Oh, A Little Company! Police Shut Down Unlicensed Massage Parlors

Tokyo Spa
Tokyo Spa in Black Rock

New details on the police raid that shut down 10 massage parlors on Wednesday. News release from Police Department:

Bridgeport police closed down every illegal massage parlor in the city Wednesday in a daylong sweep.

“As a community and police department we won’t tolerate these types of establishments,” said Police Chief Joe Gaudett. “Prostitution is not a victimless crime. It frays the fabric of our community, both for residents and nearby merchants.”

Ten unlicensed parlors were closed under a state law and city ordinance that regulate massage parlors and massage therapists.

The raids were conducted by the city’s narcotics and vice squad with assistance from the State Police Statewide Narcotics Task Force and the city Health Department.

“These laws are now on the books and they will be strictly enforced,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “It’s a quality of life issue. People going to a restaurant for a family dinner shouldn’t be exposed this type of activity next door or down the street.”

Under state law, all massage parlors must be licensed by the state as well as all managers and masseuses. Legitimate massage therapists are issued identification cards. The city ordinance, enacted in August, has similar provisions for regulating the businesses.

According to Police Capt. A.J. Perez, the supervisor of the narcotics and vice squad, none of the 10 parlors or the women working there had the required documents, leading to all being closed down by the Health Department.

“These places are houses of prostitution. There’s no one licensed at any of them to give an actual massage,” Gaudett said.

One person was arrested on a warrant from Danbury, Perez said. The employees and patrons were identified but not charged.

Many of the employees were from Korea and presented driver’s licenses from New York and Pennsylvania, Perez said. Several others were Connecticut residents. The patrons were from cities and towns throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties.

The places that were closed down were:

· Tokyo Spa, 2925 Fairfield Ave.

· Chate’au, 2662 Fairfield Ave.

· Silver, 2742 Fairfield Ave.

· Hawaii Salon, 3486 Fairfield Ave.

· Osaka, 3941 Main St.

· American Asian Modeling, 3853 Main St.

· Oriental Health Spa, 2336 Main St.

· Kay’s Hong Kong, 604 North Ave.

· Fantasy Studio, 2742 Lindley St.

· Jasmine Salon, 40 Summerfield Ave.

Gaudett said the locations will be closely monitored in case they illegally reopen or open under a new name.

“Just in case they do reopen, we’re going to have a plan of action. We’re going to keep following up,” said Gaudett.

“I commend Chief Gaudett and all the police officers that were involved in this crackdown of illegal massage parlors,” said state Rep. Auden Grogins. “These efforts will go a long way to improve the quality of life of Bridgeport residents. I am proud to have worked with our police and the City Council in the effort to pass new laws at the state and local level which have given police the tools to clean up our City.”

City Council President Thomas McCarthy and Councilwoman Susan Brannelly both expressed appreciation for the work of police.

“These so-called businesses were public nuisances, and we’re grateful that police took such decisive action,” they said. “We’re thankful for the police department’s good work.”



  1. Kudos to Sue Brannelly and (begrudgingly) Auden Grogins. And a fat lump of coal in Marty McCarthy’s stocking for his lame attempts at scuttling the ordinance in committee.

    Black Rock is home to a growing cultural community. Several of the city’s finest restaurants are located here, as well as a growing number of nightclubs featuring live entertainment. There’s no place for whorehouses in this community.

  2. Just for clarification, Marty was very supportive of the massage ordinance, and in the end he voted for the strip club ordinance. Please do not spoil this by being nasty. Let’s move forward and all get along.

    1. Who’s being nasty, bud? McCarthy tried to water down the proposal in committee and voted against it. Thank God the majority of the Ordinance committee saw it differently.

      1. But Sue Brannelly, McCarthy’s councilmate from Black Rock’s 130th District, said she was not through yet.

        “The next step is to have it amended and restore the criminal background requirement,” said Brannelly, a driving force behind the ordinance during the three years it took to pass. The ordinance allows the council to review it within four years.

        “Several women, including state Rep. Auden Grogins; former mayoral candidate Mary-Jane Foster, Stephanie Barnes, Helen Losak and Jennifer Buchanan, all urged the council to pass the proposal.”

        Read more: www .ctpost.com/local/article/Bridgeport-City-Council-approves-strip-bar-3910736.php

  3. Lennie, is this really news? Please Lennie, please stop ignoring the flip side–of the coin, not the massage client. Get ready to see more street prostitution activities on Fairfield Avenue (the Klein area). It’s okay as long as it’s not in Black Rock, right? The Tokyo Spa would be a perfect spot for a Hell’s Angels Club.

    1. Hey Joel, the city shut down 11 fleshpots, not just the four in Black Rock. I’m glad the whorehouses are gone from the Rock. Not in my backyard. If the people living in the Klein area do not want street whores on the stroll on Fairfield Avenue they know the number to call.

    2. Speedy, sounds like police have responded to neighborhood concerns beyond Black Rock. Reminds me of the late tough-as-nails Police Inspector/Acting Police Chief Anthony Fabrizi at a neighborhood meeting more than 20 years ago, responding to concerns about drug dealers and prostitution. Fabrizi told the crowd we’ll keep pushing them out of the neighborhoods until they hit the Stratford and Fairfield line. Let the suburbs deal with them!

      1. The whores and dope dealers really ought to set up shop in Fairfield and Stratford. Most of their clientele comes to Bridgeport from the ‘burbs anyway. Ease of access ought to increase business.

  4. The Crystal Ball sees all.

    Gus Curcio, Sal DiNardo, Bob Curwen and Marty McCarthy would like to introduce The New Pizzeria–Dial-a-Dancer and Masseuses. Right here in Black Rock! We cater all types of events with a wide variety of different Dancers and MASSAGES and Specialty Pizza.
    We cater to Schools, Churches, Synagogues, parties of all types.
    Our families Curcios, DiNardos Curwens and McCarthys have been serving Black Rock and the surrounding areas for years.
    So let our Dancers ans MASSEUSES deliver a pizza for your next Church, Synagogue and School event!
    Open 7 days a week.
    Breast Augmentations for future Dancers call Sal or Gus. 203-331-11**
    www .dialadancer.com/google/

    1. Bwahahahahaha, that was good. I’m sure all the whores now out of work will be able to secure employment delivering pizzas and, ahem, a la carte items for a certain brick oven pizzeria …

  5. Lennie, you should seriously consider having the next OIB Party at a Bridgeport massage parlor or a Bridgeport strip joint. You can arrange for Councilmen McCarthy to provide Pizza with Massagerella Cheese and Bacon Pizza Strips. Imagine an OIB Party at a Bridgeport strip joint.
    Of course there would be some ground rules like:
    1) No one is allowed to “Pry Open the Juicy Stuff.”

  6. This certainly wasn’t a BPD primary investigation. I don’t think they have a clue on how to do this kind of vice work. I salute the SWNTF being the primary and bringing tnt along for the ride.

    1. When the announcement first appeared, weren’t there 11 sites mentioned? Only 10 names show here. Were raids conducted on any establishments where illegal activities per State and City laws and rules were not found? Are there more than 10-11 of these locations in the City?

      What do patrons, customers and clients of these establishments do during the last week of 2012 after the closures? Hope they get some special board games under the Yule tree? Time will tell.

  7. *** Hey, I won a $500 gift certificate for Tokyo Spa from a raffle at the city Xmas tree-lighting event, what gives Lennie? Any chances of getting $500 cash instead before budget season comes around? Maybe from one of the ghost-buster line items from the Mayor’s dept, no? *** 500 dollars worth of raffle tickets gone down the city drain! *** WINK ***


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