a change and they don’t care who it is other than a Republican. That is a shame.

  9. independent soul on #7:

    To you and your friend in Israel, I suggest you both stay tuned to www (search eye on Rezko) as I strongly believe that the feds will provide some shocking insight as to the real Obama. Tony Rezko is cooperating with the feds and the probe (Operation Board Games) reaches from the Middle East to Chicago. There are plenty of wire tap recordings, Rezko and others are filling the gaps and putting things into perspective for the feds.
    I say, “In two (2) weeks, we shall hear from the Department of Justice.”

  10. Independent Soul,
    You may have gotten that from a friend in Israel but I am sure that this was initiated somewhere in the Karl Rove School of Smear Campaigns. McCain is stooping far lower than what he had complained about 8 years ago in South Carolina.
    Obama’s name is filled with foreign overtones so make him a terrorist by association and maybe Americans won’t vote for him. Stop this bigotry and debate the issues that Americans are truly concerned about. McCain’s days are numbered. He has met the enemy and he be me!

  11. Wondering on #11:

    The Democrats may just get what they want.
    Obama’s plan may take a “change” for the worst and instead of going to ‘The White House’ he may end up in ‘The Big House’.

  12. *** Well, Chief Norwood had about all he could take from Finch & party’s threats in general about the Police budget. Hope they take their time finding a replacement that is made aware of all the problems & B/S in general, and for now really look at who from within, would be able to fill the vacancy for the time being. On another note, McCain/Palin, GOP & many conservative R. wingers seem to be in a pull-out-all-the-stops sort of campaign mode. More & more racial negative propaganda seems to be surfacing towards Obama from many levels and places, with the McCain/Palin party silently observing & in some cases contributing to it, in some of their off-the-cuff remarks! It’s no secret that both Hillary & McCain were very upset to basically be taking a back seat to a minority newcomer by way of Chicago mind you in their perspective races & still now. You had a white P/O in uniform recently giving what was nothing more than a personal political racial bashing of Obama on a local network news. Does his entire city fellow officers also feel the same way, is it condoned by the administration to voice his personal political views in the city’s Police uniform? It’s bound to get worst before it gets better, no doubt.

  13. Bridgeport Kid,
    Keep telling yourself that Joe must go but I’m telling you it just ain’t so.
    The Black Rock Art Center is here to stay no matter what it’s not going away.
    So grab your instrument and have some fun ’cause it ain’t Joe Celli who is on the run.
    10 more years is a long, long time, evicting them would be a crime.
    So come on in and have some fun, the Black Rock Art Center has just begun!

  14. Lennie,
    I think that Captain Lynn Kerwin would make a great acting chief. I think it would be a bold move by a mayor who normally makes no move and lets circumstances dictate what gets done.
    And it would be a far more prudent appointment then when the last mayor appointed an individual with a history of domestic violence.

  15. Hi Grin, I just want to let you know Black Rock will be smiling, dancing in the streets and having a big party when they shut down the “Black Rock (non) Art Center” and give the “artist” Joe Celli, who can legitimately claim to be a CON ARTIST and nothing more, a one-way ticket out of here.
    Rip off artist that he is.
    You got to go Joe – bye.

  16. Bob why would you want to throw Lynn Kerwin to the wolves? Working for Flinch and Wood would torpedo what has been an outstanding career. Taking this job would put her in a no-win situation, she would be expected to jump everytime that pissant Woods said jump. She would end up being blamed for the layoffs and budget cutting that will take place. I think if anyone in the PD takes that job and is not ready to retire they are nuts.

  17. The latest on Mr. Gomes’ office remodeling is that the cost is up to $120,000. I understand that Hughie, Dewie and Louie aka (Gomes, Curry & Santiago) have spent the last two days at the public facilities complex checking trucks and their gas cards. They have also been using 2 female workers from PF to help in this task.
    Let me see by my count that is about $190,000 in salaries (not counting the PF workers) to check gas cards.
    This position that has been created for Gomes is one of the biggest boondogles that has been played on the people of Bridgeport. Was this payback for great grinders for Flinch, Wood and their little friend McCarthy?

  18. Wondering,
    I understand where you are coming from but I think Lynn is one tough cop and wouldn’t take much from anyone in the administration. They have pushed their luck once already and if Kerwin were promoted and left it would be a tremendous black eye for the city.

  19. Bob you are right but as you know better than I the city meaning Flinch and Woods could give a shit less about giving Bpt a black eye. Since these guys took office the city looks like it was the guest of honor at an ass-kicking party.

  20. Bob Walsh, I agree, it would be a real progressive movement to make a woman the acting chief. Sometimes it takes a woman to do a man’s job! I’d love to see that happen.

  21. *** If the city decides on Lynn Kerwin they better handle her with kid gloves. She’s no fool & could be quite a problem in the future, dealing with the present admin. Especially if she’s made acting chief, she applies, then the job goes to a “male” outsider! The city’s has had its fair share of frivolous lawsuits before & sometimes legal affairs are not handled wisely nor pre-judged for their possible shortcomings!

  22. Lynn is in or Kerwin’s the top spot. My personal observation of Lynn Kerwin is as follows. I noticed that Kerwin had distanced herself from controversial matters and tends to be soft-spoken and professional in her dealings with her duties at the Detective Bureau. I’ve always advocated for more women in positions of authority and higher management. The glass ceiling is difficult to break even if you shoot it with a 9 millimeter. The layoff of high-ranking officers sends a negative message to officers who wish to climb the career ladder, it is less encouraging knowing that in order to reach heaven (the Chief’s Office) one must compete with candidates all across the nation. Hire from within must be the call of the day if the Police Department is to return to normal operation. One thing that I know of Lynn is that she is the only Officer who prefers to vacuum clean her own office. I guess I’d have to do it from Tuesday on.
    Good luck Lynn!

  23. Well Bridgeport made the national news this AM when it was reported that Acorn registered a 7-year-old as a voter. With that I would guess that the registrar of voters is inundated with frauduent voter registrations.
    John From BR when you went to Virginia was it as a member of Acorn?

  24. Hi all, hope my old friends are well.

    Those of who are Monroe or Newtown voters please check out all the new material on my web site: www or add me as a friend on face book.

    I haven’t posted lately because I have been really busy knocking on doors. I’ll be commenting again after the election. If any voters have any questions about my race, my contact info is on my web site. I’d be happy to discuss any of your issues or concerns.

  25. To all my fellow bloggers, please note that I have researched my own posting re Obama’s life on and found the piece to be completely erroneous. I urge caution when reading things sent via email and sent around the world.

    On another note, I would ask those interested in starting to build up the blame game with regard to the economic problems to read an article in the NY times from 9/30/99, where Fannie is put under pressure by the Clinton White House to make subprime mortgages to the unqualified. An interesting article.

  26. Responding to Black Rockin’s comment (#19), there are plans for a large party to commence when Joe “I’ll get the volunteers to do it for free” Celli’s manure-green Jaguar pulls out of the MUNICIPAL parking lot behind 2838 Fairfield Avenue for the last time.

  27. The Bridgeport Redevelopment Agency (BRA) is preparing an RFP for the city-owned property at 2838 Fairfield Avenue. It will be issued in December as a Christmas gift for the residents of Black Rock that have long suffered through the building’s unlawful occupation by Joe “only the little people pay taxes” Celli and his nefarious “nonprofit” organization, International Performing Arts.

  28. Hey Grin Reaper and Up Yours Bridgeport,
    What was that bovine fecal matter spewing from the IPA propaganda machine last year that the state bonding commision wouldn’t authorize funds for IPA and the art center unless there was a ten-year lease? If it’s brown and lumpy like bullshit and smells like bullshit and you know it came from a man that is known to be a professional bullshit artist, then you just know that it is BULLSHIT.

    Careful where you step.

  29. According to a press release issued by the Black Rock Art Center and posted at Black Rock Online, “After four years of attempting to resolve a lease between the Black Rock Art Center and the City of Bridgeport, arbitration with The American Dispute Resolution Center, Inc. (ADR Center) found the City in violation of its prior licensing agreement with International Performing Arts, Inc. (IPA). The sole issue submitted by the parties to the Arbitrator was whether the City of Bridgeport negotiated in good faith with International Performing Arts in order to enter into a long-term lease. The arbitrator stated, ‘It has been agreed by both parties if there was a finding for IPA then the City would be required to negotiate the terms of a long term lease in good faith with IPA for another thirty days.'”

    Alexander Schwartz, IPA’s attorney, was quoted as saying, “We are prepared to meet immediately with the City to resolve this long-standing issue”. The matter is resolved. Pack your shit and get the fuck out. NOW.

  30. Wait a minute these judges are unelected judges and they want to make a big ruling like this. The voters should have a say in this and I am voting yes for the convention. I’m tired of these left-wing Judges.

  31. Donj The answer to your question is no. The convention can not overthrow a court ruling.
    BTW the left-wing judges go along with the left-wing candidate you are backing. There are probably 4 Supreme Court Justices that are going to be replaced in the next 4 years. So stand by for a bunch of left-wing justices if Obama wins.

  32. donj,
    The Supreme Court interprets the Constitution. So if there were a constitutional convention and an amendment were proposed and ratified by the States, then any previous rulings would not really be overthrown, but rather rendered moot.

    So yes, a ConCon can do what you want.

    But you have to also acknowledge a risk.

    A ConCon can do whatever it wants. It can consider whatever it wants, and recommend whatever it wants. By definition it cannot be restricted to any particular issue.

    A ConCon is a risk to both sides of the aisle, so that is why you’re not apt to see a lot of support for one.

  33. Wondering has touched on how the game is played. The parties jockey to get justices on the court that agree with their views. Since these justices pretty much serve until they die, an appointment will shape the SJC for years to come.

  34. Hey Up on Bpt #39
    What would you know about the law except how to break it? You will be displaced, con-less and disposed of like garbage.
    I can see Black Rock dancing in the streets.

  35. Today, the CT Supreme Court affirmed the right to homosexual marriage causing considerable uproar throughout the state and nation.

    The judges are absolutely right. You see, nowhere in the State Constitution is such a marriage a violation of law. The judges have done their job. They have interpreted the Constitution. They have upheld the law.

    Now, if there is enough dissension, we can convene a Constitutional Convention and establish gay marriage as illegal and change the law.

  36. Good for the Connecticut Supreme Court. This is a huge civil rights victory and should be applauded by all fair-minded people. With everything else that’s going on, why people would want to waste their time trying to prevent people in love from getting married makes no sense to me. Keep in mind, there was a time and not that long ago, when a white person and a black person could not legally marry in many parts of this country. Do we really want to be getting involved in choosing who can and cannot marry? I’ll be voting no on the Constitutional Convention.

  37. Please try to understand what you’re voting for/against when you vote on the ConCon question.

    The whole text of Connecticut’s Constitution is here: www

    Here is the applicable section:



    SEC. 1. The general assembly may, upon roll call, by a yea vote of at least two-thirds of the total membership of each house, provide for the convening of a constitutional convention to amend or revise the constitution of the state not earlier than ten years from the date of convening any prior convention.

    SEC. 2. The question “Shall there be a Constitutional Convention to amend or revise the Constitution of the State?” shall be submitted to all the electors of the state at the general election held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November in the even-numbered year next succeeding the expiration of a period of twenty years from the date of convening of the last convention called to revise or amend the constitution of the state, including the Constitutional Convention of 1965, or next succeeding the expiration of a period of twenty years from the date of submission of such a question to all electors of the state, whichever date shall last occur. If a majority of the electors voting on the question shall signify “yes”, the general assembly shall provide for such convention as provided in Section 3 of this article.

    SEC. 3. In providing for the convening of a constitutional convention to amend or revise the constitution of the state the general assembly shall, upon roll call, by a yea vote of at least two-thirds of the total membership of each house, prescribe by law the manner of selection of the membership of such convention, the date of convening of such convention, which shall be not later than one year from the date of the roll call vote under Section 1 of this article or one year from the date of the election under Section 2 of this article, as the case may be, and the date for final adjournment of such convention.

    SEC. 4. Proposals of any constitutional convention to amend or revise the constitution of the state shall be submitted to all the electors of the state not later than two months after final adjournment of the convention, either as a whole or in such parts and with such alternatives as the convention may determine. Any proposal of the convention to amend or revise the constitution of the state submitted to such electors in accordance with this section and approved by a majority of such electors voting on the question shall be valid, to all intents and purposes, as a part of this constitution. Such proposals when so approved shall take effect thirty days after the date of the vote thereon unless otherwise provided in the proposal.

    So if you vote “yes”, you’ve told the Legislature to convene a ConCon. Note that the Legislature, not you, sets the rules for picking the participants.

    So let’s say we’ve got a ConCon. They can come up with any proposals they (not you) want. The group that is campaigning for a ConCon ( is pushing for Initiative Referenda (a famous example is California’s 1978 “Proposition 13”), which would make Connecticut the 25th state to have these. I don’t believe it’s likely they’d get agreement on a Gay Marriage proposal at a ConCon, but they might get everyone to agree to Initiative Referenda.

    So let’s say they do propose Inititative Referenda. Now the voters get to vote on this.

    So let’s say it passes and becomes part of Connecticut’s Constitution. Now everyone (not just the anti-Gay Marriage faction) has a means of bypassing the legislature to get something in front of the voters, if they can find enough (whatever “enough” turns out to be) other people to support it.

    So let’s say that “enough” of these anti-Gay Marriage small-minded bigots get together and get their crap on the ballot. Now you can vote on it. And if there are enough other small-minded bigots out there that the referendum passes, only now is that supreme court decision moot.

    Voting “yes” or “no” on a ConCon has nothing to do with being for or against Gay Marriage. Try and keep up.

  38. John from BR why am I not surprised that you would favor gay marriage? Marriage is meant to be between a man and a woman. To equate the Black/White issue here is wrong. The Black white issue was still between a man and a women and its prohibition was wrong.
    Gays and a civil union are one thing marriage is another and I am against it 100%.
    Booty you are a total jerk and who the hell are you to call anyone a bigot? A person following his religious beliefs is not a bigot. You liberal people are quick to call people names when they don’t follow your beliefs. So if being against Gay marriage is equated to bigotry then I will wear the title.

  39. Discrimination is discrimination, period. I believe in civil rights for everyone. It’s not my place to pass judgement on which group of people deserve full civil rights and which group doesn’t.

    Why some people feel threatened by two loving people getting married is beyond me. I just don’t understand what the problem is.

  40. Wondering, you ignorant asshole. Why do you state that you are not surprised that JBR is for gay marriage? Are you suggesting that he is gay? Or is it possible that you have not the capacity to understand an opposite point of view? I’m not a gay man. I could care less if gay couples want to validate their union by a rite of marriage. I see no difference between a civil union of gays and an actual marriage. No one is going to convince me that a gay couple spiritually and emotionally committed to each other much in the same way I and other heteros are committed to their spouses should not enjoy all of the so-called benefits I enjoy as a married person. It’s also going to take a lot of discussion to convince me that a gay person is incapable of knowing the passion and sense of well-being that comes from a true loving relationship. I believe that a gay person is born with with a proclivity toward an attraction to their same sex. Therefore, how is it against all that is holy? I was born with a healthy attraction to the opposite sex and exploited that attraction every chance I got. Why on earth would I think it abhorrent that a gay person experience the same passions of a hetero?

    In the end a marriage is nothing more than a contract, a business deal. Those marriages that end in divorce wind up being nothing more than a disposition of assets in an equitable manner. All people, heteros and gays, should be protected equally under the law.

  41. Up Yours Bridgeport,
    So possession is nine tenths of the law? The city hold the deed to the building you and your “nonprofit” organization have been unlawfully occupying for the last few years. That’s all a superior court judge needs to know. When the thirty-day negotiation period has expired, the city attorney will begin eviction proceedings. Anastasia’s office will prevail, and the efforts of all the volunteers you conned into donating time and labor “rehabilitating” 2838 Fairfield Avenue will be for naught. And that will be YOUR fault, Joe. You’ll be reaping what you have sown. No one is buying into your disingenuous belief that the hostility directed toward you is unwarranted. The city of Bridgeport will win any legal challenges you put up to prevent the inevitable. So go on, keep thinking that “possession is nine tenths of the law.” Keep on thinking that as you’re forcibly removed by the city sheriff. I’ll make sure the local media is informed so that your bellicose statements are captured for posterity.

  42. The city of Bridgeport is staring down the barrel of a multimillion dollar deficit that has forced the mayor to make some extremely unpopular decicions that have caused not a little distress to the population. It is truly galling that Joe “Up Yours Bridgeport” Celli and his few remaining disciples believe that he (and it has always been the singular pronoun) is entitled to occupy a piece of city property at the taxpayers’ expense. Even if the city accepted Joe Cheddar’s offer of $1,500.00 a month in rent, it wouldn’t cover the debt obligation on the municipal bonds the city issued to purchase the property from the Salvation Army. Right now it is costing Bridgeport’s taxpayers nearly $44,000.00 a year to own that building. What are the taxpayers getting for this economic largesse? Nothing, not a damn thing that benefits the greater population of Bridgeport. There is little conceivable benefit to the Black Rock, in actual fact. It is well past time that the city sold the building to developers so that the property generates tax revenue or it is rented out at market rates. Either scenario would provide income, and it really is money that matters.

  43. Yahooy there you go again with the name calling and a total lack of what was said in the post. The post to John was about his liberal leanings and nothing else. If you remember you scumbag (Oh Gee I said something bad), John stated that he went to Virginia with his wife.
    BTW he is intelligent enough to respond for himself you dumb ass. (Oh my that’s twice.)
    Some of us believe differently about Gay marriage that’s not to say that I am against the benefits and rights brought by a civil union. Nowhere in my post did it say that gays were not entitled to all the civil rights enjoyed by everyone else. So in the end take your criticisms and your childish Philistine of the week and shove it moron. Next time read the whole post.

  44. Wondering,

    > Booty you are a total jerk

    I’ve been called much worse. Thank you for your restraint!

    > and who the hell are you to call
    > anyone a bigot?

    Calls ’em like I sees ’em.

    > A person following his religious
    > beliefs is not a bigot.

    That would depend on your beliefs, wouldn’t you say? I support your right to believe anything you want. But you have no right to impose your beliefs on me or anyone else. I’m sure there’s a religion out there that believes you should either convert to their religion or be killed. What would you call them when they are “only following their religious beliefs”?

    > You liberal people are quick to
    > call people names when they don’t
    > follow your beliefs.

    Got a little pot-kettle thing going here?

    > So if being against Gay marriage is
    > equated to bigotry then I will wear the title.

    That’s not quite what I’m saying. You can believe anything you want, and I support your right to do so. But as soon as you try to deny anyone equal protection under the law, you’ve lost any respect I might have otherwise had for you, and I will do my best to stop you. These are the people I am showing significant restraint by only calling them “small-minded bigots”. Are you one of them?

  45. Booty; Marriage for me will always be 1 man and 1 woman that being said I believe that everyone should have all the rights and privileges that this country offers. I believe in civil unions of same-sex couples but that’s as far as I can go. I think that down the road this marriage of same-sex people will be taught as part of sex education in schools and I am against that also. I don’t think that denial of marriage of same-sex couples is denying equal protection but the courts disagree so as far as I am concerned that’s that and it’s the law in CT. I will follow the law.

  46. *** In the past, I remember many B/R residents @ a city council meeting opposing the proposal of a possible temp. lease with Mr. Celli & BRAC. At a public-speaking session, some of those who signed up to speak complained of the type of people it would bring into the neighborhood. Others were concerned about the possible income it could take away from other businesses nearby if music acts were to play there, etc. But very few were concerned with the fact that maybe it was better to RFP the building & get an idea of what it was worth. Well the temp. lease was granted & Mr. Celli worked with some of the residents & businesses of Black Rock & Co. and overnight BRAC was the new Arts venue in B/R! When Fabrizi decided to “not” renew the lease & to put the building up for an RFP with the possibility of selling it and getting it back on the tax rolls. Some of the “same” people & new from B/R that were against BRAC from the begining, were against Fabrizi’s proposal & angry @ the Mayor, because BRAC claimed the city was not bargaining in good faith! In other words, “now” many in B/R wanted BRAC there & not moved to another site as the city was proposing as well. The only one that stuck to his guns on “not” wanting BRAC there period was Dan Roach. At that time, BRAC & a B/R committee was made and meetings held with politicians & the media, concerning “keeping” Celli & Co. right there in B/R. Now that BRAC & Celli’s coats have been pulled & they’re not producing the same type of excitment as before. And the economic revenues in Bpt. are down which is affecting taxes to go up, many residents in B/R have seen the light and it seems BRAC has over-stayed its welcome.

  47. The Bridgeport Kid said “The city of Bridgeport is staring down the barrel of a multimillion dollar deficit that has forced the mayor to make some extremely unpopular decisions that have caused not a little distress to the population.”

    Are you kidding me? If the mayor was actually doing these deeds as cost-saving measures I would have no problem with that. The reality of it all is that Finch is using his or his buddies’ own agenda. The layoffs that he just did and the future ones to come are all based on dirty political revenge. He is cutting positions of dedicated employees and keeping his new hires on board. He is allowing massive renovations to be done in numerous city hall and city hall annex offices. He hired Gomes to save money and at the same time he is granting him hundreds of thousands to remodel his office. He is allowing his friends to owe millions of dollars of taxes and going after the little people who owe hundreds. None of this makes any sense at all. I can’t see how you would be able to justify or defend his actions.

  48. *** Why are people against Gay marriage small-minded? Are they not entitled to their opinions & beliefs as well? Also, when the constitution of the state or of this nation was written, do you think it meant to have the rights of gays in promoting their personal bedroom, same sex preference, as something that’s part of the norm in beliefs & religions of mankind @ the time? Is the symbol of the bonds of marriage, weather civil or religious not looked as “sacred” anymore? Something worthy of respect, not secular or profane & where does it end for the sake of human conveniance? Man & woman, man & man, woman & woman, man & child, woman & child, man or woman & beast, etc. Is this what was meant by the pursuit of life, liberty & happiness in the overall protection of American’s rights? If we could only go back in time, just to listen & observe without changing anything, just to really understand exactly what our constitution’s fore-fathers had in mind concerning the rights & beliefs we sometimes take for granted. We would be surprised! ***

  49. Mojo – You are most certainly entitled to your opinions and beliefs. Why though, should you have the right to impose those opinions and beliefs on two loving adults who choose to marry? What gives you or anyone else the right to impose your personal belief system on other adult’s personal lives? These people are committing no crime. They only wish to celebrate and honor their commitment to one another. They are no threat to you or anyone else. Why can’t we just let them live their lives as they see fit?

    As far as the original intent of the framers of the Constitution, I think it was pretty clear. If you were a free white male you had full civil rights – if you weren’t you didn’t. For example, women couldn’t vote or enter into legal contracts on their own. Over time our view of just who should be granted full civil rights has expanded and this latest ruling on gay marriage is just another positive step in this direction.

    On another topic, my wife and I will be working for Obama up in New Hampshire for the next couple of days. I’ll let you all know how that goes when we return.

  50. This should be pretty simple. Marriage is a religious term and therefore has nothing to do with the government. Civil unions are recognized for tax purposes and other government benefits. So in essence, the state should just recognize civil unions.

  51. #64- Key word in your blog is adults! Why, because hopefully mature adults have the experience & personal beliefs to see, understand and make their own decision on a Gay lifestyle. How about children that are not quite ready to understand what exactly being Gay is, etc. What about their rights to not have to understand so soon why #2 men were kissing @ the movies, or on a bench in the park? Why, out of “love” should Gay adults’ personal sexual preference be out in public as if it’s perfectly healthy normal behavior just like walking down the street! On a very hot summer day, should people take off all their clothes and walk naked down Main St. because they feel it’s their personal right? Why not, they’re not hurting anyone right! If in this world, man could do whatever he or she wanted, without physically hurting someone & felt that it was okay; ’cause it’s their personal right and to them it was an act of love & should be the norm. Where the hell would we be? Let’s take the signs off the public mens & ladies bathrooms & just put a sign that says bathroom for all. It’s not hurting anyone & the adults can understand that when you got to go you got to go! But how about the kids? Why bother with moral or religious beliefs or even patriotic beliefs, it’s just pushing something on people they don’t want to hear or believe in right, besides it might be a rights violation written by man again. Where’s it end, even when in your “opinion” it’s not hurting anyone?

  52. Being branded an asshole by a jerk like you has no meaning. Your biggest contribution to this blog is name-calling of people that are smarter than you. That means everyone else on this blog.

  53. Mojo – I know you’re going to have trouble with this, but for a gay couple “#2 men were kissing @ the movies, or on a bench in the park” is “perfectly healthy normal behavior just like walking down the street!” It’s just as normal as the straight couple doing the same thing on the bench next to them.

  54. JBR

    Excellent analogy.

    The Founding Fathers crafted the constitution only thinking about the free white male. As time went on and the contributions of women in society became more prevalent, the Constitution changed to provide the same rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness to women.

    Now we address the rights of gay people. Just as women were recognized so shall gay people. People are people. We are a free society not for some but for all. Homosexuality is not unlawful. The homosexual is therefore not a criminal. Then why should the homosexual be denied the rights on which our free society is established?

    Abhorrent behavior? Who says? Despicable? According to whom?

    Wondering, I would like to see you meet with a gay couple and explain to them why the deeply committed love, respect and passion they share as deeply as any hetero couple should not be consummated in a formal rite of marriage.

    I’m rhetorical, of course. Wondering, you are a stupid bastard that couldn’t possibly formulate the words to have the above-mentioned conversation.

  55. Wondering if you’re a man don’t marry a man if you’re a woman don’t marry a woman but please mind your own business when someone else wants to do what they are legally allowed to do. Liberal is not a dirty word but fascist right-wing mind everyone’s business but your own is dangerous. Remember don’t marry anyone of your sex. Keep listening to Rush where your thoughts come from.

  56. Here we go again, insults on top of insults. Live and let live. Let people do what they want, we say we believe in equal rights, so why say gays should be treated any different from anyone else? What’s good for one person may not be good for someone else, who are we to judge?

  57. Yahooy…

    Re: #70


    Sound logic, persuasive argument, and (importantly) the right conclusion. It doesn’t get any better than that.

    A little tough on Wondering…but bravo nevertheless!

  58. Once again I agree with wondering but I really feel it should be the voters’ decision not 7 unelected judges. Even if the court had said it the other way around that it is illegal to marry someone of the same sex I would say the same thing — make the people decide and we should vote on it.

  59. donj It is not the voters’ right to impose their moral will on other people. This would be like voting what religion we should be. If you are against this because of your god let your god deal with it, not voters.

  60. Yes yahooy and John from Black Rock, both of you are on the money. Wondering needs to lighten up. I really don’t care who kisses who, it’s nobody’s business but theirs. Gay people should have the same rights as everyone else. If you see a gay couple holding hands and you don’t like what you see, just look the other way. It’s that easy.

  61. Mojo#62 yes everyone has the right to their own beliefs just not the right to impose those beliefs on others no matter what they believe in it is their belief. The law says they have the right to marry, not make you marry someone you do not wish to marry or impose that law upon you. The law does not say Mojo marry someone of your own sex, but it does say if you wish to you have the right to do so.

  62. Badboy: Just so you know Federal Law does not recognize same-sex marriages. In fact only 3 states recognize same-sex marriage, California, Connecticut & Massachusetts.

  63. Yahooy there is nothing more dangerous than a jerk with a keyboard and you fit the bill. Your attitude is completly opposite of the tolerance you were proclaiming in post #70. The words in your post “Abhorrent behavior? Who says? Despicable? According to whom?” were not written by me. So go on with your name-calling that’s what cowards do when they are outclassed by smarter people.
    BTW look at #81 not only do only 3 states favor same-sex marriages the majority of americans are against same-sex marriages. With all that being said I see nothing wrong with civil unions and all the rights that go with them. If you don’t like that tough.

  64. RE Mojo’s entry #60:

    Ol’ Joe “Up Yours Bridgeport” Celli moved into the city-owned building at 2838 Fairfield Avenue long before a lease was negotiated. It was vacant at the time, and he asked officials, “Hey, if no one else is using it can I move in?” A lease for an art center wasn’t negotiated until long after that. Many of the movers and shakers in Black Rock were in favor of an art center, Danny Roach and Phil Blagys included. There weren’t any immediate objections even when Celli’s true colors of arrogance and self-importance began to show. The opposition was never “about” the art center, per se. It was about Celli. A look into his background turned up more than a few instances of behavior that was, shall we say, less than ethical. Mr. Celli has claimed to be a founding member of Real Art Ways, a nonprofit arts and cultural organization based in Hartford. That much is true. Mr. Celli does neglect to say that he was forced out of RAW for unscrupulous behavior (applying for grants and pocketing the money, etc.). He also claims on his résumé to have been a member of the board of trustees for Tigertail Productions, a nonprofit arts organization based in Miami, Florida. According to Mary Luft, executive director (and founder) of Tigertail, “Joseph Celli was never a member of Tigertail’s board.” So Mr. Celli’s tendency toward dishonesty was well established long before he returned to Bridgeport. City officials wanted to see a lot more bang for the taxpayers’ buck. Mr. Celli had promised them the sun and moon, but it turned out to be pie in the sky. None of his promises were kept. The building has seen a minimal amount of renovation and repair, certainly nowhere near the $350,000.00 worth of work that IPA was contractually obligated to perform. Now it is too late, too late for anything to be salvaged. Mr. Celli misled the art center’s patrons. He misled the individuals that volunteered their time and services. The only benefit he was concerned with was his own. It is costing the city more than $43,000.00 a year to put up Mr. Celli and IPA, his “nonprofit” arts organization. There hasn’t been any tangible benefit to the city in general or the Black Rock neighborhood in particular. High time to take back 2838 Fairfield Avenue from Mr. Celli, whose self-delusion is evident in his belief that “possession is nine tenths of the law.” The city of Bridgeport possesses the paper on the building, Mr. Celli. That’s all that matters in an eviction proceeding.

  65. Wow, “pedantical putz”. Very Good you idiot!!! How long did it take you to find pedantical?
    Just a history lesson for you: When slaves were brought here the British were in charge. In fact when they were in charge whites were also indentured servants when they first got here. There was a civil war where the majority fought to end slavery. It did take many years for blacks to achieve their proper rights but that was not because the majority thought they should not have them. Now if you’d care to debate this further let’s have at it.

  66. “It did take many years for blacks to achieve their proper rights but that was not because the majority thought they should not have them.”

    My fellow bloggers … I rest my case.

  67. I love that countdown. Hey Len will you have videos or pictures from precincts around Bridgeport on election day??? This will be a historic election. Vote Obama, Himes, Gomes, Clemons. Every day I get mail from Shays and you know where that goes??? It goes to the garbage.

  68. #85*** I believe Mr. Roach was never one of the B/R residents that did not have a problem with Celli getting the old bank/salvation army building. Why, because he wanted to either buy or lease from the city, the small parking lot between his store & the now BRAC building. So he was against Celli’s proposal from the start! Now quickly back to Gay marriage rights; if imposing our beliefs in marriage in general, whether religious or civil is violating gays rights, then why get married? Also, I keep reading the same reasons for gays wanting to marry & the fact that it’s not hurting anyone nor against the law but no one’s brought up the “rights” of children & protecting them! What they don’t count or have eyes, ears & ask questions, yet may not understand the answers just yet? And is being gay really just a religious taboo, or are there other physical, medical & or psychological reasons not to condone it period? Also, is it really love or human sexual lust that can become an addicting lifestyle by lonely people? What say all you hard-core liberals out there?


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