New Faces Join Veterans Of Young Democrats

Himes, Young Dems
Congressman Jim Himes addresses Young Dems group at Thelma’s Downtown.

Miss Thelma’s Restaurant Downtown was packed Wednesday night for a fundraiser in support of the Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats featuring Congressman Jim Himes as the guest speaker. A flock of now-senior Democrats got their start in the organization that appears to have new energy with an infusion of young people. And that’s a good thing, be it Democrat, Republican or other political organization.

Young Dems
Some young (and older) Dems at Thelma’s.

New young Dems (35 and under) such as State Rep. Steve Stafstrom and political operatives Aaron Turner and Gage Frank were joined by honorary members (over age cap) including State Senators Ed Gomes (a spry 80), Marilyn Moore and Bob Duff. Gomes and Moore come off August primary wins that were aided by a number of millennials including Turner and Frank.

See video from event here.



  1. Let’s have some hope; however, that picture is already an image of the establishment/status quo, so I’m wondering how they think they’re going to be able to upset “the machine” that has been running things around here for decades.

      1. Frank Underwood (handle?), I would have attended, however I was fulfilling my legal obligations as an elected school board member and was attending a Special Meeting regarding the search for a permanent superintendent.


      1. I have really worked very hard in the 138th District to engage young voters and have personally registered young voters. I am just surprised there appear to be many more establishment Democrats than “young” Democrats.

  2. Tsk tsk, ye of little faith. Go ahead, doubt the ability of an organized, determined and passionate group of youth to shake up the status quo. Remember, they’ll be vying for your elected seats in the next few years, with our without the help of the rest of us.

    My bet is on the kids.

  3. The Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats are a group of young, talented and motivated individuals. What this picture represents is not only will we be a grassroots organization with no ties to any political “machine,” but we also have the support of our current delegation. I’m proud to not only represent the 132nd DTC but also be a part of this great group. We will be a force to be reckoned with. In the words of JML, “Time will tell.”

    1. Maria Pereira/Histrionic Elected Official,
      I just hope the BBOE learned its lesson. Our City is an absolute joke right now: we reelected a crook (thanks to you and others); we have a shit BOE (thanks to you and others); and we have a shit economy because no one wants to invest in a place with no hope.

      That being said, the fact we have Young Democratic voices coming up to bring some sensible, young leaders into the political scene is something we should all be rooting for.

      1. Frank Underwood, a character in House of Cards, which makes you just another coward on OIB who will attack others as long as you hide, but do not have the courage of your own convictions or you wouldn’t hide.

      2. House of Cards/Coward, where did I state I was not in favor of or supporting this organization?

        Nowhere, correct?

        You can say what you want, but you will never be able to call me a “coward” with any credibility. Never.

        1. You’re so ingrained in being negative and defensive, you can’t even congratulate a group of young people who are not puppets of the establishment. It’s okay to be happy for others who are trying to make change. Let’s support them and show they can run clean campaigns and work for the greater good of everyone in Bridgeport, and just maybe the establishment won’t even have a chance to infiltrate.

          1. Laura Palmer, “Frank Underwood” made negative comments about me while hiding behind a handle and I am the one being negative?

            I never once made a negative remark regarding the initiative, organization or its members.

            I simply state the photos showed many more established Democrats than they showed fresh “young” Democrats. Nothing more, nothing less.

            It is “Frank Underwood” being negative and creating controversy where none exists.

            I know all about running “clean campaigns” and standing against the “establishment.”

            I am not being “defensive,” I am just not going to allow “cowards” to take negative shots when they attempt to do it from a place of anonymity.

            It is just like social media. People post absurd comments about others from a distance they would NEVER have the courage to say to that person if they were personally facing them.

            That is cowardly. Those who know me will tell you I often say “if anyone tells you I am talking about you behind your back; tell them they’re a liar. Because if I have anything to say about you you’ll hear it from me directly.”

            I simply don’t respect those who are only brave when they are on social media, hiding behind handles, etc. In my opinion, it is the behavior of a coward.

            I do wish this organization success as well as its members, but my first reaction when I saw the photo was look at how many disreputable Democratic politicians are in the photos.

          2. I agree with you Laura, 100%. I started with the Young Dems in the late ’70s, and I’m still, if not more, actively involved in matters of Bridgeport. I know this will be a successful group of younger men and women who are of a generation where they’re willing to learn and serve without compromising who they are. Keep it going and good luck.

    1. I didn’t get to the event on time so I missed the “old timers,” but while there were seasoned politicians there I didn’t see any evidence of the “establishment” as we know it today. It was a hopeful sight; young, energetic guys and gals, a balance of diversity appropriately reflecting Bridgeport’s demographics; it brought me back to the group of Young Dems of which I was a proud member. This is probably the most significant organization we have seen in years. Informed, open-minded, young individuals willing to become involved and hopefully some will replace the tired, old followers who have lost their mojo and are hanging in for something to do with their time. I will be available to work with this group and share with them how we started a new movement before some of them were born. When they realize there’s an honest, sincere way to enter into politics, grow their base and learn from their dedicated predecessors, this organization could change the face and reputation of Bridgeport.

    1. I may be premature in my opinion, but the young faces I saw that evening are in no way associated with “the powers that be.” Today’s up-and-comers are not looking for favors in the form of jobs and favors. They’re educated, have most likely chosen their careers, but want to be a part of public service to contribute their attributes to bring about change and opportunities for their generation.

  4. The times ‘they are a’changing,’ but people generally evolve more slowly as they age. So the young, diverse and politically interested residents might begin to audit City functions like Board of Education, City Council, Library Board, and Park City Communities as well as Committee sessions of these and other groups. They ought to expect to hear a statement about each as to vision and mission. How does the City function relative to other organizations young folks have come in contact with? How OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST is the process observed? How informed are those who have been elected or appointed in their tasks relating to land use, waste water and sewage issues, youth programs? Are Boards and Commissions staffed fully by folks with unexpired terms? What is the business of the City and is it being pursued competently and conscientiously? Vote with your minds, your voices, and inform others factually of your explorations. You are on a civic adventure for the benefit of all, hopefully. You will observe those who think the City is intended to operate for the benefit of a chosen few. And you may strongly ask WHY? And look for answers. Time will tell.


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