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Mayor Bill Finch announced last week a Residential Rehabilitation Loan Program in which qualified property owners may be eligible to borrow up to $10,000 for repairs to a single family home or $15,000 to multi-family homes. You can check this website if you need residential roof repairs. The program states that “the minimum rehabilitation loan will be at $5,000 at 0% interest, and forgivable at 20% a year over a five-year period. All loans will be secured by a mortgage lien and deed restriction placed on the property by the City of Bridgeport.”

The loan program is funded through the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development and Community Development Block Grant that is administered by the city. Applicants must meet the income eligibility guidelines established by HUD. When considering to take a loan, also visit

Lisa Miro, Rehab Program Manager of the city-wide program, says she’s giving priority to the elderly, disabled and homes suffering severe code violations.

She explained that a clause will protect residents residing in multi-family homes. “When the homeowner gets the home renovated and repaired, I have a stipulation that will not allow the owner to seek a new tenant and get paid a higher rent due to new renovations. I do not want any low-income residents getting displaced and I will monitor the recipients of the funds.”

Program highlights and requirements:


To be eligible for the City of Bridgeport’s Homeowner Rehabilitation Program, you must meet the following qualifications:
• Homeowner must reside in the City of Bridgeport
• Household income must be within eligible HUD guidelines
• Total household income must be used to qualify for program participation and must include all sources of income and for all members of the household that are over the age of eighteen


The City of Bridgeport has established the following program priorities. All applications that are received will be given priority consideration, should they meet one or more of the following:

• Emergency home repairs including but not limited to: Heating units, roof repair/replacement (discover this info here), extreme code violations that put the homeowners safety at risk
• Priority target populations: Seniors/Elderly and Persons with Disabilities
• Priority target neighborhoods: Hollow, East Side, East End, West Side, South End

• The home must be the applicant’s primary residence and rehabilitation activities will only be completed for residential purposes.
• Rehabilitation loans are capped and may not exceed $10,000 for repairs to a single family home or $15,000 to multi-family homes. The minimum rehabilitation loan will be at $5,000. We can help you find roofing companies with payment plans. Any money not used for repairs must be returned to the City of Bridgeport.
• The City of Bridgeport cannot unduly enrich an applicant. All reasonable assets held by an applicant must be used towards eligible rehabilitation work. The City of Bridgeport will allow $15,000 in liquid assets.
• Non-essential or luxury improvement items such as areas rugs, major landscaping work, pools, hot tubs, etc. will be viewed as cosmetic and not allowable. The City reserves the right to reject any rehabilitation work deemed to be cosmetic or unnecessary. While roof replacement is considered a capital expense, restoration falls under maintenance budget making the latter have a strong tax advantage.
• All loans will be secured by a mortgage lien and deed restriction placed on the property by the City of Bridgeport. When you need the best Tampa Roofer, Call Tampa Bay Roofing Services.
• Applicants will be required to be current on all City of Bridgeport property taxes.
• All loans are subject to City and Federal laws, rules, regulations and program requirements. Loans are also subject to the availability of funds.

For more information contact Lisa Bretton Miro at 203-394-6981,


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