Neighborhood Concerns Over Black Rock Restaurant Addressed

City Councilwoman Sue Brannelly on Monday posted an update on the 130th District City Council Facebook page regarding concerns in Black Rock about a convicted sexual offender managing a new restaurant. From Brannelly:

I have just spoken with Jerry Iannucci, the permittee and owner of Naughty Water, the new business planning to go in at 2931 Fairfield Avenue. He informed me that his nephew, Mario Marro, will no longer be the General Manager of Naughty Waters. Per the conditions of Mr. Marro’s probation, he will have nothing to do with the business once it is open to the public.

We will still submit the signatures we have gathered to the State Liquor Commission as our request to them is to consider the management of the establishment while determining the grant of the liquor permit.

Thanks to Mr. Iannucci for understanding the concerns of the community and changing the management of this business.

Many thanks to all who participated in a very productive meeting Saturday especially One Bridgeport and State Representative Auden Grogins.


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