Only In Bridgeport, Say Hello To “Also In Bridgeport”–Advocate To Repair “Broken Democracy”

Gemeem Davis

“Bridgeport’s democracy must be fixed, and it’s our job to fix it,” says Bridgeport Generation Now Votes President Gemeem Davis who served as State Senator Marilyn Moore’s mayoral campaign manager in 2019.

Now Votes is an election advocacy offshoot of Bridgeport Generation Now that’s pounding a reform theme to clean up government. Now Votes’ newly launched Also In Bridgeport features a message to “Unrig Bridgeport.”

In 2021, we are fighting for a bold voting rights agenda, working to elect candidates to City Council and Board of Education on our platform, and engaging voters to get out and vote in our local elections!

The group has been a fierce watchdog of the Police Department and to its credit shouted loudly about the selection process a few years ago that elevated former Chief AJ Perez to the top cop post. In a few weeks Perez will be sentenced in federal court for connivance of the police exam that wired him an upper hand including questions in advance and crafting of qualifications that suited his stunted resume.

Also In Bridgeport features a video, see above, asserting how local government is rigged while urging citizens to join its cause.

From 2019, Callie Heilmann, left, founder of Bridgeport Generation Now Votes, with attorney Prerna Rao, brought the primary lawsuit dismissed by the judge. In background, center, Nils Heilmann, Callie’s husband.

Now Votes backed a challenge of the 2019 mayoral primary in which Mayor Joe Ganim squeezed by Moore aided by absentee ballots. Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens sided against the group’s absentee ballot allegations. The Connecticut Supreme Court unanimously upheld the lower court.

Members of the respective organizations are learning that building their own campaign infrastructure is a labor-intensive process that takes years for sticking power. Still, they are not going away preparing for this off-mayoral cycle featuring elections for school board and City Council with an eye toward the larger prize in 2023.



  1. Barry, what about this,’I just want 11,780 votes’: Trump pressed Georgia to overturn Biden victory.Where is proof, 60 court decision including his Supreme Court all ruled against him. We need to find those Dead men vote democrat.

  2. Really Ron
    With all of the numbers of corrupt voting Democrats and all of the lawsuits you would think they could find ONE, just ONE, that would stick. But no. Not a one.
    But why let the truth stand in the way of a make believe story.

  3. As far as the original post, I’d love to see it but if democracy needs to be fixed why should we believe the group is the one to do it?
    Their track record is terrible.
    How did they help Marilyn Moore?
    Have they learned ANYTHING from their first effort at Bridgeport politics? Have they studied Bridgeport politics or are they the same as Trump? Keep repeating the same lie and sooner or later people will believe it’s true.

    1. Right on Bob!
      How did Gen Now help Marilyn Moore?
      Bridgeport Democratic Primary
      Precincts Reported: 23 of 23 (100.00%)
      Joseph P. Ganim 5,269 51.21%
      Marilyn Moore 5,021 48.79%
      Just more horse-shit from Gen Now!

  4. Another Corrupticut story, is it Blue Sky Studios or Pie In The Sky studios? Inquiring auditors want to know.
    Just read the latest scam pulled off by Porky Pig 🐷 and the Hollywood Gang that couldn’t shoot or talk straight. Seems like all the pols are doing their best at imitating Porky when he leaves town and says T-T-T-That’s-all-folks.

  5. I think Jimfox got it right,

    Jimfox says:
    March 31, 2021 at 5:57 pm

    As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable, then the powerful can do as they please, and those who survive will be left to contemplate the outcome.
    Noam Chomsky

  6. Did anyone see that San Ramos Pizza is for sale? And getting their slice of the pie is two consultants on the same Little Stevie Auerbach and Steve Nelson giving their reviews of their pizzas.
    I’m surprised Mario gave his approval to having these two Democratic loyalists giving the favorable reviews unless he figures they don’t know sh!t about Italian.

  7. But they are not saying what they are going to do.
    Are they going to challenge all 20 candidates?
    Are they going to provide labor to whomever asks? If not, what does one have to do to get their support?
    Are they going to supply, er, technical support?
    Besides Moore’s campaign what political support do they have?
    Are they going to supply money?
    What have they done with all of the police reforms? Have they accomplished anything?


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