OIB Poll: Open Casino Process Or Gaming Monopoly?

A hot topic in the current session of the state legislature centers on a casino for Bridgeport. Should Connecticut open up the bidding process?

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  1. A casino would do nothing for Bridgeport, not the whole city at any rate. A few short-sighted individuals think MGM’s proposal will make the downtown area look FABULOUS. What about the rest of the city? What about the economically depressed areas where residents eke by on SNAP benefits? What about all the abandoned industrial properties contaminating the ground, air and water? One commentator called me a scumbag because I had the temerity to raise these issues and give them priority over development.

    Guess what, dude. I’m concerned about the health and wellbeing of my fellow residents. Little .joe Ganim and the BRBC is happy to build up the downtown area while many residential neighborhoods exist in a twilight of poverty, despair and crime.

  2. There is little spill over effect from a casino for other local businesses. Besides gambling, customers enjoy dining, entertainment, shopping, etc. all within the safe and comfortable environs of the casino. No need to mingle with the locals.

    1. That is of no concern to the self-important advocates of the proposed casino. We had the same problem with Gathering of the Vibes. Local merchants were effectively shut out. Attendees ate, slept, showered and shit there, no need to venture into town.


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