OIB Poll: Rig The Election, Vote Early And Often

A “rigged” election, asserts Donald Trump. Here’s the chance for Trump supporters (others as well) to stuff our OIB poll with as many votes as they want. Yes, cast a vote for your choice (or multiple choices) once, 50, 100 times. What does this prove? Nothing. But it gives voice to those who want to “rig” an election.

For whom will you vote in the November election?

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  1. That these four candidates, including Libertarian and Green parties, are the best we can do for our country’s highest elected office is a sad statement of what we’ve become.

  2. So happy the popular vote doesn’t matter. Go ahead and vote for the demagogue! Those crazy racists and misogynists don’t know what the Electoral College is!

  3. This is a joke. So I can vote for “my” candidate many times over. LOL. So I will keep on voting for Johnson and Stein and they will become the next President of Bridgeport CT USA. Give me a break.

  4. A “rigged” election, asserts Donald Trump, of course the election is rigged so now America waits until Nov. 9th to see the start of what Donald Trump and his Trumpettes will do, or will they just wimp away?


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