No School Board Primary, Challenge Slate Petition Signatures Fall Short

Martinez, Robinson
No primary for party-endorsed candidates for school board Chaila Robinson and Jessica Martinez, shown here, and Hernan Illingworth.

A slate of JoAnn Kennedy, Helen Losak and Eric Stewart-Alicea fell short of the signatures required to wage a citywide Democratic primary for Board of Education. They needed more than 2200 certified signatures from registered Democrats in the city. That means party-endorsed Jessica Martinez, Chaila Robinson and Hernan Illingworth move on to the general election.

Eric school board
Challenge slate fell short of signatures. Indeed, a math problem.

A city sheriff slate of Louis Lopez, Wilfredo Martinez and Frank Appleby also failed to qualify in a challenge of party-endorsed Dennis Scinto, Steve Nelson and Anderson Ayala.

It appears nine of 10 City Council districts will have primaries on September 12. See candidates below starting with party endorsed.

130: Scott Burns and Rowan Kane; Pete Spain and Christina Smith.

131: Denese Taylor-Moye and Jack Banta; Jorge Cruz running alone.

132: Evette Brantley and Rolanda Smith; Marcus Brown and Kyle Langan.

133: Jeanette Herron and Michael DeFilippo; Bob Keeley and Anne Pappas Phillips.

135: Rosalina Christy and Darrett Evans Moss; Mary McBride-Lee and Richard Salter.

136: Alfredo Castillo and Maria Zambrano Viggiano; Joe Casco running alone.

137: Aidee Nieves and Maria Valle; Milta Feliciano and Hector Diaz.

138: Timothy Bassey and Michele Small; Anthony Paoletto and Nessah Smith; Karen Jackson and Samia Suliman.

139: Eneida Martinez and James Holloway; Ernie Newton and Wanda Simmons (running separately).

The two City Council candidates with the most votes in each district go on to the general election.



  1. Oohhh my what happened to the influence of the great and powerful Oz, the lady behind the curtain, Maria? Just like the movie I guess just a regular person without the power that she thought she had. What’s that tell you Eric?

  2. Wait a minute, stop the press, there is no way that all powerful Maria Pereira’s candidates for the BBOE didn’t get the 2200 certified signatures from registered Democrats in the city. The all powerful Oz needs to look into her crystal ball and see her future of not getting the nomination endorsement from the DTC for the BBOE. Will Maria get enough signatures to get on the ballot, no way, the public is really tied of Maria. Until the next election for the BBOE Maria will be by herself on the BBOE, she has no friends on the BBOE.

  3. Ron & Day what is up you and Maria. You both know when Lennie posted a story about Maria being there corner. She clarified it was not accurate and was just their Treasurer. “If they secure 2,245 certified signatures from registered Democrats in Bridgeport, three petitioners will wage a September 12 primary for Board of Education against endorsed candidates Hernan Illingworth, Jessica Martinez and Chaila Robinson. JoAnn Kennedy and 138th Town Committee members Helen Losak and Eric Stewart-Alicea who are aligned with school board member Maria Pereira will be busy hustling signatures. They have until 4 p.m. August 9 to submit petitions to the Registrar’s Office.”

    You both know Maria was very out spoken about putting up candidates for the 138th against Anthony and Nessah.

    SMH 🙂

    1. with
      in there

      Here’s her post to Lennie’s story.

      Maria Pereira // Jul 28, 2017 at 1:27 pm

      This story is inaccurate. I am the treasurer for the petitioning BOE candidates. I have never so much as visited their location or raised one dollar.

      1. My story was accurate. Maria supported the challenge slate that came up short of the signatures. Back surgery sidelined her from helping with the petition drive. We’ll never know if a healthy Maria would have made a signature difference.

  4. Like I said, you do much better in Bpt. Politics if your indorsed by the city DTC. Besize the Bpt. BOE is a thankless board that should be disbanded for a state board ,maybe that might bring about some positive change. One never knows do one? ***

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    1. Trump can’t call out the white nationalist because that’s main part of his base, it’s his dog whistle to his base. This shows that Steve Bannon and Steven Miller are the power behind Trump and the alt right.

  6. Lennie,
    In the 139th you say “Ernie Newton and Wanda Simmons (running separately).”
    But they are on the same line; correct?
    They maybe running separately but they will be placed on the same line. If Ernie was running and petitioning with someone else they would have preference as appearing together and would appear first even if they were qualified second and had fewer signature than someone running along.
    Two candidates running alone and no one else appear on the same line.


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