Nardozzi Seeks Damages Following Rigged Police Chief Test That Ranked Him Lower Than Perez

See complaint here.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

An ex-assistant police chief who competed for the job of running the force has filed a lawsuit after the man who got that position, Armando Perez, earlier this month pleaded guilty to helping rig the exam process for his benefit.

James Nardozzi in his Oct. 9 lawsuit alleges that had Bridgeport’s 2018 police chief search been a fair one, he would have been among the top three finalists whose names were submitted to Mayor Joe Ganim and “a clear front-runner for the position.”

But, Nardozzi claims, because of the conspiracy by Perez and former personnel head David Dunn to ensure Perez was a finalist, Nardozzi instead came in fourth on the list and suffered emotional distress, damage to his reputation and a financial loss.

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  1. Lennie, this was in today’s Post, “Eric Amado, the city’s interim head of labor relations,” my questions are who is the City’s Personnel Director and what happen to the the Labor Relation Director?

  2. Eric is a nice kid, but why in the name of God would he be charged with managing two critical departments. When I served with Joey1, for the most part he chose excellent men and women to run major departments. Keep the patronage aspect out of these decisions and it’s a step forward..

    1. Lisa, is Eric Amado related to Joe Amado who at one time worked for Civil Service? Lisa, there is no way that anybody could be in charged of handling both positions of personnel director and labor relations at the same time, my comment has nothing to do with Eric Amado, he was placed in these positions at the same time by Mayor Ganim. This is dangerous and poor management when you look at the rersponsible these two departments. What are the qualification of Eric Amado to serve in any of these positions?

  3. We pontificate here, right?
    Nardozzi has a point.
    It wasn’t fair. It was rigged.
    He’s too much in the news but
    this comes under the category of
    unintended consequences from
    a leader’s removal, backstopped by the FBI.
    He’s got a case.

  4. Your first sentence is a question, isn’t it?
    Maybe God wanted Eric to be in two critical positions.
    He’s a nice kid, isn’t he?
    G2 is wiser than GI.
    Lisa Parziale confuses patronage with necessity.

  5. “…G2 is wiser than GI.
    Lisa Parziale confuses patronage with necessity…”

    Savage sarcasm — directed at an ill-conceived/haphazardly-assembled regime — at its best!

  6. Good for Nardozzi,he got screwed by Joe making sure the test was rigged.He deserves a substantial decision.
    Thanks again Joe,you can just add this to the taxpayers tab,so far it’s what?.,about $600,000 attorney’s fees,and most likely a six figure decision for Nardozzi?.If you can think of anything else you’d like to bilk the city out of,let us know..

    1. That’s exactly right Harvey. I’ve written on several occasions about this particular case. I think the last time was in January of this year. Nardozzi gets two bites of the Apple because I believe that he had a lawsuit that may have been already settled as a result of Ganim firing him.
      …….and again I ask someone to list all the cases initiated by former employees who were “wronged”, that had standing in lawsuits against the city. This should also include lawsuits that were a result of bad management caused by the “friends” of Ganim and Mario who were given positions. Then give us the total dollars awarded. It’s phenomenal.
      They say a picture is worth a thousand words and seeing such a spread sheet would take ones breath away. – all taxpayer money.

  7. *** Anyone who was in the top 5 on the list will also want to get payed for all the reasons posted for Nardozzi’s lawsuit. And pay you will, city of Bpt. & to make-up for all these city lawsuits that are bound to raise taxes, fines & city service prices in the near future! Yea, for every positive step forward once again the city of Bpt. you can expect, not 2 but 3 steps backwards now, no? ***

  8. Oh that’s right Jeff. We should just call on Ned Lamont to save us from ourselves and that will take care of everything. NOT. The state wouldn’t want anything to do with this mess.

  9. Lennie
    Do you have any info on this dude?
    I know I’ve been out of City Hall for a while but I did an internet search and didn’t find any thing?
    Like where else did he work? What did he do? Where did he go to school?
    I agree with Lisa. Not that he’s a nice kid but it appears he may be in way over his head and this appears to be the wrong time for OJT.


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