Overall, Strong Grades For School Super Johnson

school board grades Johnson
School board grades Johnson. Photo by Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post.

Most school board members graded her high while a few presented some critical evaluations of Superintendent of Schools Aresta Johnson who received her first review since starting the job nearly 18 months ago.

From Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post:

The 70-page document included input from eight of nine school board members, with board member Chris Taylor choosing not to participate. Board members individually rated her in eight separate areas on a scoring scale of 1 — beginning — to 4 — exemplary. Johnson’s combined score was 2.98 out of a possible 4.

The evaluation followed two nights of presentations by Johnson — held in public at her request — and an executive session by the board.

At a session to present their findings, Johnson told board members she wanted to know the story behind the numbers.

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  1. The evaluation is a public record, therefore anyone can request a copy.

    I believe it will be placed on the BPS website in the next few weeks after Dr. Johnson reviews it and responds to it in writing.

    Anyone can submit a written request for the evaluation to the Superintendent’s office and it must be provided. You may be charged up to .50 per page.

  2. I was happy to see that bullying was mentioned as an area of significance to the BOE. Whether you are a parent or merely a community adult concerned about the general safety of school-age youth the fact that the State of CT has established a definition of bullying (that includes use of social media and cyber-bullying) and placed obligations on the school community is enough to know that it happens and is not likely to be fair to any youth who runs afoul of the way bullying can victimize young persons.

    School systems are intended to have a CLIMATE CONTROL OFFICIAL, (CCO), someone who understands what bullying is and deals firmly with the subject when evidence of it surfaces in an official process. As an advocate for a youth who was clearly BULLIED, I never heard from the official BOE CCO last year. An Assistant Superintendent who perhaps had other work responsibilities towards the 21,000 students was identified but never reached out. In the budget cuts for 2018-19 the position was cut. That leaves this responsibility in Superintendent Johnson’s lap.

    A blood letting injury to a student neither caused a timely or official police or medical report or instant notification to a parent. Why was that? The injured student continued to be hounded at school and by social media for the next 60 days after the incident. Reports of his “expulsion” continued after the family decided to remove the “talented and gifted” student from the school. He graduated from eighth grade in the parochial system and will enter high school tomorrow. Notice to the school system has been given as well as at the State level.

    Some folks complain about the education system being top heavy. In this specific area there does not appear to be appropriate staffing to even provide minimum necessary response unfortunately. Will the Board take a look at this area as claims can cost the City extra funds and such claims that are hurtful to the youth and expensive to the City should not be happening as often as I hear. Time will tell.


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