OIB Exclusive: City Wars, The Race For Governor In Connecticut, Ganim Versus Lamont

In 2015 accomplished filmmaker Don Sikorski chronicled in real time City Wars, Bridgeport’s lightning rod mayoral race that returned Joe Ganim to the mayoralty after his 2003 conviction on federal corruption charges. Sikorski, whose film credits include The Infiltrator starring Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and the Marines documentary Article 32, is back with a new version of City Wars featuring the Democratic primary matchup between Ganim and party-endorsed Ned Lamont battling for the party nomination August 14. See video above.

“In this very bizarre political time that we live in in America,” narrates Sikorski, “this primary could define whether voters of Connecticut fall inside the nation’s zeitgeist.”

Sikorski has shared a sneak preview of the first episode focused on contrasting candidates at their first televised debate in New Haven–Lamont, the wealthy Greenwich businessman who stormed onto the political scene in 2006 defeating incumbent U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman on a war protest vote before losing the general election, versus Ganim, the comeback urban mayor clearly cast in the underdog role.

Sikorski’s film crew will follow the Lamont-Ganim primary in the final weeks.

Below, see opening episode of City Wars from the 2015 mayoral race.



  1. I do not understand the comparisons Ganim2 is making. Do you?
    What do the numbers of bathrooms in a home have to do with the task a new governor will labor over? What will the size of personal wealth matter in that same regard for the candidate who wins? Joe Ganim sold Bridgeport out years ago. He did not have enough? And his decisions to sell out the City (that he now sees as an engine) caused us to lose our engineer, didn’t it?

    When Joe returned one of the first things he did was to find a way to stitch his former days of service (to himself) to the new years he is serving? It is called benefits bridging. How does it occur? To whom is application made? Who approves? Isn’t that a sign that Joe’s primary self-interest has never changed?

    When Joe is around, is there room for anyone else to benefit? Where does that clearly show up in the record of Ganim2? For all the razz and excitement, does his demeanor show a man built to deliver for others? Time will tell.

  2. One thing is clear, You do not get the true picture unless you witness these debates first hand. I missed the above debate. I did however, witness the forum last week at the Hartford Public Library as well as this evening in New Haven. No matter how you slice it, last week in Hartford, Joe Ganim and Eva Zimmerman definitely electrified the crowd. This evening again. Outside both sides had their supporters . It was exciting. Inside, it was somber – No ranting and raving – minimal applause and just a sharing of information. Again, Ganim really delivered. There is no way even Bob Walsh standing there with his Lamont badge was hoping Lamont would kick Ganims Ass. There is no way Walsh can sing Lamonts praises. Lamont seemed to be shaking his head in agreement with almost everything Ganim said. If there is a video- you can see for yourself. Even putting Ganim on the defensive by having a group of supporters with huge posters blaming Ganim for the sadness of Negrons death. Ganim gave an excellent explanation. The more Joe acknowledges his history and fall from grace the more people warm up to him. I would like to hear Bob Walsh’s take on this evening. He would have to admit Ganim was on target. Lamont, Not so much.
    I respect Lamont for agreeing Ganim had the right to run. Whether he believed Ganim should be entitled to pubic financing was not clear. I think if anyone in the room was on the fence, I believe Ganim took the cake.

    Now a comment a la Maria P. This past weekend, I dropped my mother off for the weekend at the Watermark. I was wearing a Ganim teeshirt and did not say a word. It must have been a change in shift and at least 10 woman leaving the facitlity were excited with thumbs up for Ganim. I don’t think Lamont gets that reaction. I went to my Dr. in Trumbull a top physician at St. Vincents and lives in Fairfield. We started talking politics. I did not mention Ganim at all and he told me he and friends thought Ganim was the best choice. Let me say honest to G-d. Right hand to G-d I just thought I would
    share. This of course has nothing to do with the general positive reaction I have been receiving knocking on doors. Now I will be in Maria P’s 138th next week. I know Gnim will have support as well as Bradley. after all these are the same people people we spoke to during the town committee race. As always , I wish all of the candidates the best of luck. I find talking about the positives about my candidate as opposed to character assassinations of the opposition when talking face to face always works best. I have nothing negative to say about Ned Lamont or Susan . I just have positive things to say about Joe and Eva. I like Aaron Turner but I believe Dennis Bradley will be the right choice. I was introduce to Dennis Bradley by Maria P. 3 years ago. She couldn’t say enough good things about him. She also made an amazing speech about Joe Ganim that evening at O’Manels. I even have the
    literature that she was so proud of with her and Dennis running for the BOE.

    I am disappointed in the letter written about local Icon Frank Recchia- since nobody else said it. You know your campaign is in trouble when you stoop that low.

    1. Steve, do you remember President Al Gore and how he kicked George W. Bush in their debates? Ned Lamont has said that he will NOT take a salary from the taxpayers of Connecticut so Steve what will Joe Ganim do about a salary if he won, will he take taxpayers money?

      The name of Joe Ganim has NEVER come out of the mouth of Eva Zimmerman, you keep on trying to associate her name with Ganim but Eva Zimmerman but that dog won’t hunt she doesn’t want anything to do with Joe Ganim.

      Steve, once again what has Mayor Ganim done in the last two years as mayor that voters want Ganim to do for the state? Steve who are the elected officials around the state who are publicly supporting Ganim for governor?

      1. Steve is engaged to the Ganim movement by an emotional cord…..thus “electrifying” moments, excitement, etc. He terms the public supportive of Ganim when he acknowledges his “fall from grace”. Even for Steve that description of Ganim1 and Ganim2 rings phony. The FBI has nothing to do with falls from a state of grace.

        True, Steve, all of us are sinners in one manner or another, but the FBI is truly not interested in most of us. To rise up after sinning, especially if you seek something like forgiveness from the audience you disrespected and sinned against in the first place by placing your need and greed before your oath of office, a loud and clear admission of guilt and announcement of a changed path in the future. Ganim2 did not do that, did he?

        Furthermore the youth and energy of his first term are gone and they have not been replaced by appointments of worthy and competent teammates for the most part. So what has he to show for action, accomplishment or meeting the profound needs of the City?? More dreams for the future, that dazzle the emotions, thank you Steve, but do little that is pragmatic or just, like nurture school year after school year of the youth of Bridgeport. What are his priorities beyond his personal need or greed? Time will tell.

  3. *** Joe is counting on the urban vote in general by comparing housing life styles & urban income brackets with assertions that Lamont is out of touch with ordinary folk! ***

  4. Steven Auerbach, this is where you lost me:
    “I am disappointed in the letter written about local Icon Frank Recchia- since nobody else said it. You know your campaign is in trouble when you stoop that low.”

    Maria Pereira could have gone much deeper and included Senator Dick Blumenthal in her complaint against loco I can’t Frank Recchia. One week before the complaint, Christ Taylor posted a similar complaint on his facebook page. I and a few others jumped in the discussion including Recchia in a short reply. A day or two later, Recchia interviewed Two Republicans running and Taylor. Taylor deleted his post and my hard replies along with it.

    Frank Recchia and I had agreed by phone to meet on June 10, 2017 at 247 Colorado Avenue to do story on the contractor who skipped on me. June 10, 2017 I texted at 1 p.m. to confirm and he replied with an apology and asked if we could reschedule… maybe for the next day. it took a few more weeks to catch him. We where getting close to scheduling a date, but before that he asked me if it was okay to bring Dick Blumenthal along for the story. I asked what does Blumenthal has to do with this story and suggested that blumenthal should be in Washington dealing with Trump and other real issues. Frank wasn’t happy with my position and I never heard from him again. That’s your Icon and my I can’t.

  5. Stevie, Stevie, Stevie.
    Delusional. That’s all I can say.
    Ned is leading. That’s all I have to say. All he needs to do is convince the voters to vote. Not make any mistakes and he wins.
    Your candidate needs to win them over by hitting a home run which he did not do.
    Winner. Lamont.

  6. As far as the people protesting against Ganim and the BOD, they were respectful and silent. Stevie on the other hand felt like there was nothing he could do so he got up from his chair in the back of the room, went over to where some protesters were, took a Ganim sign from somebody else and tried to block the sign from view.
    Class act Stevie. You can not refute the facts so you simply try to obscure the truth.

  7. As for Ganims answer to the question it was pathetic.
    He said something along the lines of I spoke with the states attorneys and they said there was nothing I could do. Case closed.
    I repeat. Pathetic.
    How about reforming the police department to begin with.
    How about changing the rules for police pursuit.
    How about appointing a police chief who has a college degree in a relative course of study.
    How about establish a citizen review board if the Police Commission is unwilling or ineffective in handling matters such as this.
    No. Joe Ganim’s response is I tried asking the states attorney what I could do and was told nothing. So I did nothing.

  8. Bob Walsh, I made my point. You were there and as blind as you were for Mary Jane Foster and most recently Bob Keely. You looked miserable and unimpressed with Lamont. All he has to do is get out the Vote. Lolililolol. There lies your problem. I respect your choice. Lamont is a very nice guy. Lamont did not perform well at all and it is too bad you are incapable of acknowledging that. Bob Keely for Mayor!

  9. Jim Fox- Bob Keely for Mayor. Are you supporting Need now because you realize that you most likely not live to see a Casino so you don’t care anymore after months of your incessant posts supporting a Casino? Fight to get a Casino in Bridgeport like Ganim, Rosario ,Santiago etc is just not the same as Luke warm Moore and could care less Need. Whoever wins . Thanks for running!


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