Newton: I’m Ready–Qualifies For City Council Challenge In East End

Newton at Career Resources
Newton at Career Resources job. From his FB page.

“Returning citizen navigator” Ernie Newton is back on the campaign trail trying to reclaim the East End City Council seat that launched his political career in 1981 leading to his ascension as head of the legislative body prior to his long run in Connecticut’s General Assembly. He received word he secured enough signatures from Democratic electors in the district to qualify for the September 12 primary challenging party endorsed incumbents Eneida Martinez and James Holloway, the longest-tenured council member.

Newton was forced from his State Senate seat in 2005 following his conviction on public corruption charges. Riding a redemption and opportunity message he made a near-dramatic return in 2012 losing a close State Senate primary as the party-endorsed candidate to Andres Ayala. Incumbent Ed Gomes ran a distant third but reclaimed the seat in a 2015 special election after Ayala resigned to become commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Ayala quit after one year following a number of nightmarish logistical issues in the department that created long lines and short tempers.

The math was a fit for Ayala, Newton and Gomes carving up the black vote and Ayala running up large margins in his heavily Latino State House district.

For Newton, this is his third crack at reclaiming an old seat since 2012. In 2014 he lost a primary for his former State House seat to Andre Baker. The aftermath of the 2012 State Senate primary, however, was controversial. The state charged Newton with falsifying $300 of campaign contributions to qualify for a public campaign grant under the state’s Citizens Election Program. He went to trial and was found guilty of lesser charges leading to a six-month sentence that he’s appealing. Newton says he was unfairly targeted by the state government. It chafes Newton that his past is brought up by media accounts, not voters.

“When I knock on doors,” says Newton “no one mentions the past–it’s you guys who bring it up–voters talk about the future.” And part of that future is preparing former offenders for work in his role with Career Resources including a recent jobs fair supported by area businesses. Newton says he’s putting words into action on the campaign trail, providing opportunities for the formerly incarcerated. There are many other issues as well, public safety, paving streets, new sidewalks, blight clearance and year-round grocery store in the food desert district.

Interestingly, one person who quietly brings up Newton’s past is East End District Leader Ralph Ford with whom Newton has had a long alliance. Ford did not cast an endorsement vote for Newton at the party convention last week, By the way Ford did not vote for Holloway either. Ford says Holloway serving 26 years is long enough.

Council challenges are generally done in pairs. The 10 council districts feature two members each. Newton, however, is running alone in his council quest. He had anticipated running with Martinez but at the last minute at last week’s party endorsement session she switched her support from Newton to Holloway, arguing Holloway had more committee support. The town committee endorsement has been largely meaningless in recent years with lack of party discipline and electors forging an independent streak against the establishment.

Despite his recent state legislative losses, Newton still projects a political profile. He’s a member of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee and something more prestigious, a member of the Democratic State Central Committee that conducts party business and chooses a state chair.

Still, Newton has his eyes on his old council seat. And with Tom McCarthy announcing he’ll not seek another term, the City Council presidency will become a flashpoint come December.

Newton will spend the next six weeks knocking on doors, making his pitch and identifying supporters to drag to the September 12 primary polling places, Dunbar and Harding. Martinez and Holloway running on the same line and Newton on his own line may have some additional company. East End activist Wanda Simmons is also circulating petition sheets for a primary run. The primary decides this contest. The two with the most votes go on to the general election, generally a foregone conclusion in the heavily Democratic district.

Elections officials are reviewing a logjam of petition sheets that could lead to nine primaries in ten council districts. Several other council challengers such as Pete Spain and Christina Smith in the 130th District and incumbent council members Anthony Paoletto and Nessah Smith in the 138th have been notified they’ve qualified for primaries. More to come.

After all, primaries are the favorite game in town.



  1. This has nothing to do with Newtons jail time in the past or in the future. This has to do with a phoney, 2 faced liar that could care less about the health of the people in the Stratford ave area. Newton and a monied friend of his had a construction debris recycling building built on Davenport St. This recycling building is behind a school and behind a play ground. Newton told me the neighbors were in favor of this operation. I wonder if he told the neighbors about the 18 wheelers that will be going up and down their narrow st. Who will take the blame if a kid dies there. One has to wonder what ZBA received for passing this outrage.
    This is the same Newton that was screaming about O & G who had been operating for years with out a peep from Newton. Ernie don’t you dare bring up Mount trashmore because you did squat to stop it. If the people see fit to put you back in office shame on them.

  2. ANDY I said i would not say anything just remember i brought 500,000.00 a half million dollars to move mt trashmore.Ive found more jobs for returning citizens. Lets talk about your RECORD HOW YOU FOUGHT TO KEEP BLACKS OFF THE FIRE DEPT> AND HOW MUCH MONEY YOU AND YOUR RACIST BROTHERS ON THE FIRE DEPT COST THE TAX PAYERS!

    1. Ernie you were in office when Trashmore started. Where have you been all these years with O & G Pile and before that the Mark 4 Pile or Montinoh pile of dirt down by Deacon St. You never said a word not one fucking word.
      BFFME fought the city to preserve civil service nothing more nothing less. If the city went forward we would have won the case. We lost but things moved on. How much did the minority candidates cost the city,.
      Look Ernie I like you but you are full of it pure and simple. Why not address that building on Davenport St. You know why? Because it was a wealthy black man that used YOU to get it built

      1. ANDY i have no ideal what you are talking about. You can say whatever you like one thing for sure i never worked for this CITY and i have always been my own MAN> I have no knowledge of who this Wealthy black man is. I was President of the City Council when I asked Lenny P to end the Lawsuit.

  3. I wasn’t going to speak to this, but Andy you forced my hand with, “If the city went forward we would have won the case. We lost but things moved on. How much did the minority candidates cost the city.”

    The fact is Andy you and your ilk talked King Mandanici into fighting this winless lawsuit. You and the City lost in Federal Court, you lost in Federal Appeals Court and you asked the Supreme Court to hear that case and they refused. There was nowhere else to go other than to settle that lawsuit. Finally, minorities cost the City of Bridgeport absolutely nothing. The racist attitudes of Mandanici and you and your boys cost the City of Bridgeport 5.2 million dollars because you wouldn’t let that frivolous lawsuit die the death it so richly deserved.

    You speak about BFFME, how many Blacks or Puerto Ricans were members or even allowed to join? BFFME was a silent partner of the KKK in the BFD. There’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Frack is signing off.

    1. Donald as usual you are full of it. The law suit you and others brought was what was frivolous . You were afrid to sign up to take the test for the FD what bullshit you and others were just to damn lazy. Silent partner of the KKK just like you and yours were active members of the Black Panthers


    1. You went to jail because you stole the trust people had in you and you are going back to jail for th same thing. You can listen to Mackey and Day all you want after all they are professional Blacks.

  5. Don, Billy Fitzgerald was not a member of BFFME. BFFME was allowed to have to dues deduction for their organization by the City, they also had their meetings announcements made on the fire dept. intercom system to every firehouse and they had their meetings at fire headquarters. The Firebird Society was not allowed those same privileges as BFFME except for dues deduction. There were a number of white firefighters who didn’t want to belong to BFFME but because of social pressure they remain in BFFME. Remember, the leadership of the Bridgeport fire union IAFF Union Local 834 were the officers of BFFME.

  6. Ron yopu are a fucking bald face LIAR. None of our meetings were announced over the speaker system ever and you know it. We did not have our meetings in the fire house we held them where the regular meetings were held Ron when I see your fat ass I will tell you the same thin in person You are a fucking liar. List the white firefighters go ahead I cant wait to see this list. Ron am I touching home and you feel you have too lie.Its tough getting your ass handed to you by an old white guy

    1. Andy, BFFME meetings were announced over the speaker system and they stop after we made a complaint but written notice were posted in all fire houses to announce BFFME meetings. We had the entire list of Bridgeport firefighters who were BFFME members from 1995 to 2000 and that list was provided to us by a white firefighter.

      Andy, below is a Conn. Post article about Earl Pettway from his wife and I guess you will say that Earl was a liar.

      “Firefighter’s writings offer insight on racism”
      Wes Duplantier Published 9:14 pm, Saturday, November 2, 2013

      1. You know Ron on most things in your post above are lies and you use them to try and make a point that is not there.
        With Earl Pettay you are right. Earl spent many hours at my house and we discussed much of what his wife said. Earl Pettway was the only minority that passed both the Lieutenants test and the captains test with no help from civil service.
        Ron you don’t have a list of white firefighters that belonged to BFME if you do it was stolen and you are in possession of stolen material. In my opinion you are full of shit. You were not on the job as this case went thru the court system. Ron cut the shit you, Day and others stole a job with a good pension.

        1. Andy, like I said, a white firefighters gave us the roster of BFFME members. A few of us started asking certain white firefighters why were they members of BFFME, these were guys who we truly got along with and there a mutual respect on both sides. During the time frame from 1995 to 1999 IAFF Local 834 the Bridgeport fire union elected a Puerto Rican as their president and 3 of the 5 executive board members were Firebird Society members, George Bryant and Ronald Grimes both are retired Captains and myself. We knew that white firefighters had voted us into office in two elections and that was one of reasons we started asking white firefighters why they were still members of BFFME.

          It was ok for every firefighter who got promoted to a higher rank and were made a provisional officer even though they didn’t pass a exam for the position they were in or they had failed the exam but were still getting a higher rate of pay and they were allowed to retired as a provisional officer and received a higher pension than their true rank and Andy, they were all white and they didn’t pass the test that they are getting paid for. That’s called “white privilege.”

          1. Ron you are such a racist asshole. Those that retired as provisional did so because the charter said that they could. I waited 19 years while you do nothings got on the job. You were known as Judge Daly’s commandos. I wan to thank you and yours for sending is the drug addict the guy that never applied for the job but took it when offered. I want to thank you for the guy we got that wanted to know who filed up the hydrants after they were used.Thanks for the guy with the locker full of guns and the list goes on. BTW dumb ass I was off the job in 1992 so what you write about I don’t know
            Ron you are a useless lazy trouble making do noting just like when you were on the FD they called you Mr. Outside.

          2. Andy, I see that you can’t answer my question and in fact you want to use the City Charter to make your point about provisional officers who NEVER passed the promotional for the position that they retired at or they FAIL the exam but they were still made provisional officers and got paid but you don’t want to agree with a federal court decision about hiring and discrimination and that the U.S. Supreme Court agreed with the lower court decision, you don’t want accept a federal court decision and you have no problem with white firefighters getting promoted without passing a exam.

          3. Mackie I will explain it to you one more time. There were no officers left on the job except a chief and a deputy chief.
            Soemone needed to be in charge of each company on each shift thus the provisional, They tried the 120 days but found that did not work. The constant court battles left no room for testing. I want to thank you and the other dumb asses that could not pass a written exam thus all of the oral testing where people who normally would not pass, passed (You & Day) So Mackey your latest history lesson cannot include me as I was retired. Yes I am and was smarter than both you and day

  7. Andy, I understand perfectly what happen and that was affirmative action for white males because they were the only ones on fire department but once blacks and Puerto Ricans came into the fire department and started to get promoted from passing promotional exams white firefighters started say that we cheated. Now whites were getting promoted without passing a test but now we are getting promoted from passing the exams and we are cheating, that’s what you call white superiority. Plus there other Firebird members who got promoted the same time that Earl Pettway for the Lieutenant and the Captain exam.

    Andy you said that you and Pettway talked about the problems that Earl saw, well what did you do to help Earl, you were a officer at that time, did you ring it to the chief? HELL NO.

  8. Andy, you’re a bigger Fool than I ever imagined and you have a convoluted sense of your intelligence as you are an unintelligent dickhead. Those white chiefs gave you and those other unintelligent white guys provisional appointments that you never tested for and in fact they let you dumb folks retire with that rank, to the detriment of the cities finances because you couldn’t compete with the younger smarter Blacks and Puerto Rican’s on promotional exams. The reality is other than your wife no believes you were/are smarter or more intelligent than Mackey, me or anyone else because anyone that knows you knows you are absent of any intelligence. Crawl back into your hole and get drunk.

    1. Don, the fire chief made Andy a provisional Lieutenant and then gave him the position of fire inspector in the Fire Marshall Division. It was never about merit and standards with whites getting provisional promotion but when we pass promotional exams we cheated. Don, you came out second on the Captain exam but you cheated, George Bryant was number four on that same exam and he cheated and Joe Carr came out number 5 on that same exam and Carr became the Fire Marshall for the City of Bridgeport, now that’s what you call merit.

    2. Sorry there were no younger or smarter Puerto Ricans or Blacks on the job before I left. Stop smoking dope. Get Drunk sorry asshole I don’t drink. There is one thing I am glad of you call me dumb and you move to Ansonia now that’s dumb to bad you didn’t take make Mackey with you.

  9. You know you 2 assholes that pass yourselves off as firefighters should be arrested for impersonation and for terminal dumb ass. I will not explain the provisional set up again because you don’t want to hear the truth. One of the things that held up promotions was that minorities (Pettway excepted) could not pass a written promotional test. Back to court again and thus the oral exam which can be manipulated and was especially where the first 13 captains opening were involved. They mad sure the right minorities were in the top 13 ( except Earl). You pieces of shit could not compete with me an others and needed a judge to do it.. You 2 idiots keep bringing up stuff from when I was already retired. Now if you are nice I will let you see what a real firefighters helmet looks like. I know you shitheads have never owned one or saw one. I am now done with you 2 losers.

    1. Andy, you and the other white firefighters back then couldn’t pass a promotional exam so the fire chief and the City GAVE you guys promotions without even passing the exam. The testing company that was given the testing contract could not prove in any of the courts that their method of testing was job related and non-discriminatory and in fact they couldn’t even give the court the exam that they gave. It has been proven that just giving a written exam only does not give the employer the best candidate because just answering A,B,C,D, does not show that the candidate can perform under pressure but asking job related questions and having that candidate to give an answer under pressure adds a additional information to make a better judgment on who is the best candidate. Doctors, pilots are not asked just written questions they must demonstrate that they have the skills to perform their duties besides just answering a question on a piece of paper and circle A,B C D. Andy, I was fighting fires in the Air Force in 1965 as a teenager, I understand the the job.

      1. RRon you are a prime example how Judge Daly screwed this department. How many times do I have to tell you that from 1969 thru part of the 80’s there were NO promotional Exams. Do you and that other dumb shit get it NO promotional exams. Thus there were no officers made and provisional filled the jobs. We could not have promotional exams until you and your groups were eligible. We had the exams and none of you passed high enough to get the job. They reworked the exams to include oral portions which were easily manipulated to give you all a passing grade otherwise none of the first group of Daly commandos would be officers except Earl Pettway.
        Fighting an aircraft fire is different and you know it.
        Ron if you want to debate fine but at least tell the truth/ I will give you a $1,000 if you show me an exam that was given to white firefighters and no one passed you must be thinking of yor brothers.

        1. Andy, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THAT from 1969 thru part of the 80′s there were NO promotional Exams. Do you and that other dumb shit get it NO promotional exams. Thus there were no officers made and provisional filled the jobs. Now base on that information that left the Bridgeport Fire Department HAD NO QUALIFY OFFICIERS  so the fire dept. promoted  white firefighters to higher paying position for over 10 years because  from 1969 thru part of the 80′s there were NO promotional Exams. 

          Andy, then you said, “They reworked the exams to include oral portions which were easily manipulated to give you all a passing grade otherwise none of the first group of Daly commandos would be officers except Earl Pettway.” So here we have blacks and Puerto Ricans who passed a promotional exam because it was reworked  to include oral portions and you have white firefighters who  didn’t pass anything but according to Andy the white firefighters were better than the blacks and Puerto Ricans, now that’s what you call white superiority. Andy seeing that you want to make Pettway that good black guy well Andy why was Pettway having problems with white firefighters that according to you that you guys talked about those problem. Well Andy, what did you do about the racial problems that Pettway was having? 

          Andy, there are federal guidelines that governs testing and the City of Bridgeport was in violation of those federal guidelines.


          Section 3: Discrimination defined: Relationship between use of selection procedures and discrimination.

          Procedure having adverse impact constitutes discrimination unless justified.

          Consideration of suitable alternative selection procedures.

  10. Andy, where did your doctor placed on their medical board test and where did your attorney placed on their bar exam to become a attorney? You don’t know, they could been last on the list but it doesn’t matter because they passed what was required. I’m glad they don’t give out driving licenses or flying licenses or gun licenses by just passing a written exam. A written test are more of a memory test than seeing how much knowledge we have on a topic and whether we can fully understand the concepts and apply them.

  11. Andy, all you do is to give your personal opinion, you base it on NO facts, you try reading the court decision and the reason why the federal court, the federal Appeals Court ruled against the City and why the U.S. Supreme Court agreed with the lowers decision. You know nothing about testing. Here is a little something about testing.

    The Importance of KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)
    in the Federal Application Process
    KSAs…Knowledge, Skills and Abilities…a list of special qualifications and personal attributes that you need to have for a particular job.  These are the unique requirements that the hiring agency wants to find in the person selected to fill a particular job.  A primary purpose of KSAs is to measure those qualities that will set one candidate apart from the others.  In federal personnel guidance, KSAs are defined as the factors that identify the better candidates from a group of persons basically qualified for a position.  How well an applicant can show that he or she matches the position’s defined KSAs determines whether that person will be seriously considered for the job.
    Knowledge statements refer to an organized body of information usually of a factual or procedural nature which, if applied, makes adequate performance on the job possible.  A body of information applied directly to the performance of a function.
    Skill statements refer to the proficient manual, verbal or mental manipulation of data or things.  Skills can be readily measured by a performance test where quantity and quality of performance are tested, usually within an established time limit.  Examples of proficient manipulation of things are skill in typing or skill in operating a vehicle.  Examples of proficient manipulation of data are skill in computation using decimals; skill in editing for transposed numbers, etc.
    Ability statements refer to the power to perform an observable activity at the present time.  This means that abilities have been evidenced through activities or behaviors that are similar to those required on the job, e.g., ability to plan and organize work.  Abilities are different from aptitudes.  Aptitudes are only the potential for performing the activity.


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