Nancy Wyman Urges Mail-In Ballots For 2020 Elections

CT Democratic Party Chair Nancy Wyman on Monday endorsed the call for mail-in ballots for the 2020 elections, following a move earlier this month by Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, Connecticut’s top elections official.

“Every voter deserves the right to cast a ballot in the safest possible way,” said Wyman, lieutenant governor under Dan Malloy, in a news release. “We have the ability and the know-how to implement mail-in ballots. Connecticut must move quickly to ensure the best and most effective processes are in place to make that happen in time for the August primaries and for the November election.”

As Connecticut’s leaders implement a plan to reopen the state amid the ongoing coronavirus threat, Wyman added it is more important than ever that the state embrace alternative, safer methods of doing business.

Connecticut’s constitution allows voters to use an absentee ballot if they meet certain criteria, including military service, travel, religious objections, and physical disability. While “illness” is included, that does not include the threat of illness to people who go to voting places. That provision could be amended by a special order of Governor Lamont or an act of the Connecticut General Assembly, according to Wyman.

Wyman urged Connecticut’s elected officials to take action as soon as possible to protect the health of the state’s voters and the integrity of the 2020 elections.

Merrill also recently announced that her office will issue absentee ballot applications to all state voters.



  1. Who is going to guarantee the votes in the city of Bport that the abuse will not far outweigh the good that it does?
    There must be real punishment for anyone who touches an AB ballot outside of a caregiver who must also sign the ballot.

  2. It’s nice of the state to mail everyone an absentee ballot,in essence,doing half of Mario’s work for him,and also keeping his hands clean.This will be a clean sweep for Mario’s ticket..


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