New Video Features City’s Business Expansion

From city Communications Director Brett Broesder:

Today, Bridgeport, Conn. announced its newest television and radio ad, promoting the city and its growing economy works for everyone.

It’s the fourth wave of TV, radio, and digital ads–accompanied by a new website (–serving as part of the city’s ongoing marketing campaign.

The new TV and radio ad, titled “Amodex,” features Bridgeport business owner Beverlee Dacey, who talks about how Bridgeport is working for her 57-year old family business.

“My parents started Amodex in 1958. We’re still a family business. But after 57 years, we’ve outgrown our space. We thought about relocating, but Bridgeport offered us the best chance to grow, so we’re renovating a space and expanding, right here,” said Dacey.

Amodex, manufactures an ink and stain remover that has received national recognition from the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart. The company is preparing to move from its Hancock Avenue building into a space more than twice as large in the former Bridgeport Police West Precinct station, at 1354 State St.

“All around the city, local companies are growing, and new ones are moving in,” says Dacey in the ad.

Along with Amodex, the newest ad also features Colorblends, a family-owned wholesale tulip bulb merchant who recently expanded their business with the opening of the “Colorblends House & Spring Garden” on Clinton Avenue.

In addition, the new ad features the Howard Winklevoss owned RowAmerica, which recently opened a 53,000-square-foot facility in Bridgeport, where the company will not only distribute its own WinTech Racing line and the King brands of shells, but will also create models of the former. The Bridgeport facility will also serve as the headquarters for dock construction, the painting and repair of all types of rowboats, and the expansion of the RowAmerica clubs throughout the country.

This is the latest ad in a marketing campaign, which initially launched in November 2014 aimed at boosting confidence in the city, specifically amongst job creators, residents, and investors across Fairfield County and beyond. And, according to David Kooris, the city’s economic development director, it’s working.

“Job creators and investors from across the city and all of Fairfield County have been raving about the marketing campaign,” said Kooris. “The bottom line is that Bridgeport is getting better every day. It’s becoming a place where companies want to invest and hire people, where people want to live and work, and where our strong communities are making for an even stronger economy. We set out to ensure the word was spreading. From the feedback we’ve been getting, it’s working.”

Overall, the marketing campaign will consist of six waves of television and radio spots, accompanied by digital ads and the website. Each of the four ads can be viewed at



  1. While the director of bullshit Brett B tells us about these local businesses that are expanding, why doesn’t he tell us about East Main St and how the city screwed the merchants who have been there for years?
    There will now be NO street parking on East Main St near Steel Point, lines have been drawn and signs posted. So now the question is WHY? How do these merchants who have struggled to stay open in this area NOW STAY OPEN WHEN THERE IS NO PARKING ON THE STREET THEY ARE LOCATED ON?
    In an election year is Finch telling the Hispanic community to kiss his ass? You don’t see this kind of crap where the store owners are white or black. Lydia Martinez stated she knew very little about this, not a surprise, most council people don’t pay attention at their own meetings.

    1. Can you believe the very day Sikorsky announces it’s leaving Bpt, the spin machine at City Hall announces it’s spending more taxpayers’ dollars proclaiming Bpt’s getting better every day? Absolutely shameless.

      1. I saw this woman at Bridgeport Day at the Capitol. My question is, and will continue to be, how many of these jobs are held by Bridgeport residents and what is their average hourly rate?

        Ultimately, this is what matters.

    2. That’s why Finch attacked a Latino councilman and tried to get rid of the Puerto Rican parade and now he hurts Latino small business. He don’t care about Latinos, just the Latino vote.

  2. This city’s elected officials both city and state really suck. When you see shit going down like it is on East Main St and not one politicians speaks OUT ABOUT IT (EVEN IF IT IS NOT YOUR DISTRICT) it’s enough to make you sick. Sure its just a small number of stores and yes for the most part they are Hispanic so who gives a fuck. Steal Point is all-important.

  3. Is the Finch Administration using tax dollars to do this type of marketing in an election year? If so it is just another example of inappropriate and unethical practices in an election year. It is amazing how these marketing efforts, road paving actions, and no tax increases tend to occur in election years!

    1. Why are all those green “road work” signs popping up everywhere, in every district, but there’s no evidence of any type of road work or repair? WTW!?

  4. This commercial has been on cable for weeks. Great job!

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  5. Steve, dear Steve,
    I started reading your post and began to wonder why. When I got down to “cooked chicken pieces” I realized you were now competing with Martha Stewart for an Up In Fairfield County award.
    I don’t care whether you boil your chicken or pork, though some people may, but why don’t you “add a little sriracha” and tango away into personal irrelevance. The sandbox with Tonka toys is just right when you finish in the kitchen and are looking for some excitement to share with readers. Stay away from serious subjects. They all involve money here in Bridgeport and that is not your topic, is it? Time will tell.

    1. John Marshall Lee, you bore me. Don’t like my posts? Don’t respond. I am not here to entertain you. And you certainly don’t entertain me. The post was about the video and I addressed it with a tongue-in-cheek great recipe.

      The responses to Leonard Grimaldi’s post about Bridgeport getting better video had posts about the green signs going up all over Bridgeport, how Finch is anti-Hispanic, anti-Puerto Rican Day Parade, stick my recipe where the sun don’t shine and Tonka toys. I responded with a great video and a fucking unbelievable recipe of the best fucking Vietnamese rolls you will ever eat and you have a problem with my post!!!

      Does anyone in the Finch administration listen to you that you demand my attention? If anyone in his administration listens to you tell me now and I will work with Ron Mackey, Donald Day, Andy Fardy and Bob Walsh supporting Mary-Jane Foster. If you are her consultant I will work with Hector Diaz, Maria P, Joel G. and Lisa P. I think I’ll stick with Finch because I gather from your posts he does not give you the time of day. So JML, although I appreciate your condescending comments, I’d expect you’d appreciate mine.

  6. What a loser, it keeps getting better every time Finch does something like this, it keeps showing what a real loser he is. Ten jobs here, 20 jobs there, now that’s really going to bring Bridgeport back, back to what? What a loser.


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