Paging All Ned-heads, Lamont $15 Minimum Wage If Governor

He stunned Joe Lieberman in a 2006 primary riding an anti-war message, lost to him in a general election, lost big in a 2010 primary for governor, and now Ned Lamont is back with a progressive’s touch promising a $15 an hour minimum wage in a slick video (see above) if elected governor. With Lamont now in, former Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz could be the next high profile name to seek the Democratic nomination for governor.

Lamont news release:

“I am proud to call Connecticut my home, to start my business here and raise my family here,” says Lamont. “We have many great assets and people want to live here, but we are falling behind. We need to fix our state budget and improve our economy so more people and businesses can continue to stay in Connecticut and find opportunity to advance here. Like many parents, I want my three children to stay here, to work and to raise a family in a thriving Connecticut.

“Business people are measured by their results and Connecticut needs results right now; we’ve got to change how we do businesses. More good-paying jobs, more companies moving into Connecticut that attract talent, more leaders willing to come together to find common ground, fix our budget, and get our state moving again. We have serious issues to address and our leaders will need to tell the truth about how we are going to solve our biggest problems.”

Lamont’s agenda will be rolled out over the coming months and includes addressing the crisis in our state budget and finances; growing our economy; initiatives to attract and retain a talented workforce that include raising the minimum wage; advancing pay equity; establishing paid family leave, and building out our transportation infrastructure and jobs by implementing modern tolling.

As a parent, a volunteer teacher at Harding High School in Bridgeport, a lecturer at Yale University, and currently a professor at Central Connecticut State University, Ned recognizes the critical need for talented educators and good schools. It’s why his agenda includes investing in the next generation of Connecticut workers through loan forgiveness for teachers in high-need school systems and supporting tuition-free community college for residents committed to working and staying in Connecticut.

Lamont, 64, has been a small business owner and entrepreneur for over 25 years. He founded Lamont Digital Systems (Campus Televideo), a company that challenged the cable utilities to provide a better service at a lower cost to students. In 2006, Lamont stood up against the political establishment and won a historic primary election against US Senator Joe Lieberman.

His wife, Annie, is a nationally recognized business leader focusing on the healthcare and financial service fields. They reside in Connecticut and have two daughters and a son.



  1. Connecticut has the 8th Highest Housing Wage of $24.72/hr that is required to afford a two bedroom rental home in Bridgeport. One of the highest gas taxes, cigarette taxes, electric rates and property taxes in the country.

    98/wk hours of work needed at the minimum wage (to afford 2 bedroom rental home) in Bridgeport.


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